Ameer Vann Net Worth

Ameer Vann Net Worth


Ameer Vann is an American rapper based in Los Angeles, California. He is one of the founding members of the US band called Brockhampton. The group previously consisted of 14 members but since then Vann has been removed from the group. This is all because of recent allegations of sexual abuse that Vann is facing which has brought about some uncertainties in the band.

Early Life

Ameer Emmanuel Vann was born on September 22nd, 1996 in Houston, Texas. Vann had a love of music from a young age along with his interest in the game of skateboarding. However, because of influences in his life, he got into drugs at a very young age of 15. He was a bit notorious in his teenage years where he used to sell drugs for money.

In 2010, Kevin Abstract, the man leading Brockhampton today posted on the famous online forum called KanyeLive( also called KanyeToThe) that he wanted to form a band at the time. Shortly after this, a lot of people wanted to be in his group and soon after AliveSince Forever was formed. Vann was part of this group that would go on to release their debut EP album, The ASF EP along with Abstract, Dom McLennon, and Mic Kurb. In 2014, they decided to change the name of the band from AliveSinceForever to Brockhampton.


Though other members come and go, Vann has been an integral part of the band since its inception. In the last year when they went on to release three albums, Vann was a featured singer in every one of them. His involvement in their works was seen recently when Brockhampton were performing live and other members decided to stay silently during Vann’s verses in the songs leaving their fans in dismay.

The group released their first ever mixtape called All-American Trash in 2016. The next year, they then went on to release their debut album called Saturation. The group which is currently signed with RCA Records have gone on to release Saturation II and Saturation III. The latter one included the hit single called “Boogie”. It also included other songs including the single called “Stains”. Their next album is set to be titled as Team Effort.

Kevin, the man leading the band issued the problems the band is currently facing in an Instagram Live session where he said that their new album called Puppy would be delayed. A lot of fans later on Twitter were on impressed with this decision.

Ameer Vann Net Worth

Vann’s net worth is still under review. Brockhampton has been a successful band over the years which has built a very unique and loyal fan base. They have performed in a number of concerts and festivals being a regular performer at Coachella.

The group focuses their songs on important topics including mental health, sexuality, and masculinity. Most recently, they were on tour in the U.S. but since the problems surrounding Vann, they have rather decided to cancel the rest of the shows so they can reflect and come back stronger as a group.

Personal Life

Ameer Vaan has now been accused of a number of charges on sexual misconduct. The 21 year old has been facing a lot of criticism for his past actions that are now coming into the public limelight. A number of his exes have complained that during their relationship, he was “emotionally abusive” as well as very “manipulative”. One sensitive issue that was raised by them against him was that he had sex with underage girls.

Vann has responded to these claims by saying that he was deeply sorry for his past actions and behaviors that included cheating on partners. However, he has said that the claims of him having sex with under age girls is not true. He concluded that he has been working on improving this side of him and can set an example of somebody who learned from past mistakes to be a better person.


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