Barry Hearn an English sporting events promoter and the founder and chairman of promotions company Matchroom Sport. This is a multi-million dollar company which has helped to put together some of most intriguing matches in a variety of sports for many years. Some of the sports that his company looks out for, include Pool, Bowling, Golf, Table Tennis, and Boxing.

Early Life

Hearn was born on 19 June 1948, in Dagenham, Essex. He studied at the Buckhurst Hill County High School. He has had an interest on running businesses from a very young age. Since his days as a teenager, he ran several small businesses washing cars to picking fruit and vegetables.

He comes from a working class family with his mother being a cleaner and his dad being a London bus driver. Hearn worked hard to qualify as an accountant and managed to earn the role of finance director for a company called Deryck Healey Associates. His persuasive attitude helped him to later develop a new firm that was called Kensai House Investments.


He has one of his earliest successes when his company bought the Lucania chain of snooker halls for an amount of £500,000 in 1974. This turned out to be a great investment as he sold it in 1982 for  £3.5m. When they had made the investment in 1974, Hearn had put around a third of his own money into the investment, giving Hearn serious cash flow as a businessman.

Hearn was wise to re-invest this into creating something bigger. This is when he decided to start his own company called Matchroom, which has grown immensely till today. Hearn was able to capitalize in the transition of movie watching into colored screens and benefited from knowing a future need.

He was also a manager of Steve Davis, who was a six time World Champion. Later, his interest would not be limited to snooker as he started getting acted in the boxing world in 1987. One of his earliest promotions included the Frank Bruno versus Joe Bugner fight the same year. Many have acclaimed Hearn for his contributions to further grow the sport of boxing. He is also the one to have introduced Prizefighter series which was a a knockout tournament featuring 8 different boxers in a sort of last man standing competition. Today, Hearn has passed the torch to his son Eddie, who has made a name for himself as a promoter in boxing.

Barry Hearn Net Worth

According to Essex Life Mag, Barry Hearn and his family are worth a staggering £82 million. While his son Eddie Hearn is worth $5 million, we expect Barry’s net worth alone to be more than £65 million.  He has accumulated a lot of assets for his business and such a high net worth is the result of decades of perseverance in the business.

In 2018, it was reported that the previous year, Hearn’s company had passed £100 m in terms of revenue sales. The year before that, the company reported £70.5 m worth of sales. The profits for 2017 for the company have been reported at £11.1 m.

Some of its biggest long term clients have been Sky Sports, HBO and Fox Sports. The company has been behind some big fights recently including include the Bellew vs Haye rematch at London’s O2 in May, as well as Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker in Cardiff in March.

Barry Hearn Net Worth 2015£30 million
Barry Hearn Net Worth 2016£45 million
Barry Hearn Net Worth 2017£54million
Barry Hearn Net Worth 2018£65 million


Personal Life

Hearn is married to Susan, along with who, they have two children, namely Katie and Eddie Hearn. Hearn has had quite a career which has been filled with ups and downs with a lot of ups as of lately. However, he has also faced a lot of moments that he’d like to forget in his career. In the early 1990’s he was close to filing for bankruptcy and suffered  a heart attack in 2002. But he has since made a comeback solidifying his business into one that grosses millions every year.

Hearn is also the chairman of the Professional Darts Corporation. Previously, he also held the same title for the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and Leyton Orient F.C.


Full Name: Barry Maurice William Hearn

Short Name: Barry Hearn

Date of Birth: June 19, 1948

Born Place: Dagenham, United Kingdom

Age: 69 years

Wife: Susan Hearn

Children: Eddie Hearn, Katie Hearn

Height: 1.88m

Net Worth: £82 million