4 Celebrities Who Enjoy A Trip To The Casino

We all love to hear about the latest celeb news and gossip in our daily lives. Whether it is how much a certain celebrity is worth or what is going on in their personal lives, our fascination with them is endless. This can often be because most celebs are known for enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and enjoying the finer things in life. 

While this can be partying, shopping or collecting valuable antiques for some, it is enjoying fun casino games for others. This should not be a surprise when you think of the thrill that playing classics like roulette delivers and how iGaming has helped the casino sector appeal to more people. 

iGaming has taken off around the world

Online casino gaming is something lots of celebrities enjoy – just as much as normal people do. This is not just in the US but also in other countries around the planet. Canada is one example and has lots of awesome iGaming platforms to game at. One of the most popular choices for Canadian players is JustSpin Casino – and it wouldn’t be surprising to see celebs from this country enjoying the coolest games there, either!

Although iGaming sites might be a convenient choice in terms of casino gaming globally, it can often be fun to head out to physical casinos in person sometimes. This is also true for celebrities and can see them enjoying a trip like this. But who are four of the most famous celebs to be known for hitting the casino? 

Jennifer Lopez

Although husband Ben Affleck is well known for playing at casinos in real life, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to them, either. As well as being an actress, singer and producer, J-Lo has been spotted at multiple US and international casinos in the past. 

It is believed she enjoys roulette, slots and poker but has a particular love of blackjack. This has seen her hit the blackjack tables at many casinos and become pretty good at it. Lopez has also been known to enter real-life poker tournaments but has not yet won any major ones. 


Another global celeb who has been known to hit the casino for a night out is Rihanna. One of the most successful singers and actresses of recent times, she has previously been seen at iconic casinos such as Caesars Palace. In addition, she has been known to enjoy an evening out at global casino sites such as the Venetian Macao in China. 

While she also is reported to have a love for blackjack, baccarat is believed to be something she enjoys playing. There is no doubt that such a major name in the celeb world causes a real stir whichever casino she is in and whatever game she tries her hand at. 

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Finding out the latest news on celeb actors is always interesting and they don’t come much bigger than Hollywood A-lister DiCaprio. This acting legend is another celeb who seems to enjoy visiting casinos and trying out the cool games there. 

He has become somewhat of a regular sight in several Las Vegas gaming halls over the years and also someone who has been seen at other venues around the globe. It is thought that DiCaprio likes table games (such as roulette) but also card games like poker, baccarat and blackjack. 

His love for poker apparently extends beyond evenings in the casino and into private, high-stakes games with friends. When not enjoying card or table games at casinos, the actor is also thought to enjoy trying slots on a night out. This includes the classic 3-reel versions and the more modern 5-reel video slots.

Paris Hilton

Style icon Paris Hilton is recognized all over the world and is someone who regularly hits the headlines. As with the other top names on our list, she is also known for visiting various casinos around the world to have fun. This includes the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco and the most well-known casinos in Vegas. 

She is thought to like pretty much all casino games and enjoys trying out everything from slots to poker, pai gow, keno and blackjack. Roulette is said to be her favorite, though, and a game she usually tries out when hitting the most glamorous casinos around. 

Celebs who love visiting the casino 

As the above shows, celebrities love playing casino games just as much as ordinary people do. This is not surprising when you consider that they get the same excitement from winning or the same buzz from trying out classics like poker. Many celebs also like hitting real-life casinos sometimes for a thrilling night out and the four stars we have looked at here certainly seem to fall into this category. 


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