8 Amazing Facts about Jim Carrey to Impress a Loved One

Jim Carrey Fun Facts
Jim Carrey Fun Facts

The acting skills and personal life of a popular American comedian Jim Carrey are comprised of contradictions. The public adores his movie characters, enthusiastically greets every new screen performance, and constantly harp on injustice: Carrey has not yet replenished his collection of film awards with the trophy Oscar. Critics perceive each Jim’s role as another occasion for caustic remarks and sarcastic skepticism, but the love of the audience is the most valuable recognition.  

Having a knack for making people laugh and giving them sincere smiles, Jim Carrey is prone to a sensitive perception of both personal and professional failures, intense self-analysis, and doubts leading to depressive states. The flip side of Kerry is always a drama, despite the external well-being, regular fabulous sums of money for his work, and an army of fans. The facts about Jim Carrey are as versatile and amazing as his life journey!

1. Jim was confident in his destiny since childhood. 

Born on January 17, 1962, in the central province of Canada, Ontario, the future comedian loved to pull faces and grimace from an early age. His favorite examples for imitation were Jack Nicholson and the unforgettable Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev.

2. Jim made the first attempt to appear on television at 10 years old.

Little Carrey videotaped some funny parodies and sent the material to the Carol Burnett comedy show. The application was refused, and it signalized the first failure on Jim’s way to star Olympus. 

Jim’s first appearance on American TV

3. He engaged in dirty work.

When Jim was 14, his family was forced to relocate to Toronto, where his father got a job at a tire plant. The company provided Carrey’s children (Jim has two older sisters and a brother) with jobs too. Thus, the future millionaire and crowd puller washed and cleaned toilets and common facilities in the large industrial enterprise.

4. The actor dropped out of high school.

This is one of the most striking facts about Jim Carrey. Jim studied in the graduation class for three years and then dropped out of high school. At such a young age, the actor began to experience some psychological problems. The boy changed schools several times, but the unstable financial situation in the family forced Jim to look for additional earnings. Low-wage jobs and a sharp contrast between reality and ambition gradually gave rise to melancholia, which turned into depression with age. 

5. Just for one year, Jim starred in three films that were box office success.

The year of 1994 was fruitful for Jim in terms of successful filming. “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “Dumb and Dumber”, and “The Mask” instantly became smash hits and brought Kerry worldwide fame and faithful love of fans.

6. Once, Jim was an undesirable person at secular parties.

The success of 1994 drove the budding star over the edge. Jim constantly shocked the audience. He could come to a secular party completely naked just with a sock on “private parts” or begin to break expensive champagne glasses out of the blue. Such provocations were accompanied by grimacing and incomprehensible pirouettes. So one day, Kerry just turned into an uninvited guest at secular parties. 

7. He saved the life of Jennifer Aniston.

In 2003, an extraordinary event occurred on set while Jim was working on a film called “Bruce Almighty”. Aniston almost suffered from a fall of camera equipment accessories. But Carrey managed to push the actress aside. Having recovered from the shock, Aniston wrapped Jim in a hug and called him a true hero. Such a reaction of Jennifer is quite understandable, as women adore men who can protect them. This is one of the useful dating tips for man.

8. A tragic story with a deadly ending.

In 2012, the actor started a romantic relationship with Catriona White. The girl was 25 years younger than her beloved, but this did not stop her from falling head over heels in love with Jim. Their relationships were saturated with quarrels and scandals, the couple constantly announced a break-up, but after a while, Jim and Catriona were seen together again. In September 2015, the girl committed suicide by taking a huge dose of drugs. The reason was the final break-up with her boyfriend on his initiative – that was the meaning of Catriona’s suicide note. 


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