Artie Lange Net Worth

Artie Lange Net Worth
Artie Lange Net Worth


Artie Lange is a famous radio personality, actor, comedian, and writer expected to have a net worth of around $1 million. Artie Lange is famous around the world for making people laugh since the time of his first-ever gig at the Improv organized at Hell’s Kitchen in New York in 1987. After Artie Lange showcased his talents being a comedian by serving as an integral part of the improvisation group referred to as the “Live on Tape,” Artie got the opportunity to be cast on MADtv in 1995 at Fox. Owing to his ever-rising popularity, Artie Lange Net Worth is expected to be growing at a rapid pace.

Artie Lange –Arthur Steven “Artie” Lange Junior was born on 11th October, 1967. Artie was born and raised up in New Jersey, and he initially used to work as a taxi driver and longshoreman for serving as the major family support after the death of his father.

Artie Lange Height

Artie Lange height is expected to be around 1.78m (5’10”).

Artie Lange Weight

Artie Lange weight is assumed to weigh around 136kg (300 lb).

Artie Lange Age

Born on 11th October, 1967, Artie Lange age is 51 years old.

Artie Lange Childhood

Being born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey, Artie Lange lived with his parents in Union Township, Union County during his early years. Artie’s father was a contractor who used to install antennas for TVs. Artie has a sister –Stacy, who is a fashion designer by profession.

Artie attended Union High School. However, he had to join Summer School for graduating due to his poor grades. Moreover, Artie was also arrested for committing robbery in a bank in the year 1985. After his father suffered back injuries after falling from a ladder, Artie along with his mother started working for the family. When they started asking for help from the celebrities, it was Howard Stern who helped him out with the help of the signed jacket.

Artie Lange Career

Lange performed his first-ever stand-up comedy event at the Improv in Hell’s Kitchen when he was 19 years old. It was in July 1987. After this, Artie taking his acting classes from HB Studio in Manhattan. For supporting his family, Lange used to work as a longshoreman at ships. In 1987, Lange managed to earn $60,000 annually. Then, Artie started out a professional career as a taxi driver in New York.

The first-ever payment that Lange received from his career as a stand-up comedian was $30 –received at an event at US Merchant Marine Academy. Later on, Artie was selected for the Mad TV –a famous comedy series comprising of 8 characters in total. The show turned out immensely successful. After his first-ever comedy show, Lange received his major break in the form of a movie offer named “Dirty Work.” After the success of his movie, Lange started receiving more roles in other movies including The Mystery Men, Lost & Found, The Bachelor, and The 4th Floor. Lange’s next comedy show “The Norm Show” also made him earn huge success.

However, the biggest success that Lange received in his professional career was that from working on the Howard Stern show. This role escalated his overall authority, and Lange started being recognized as an elite comedian. In the year 2005, Lange went on to release his own movie named “Artie Lange’s Beer League.”

Artie Lange’s Beer League

Artie Lange Beer League was in fact a a movie released by himself.

The Norm Show

This was yet another famous comedy show by Artie Lange.

Dirty Work

This comedy series made Artie Lange quite famous in the comedy industry.

Artie Lange Accomplishments

Artie Lange Net Worth has grown over the years with his growing accomplishments. In January 2014, Artie Lange started hosting his own radio show named “The Artie Lange Show.” Artie Lange also emerged as a leading writer in recent times, giving into his writing skills by launching his autobiography “Too Fat to Fish.” This autobiography happened to be one of the bestsellers on the New York Times in the year 2009. “Crash and Burn” by Artie Lange also turned out to be a major bestseller on the New York Times in 2013. The latest book by Lange named “The Gambler –A Degenerate’s Guide to Living on the Edge.” Lately, Lange also released “Jack and Coke” –a CD depicting his performance as a professional stand-up comedian.

Artie Lange Net Worth

The amazing actor and a professional stand-up comedian –Artie Lange, has definitely made huge profits financially during his entire career. In the present scenario, Artie Lange Net Worth is expected to be around $14 million. Lange received a whopping salary amount from his world-famous Radio Show with Howard Stern –expected to be around $450,000. Artie owned a 5-bedroom villa located in New Jersey in 2008 –valued at a whopping price of $2,450,000. Having received the golden opportunity to serve as one of the prestigious members of the comedian TV series –Mad TV, Lange was assumed to have earned $7500 per episode. With the famous sitcom “The Norm Show,” Lange used to earn around $35,000 per episode.

Lange is currently seen working in “Crashing” –a famous comedy series in HBO directed by Judd Apatow. Lange still performs stand-up comedy at Foxwoods Resort Casino –located at Mashantucket, Connecticut. Lange is also known for his subscription-based podcast named “”

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