Celebrities and Education: Schooling Solutions

Celebrities and education
Celebrities and education

Many students struggle to cope with the curriculum and stay successful both socially and academically. So it may seem like a miracle that famous celebrities manage to succeed in their careers, keep up their public image, and attaining a high-quality education.  Does the secret lie in exploiting professional writer service, hiring a squad of best private teachers, or staying active and productive up to twenty hours a day? And what are the outcomes of such a lifestyle? Read on and discover how famous people find time and possibilities to combine studies and fame with no hurdles. Or find out the best suitable ideas for your situation on how not to be made to choose between career, famous life, and education, and cover everything at once.

Early Childhood Education

The first thing you should realize is that a child cannot just abandon education to build up a successful actor or singer career (like that of Joan Cusack) . The law determines that everyone is obliged to obtain a school education. Additionally, every state has its own views on education. So, whether the parents of a ‘little star’ decide on homeschooling, tutoring, or any other scenario on education, they should consult the local legislation as a primary thing. 

While some states have certain directives on the different forms of education so that parents have to follow the dictated pattern to do homeschooling or perform any other educational choice. On the contrary, other states leave all responsibilities and decisions to parents only. This means that parents have to organize the educational process for their children the way they find it appropriate. It means that they should consider the full seriousness and importance of education to be organized in the best possible way for their children.

Private Schools as an Elaborate Option

Depending on the type of celebs, they may have different financial possibilities. They may be of royal origin, representatives of the rich, young actors or singers, so that their background will vary as well. Wealthy parents may choose for their children to attend private schools. 

Although this way children may receive a higher-quality education with better teachers and elaborate programs proposed, there are some points to consider as drawbacks:

  • High price for education – parents may have to waste up to $20k a year on a private school;
  • The crammed schedule – seven lessons a day plus sport or drama clubs and homework after school may count up to fifteen hours of education a day, leaving no time for building up a career and public image at an early age;
  • Social issues – famous kids may be either popular or bullied at school, so parents can never guess the outcomes of social interaction at school.

As one can see, private school is not the only solution for every famous kid, but parents should consider academic, social, financial, and personal factors when making the most suitable choice. Still, keep in mind that if avoiding the schooltime is the decision taken to help your kid avoid extra social problems, it will not end well. You cannot protect your celeb kid from all outer impacts. So, it is sometimes better to let children learn how to survive on their own than to keep them isolated and then throw them on the rocks of real life. 

Private Tutors to Manage to Catch Up

If a celebrity attends a private school but has to quit the educational process from time to time to participate in film shooting, catwalk shows, world tours, and other public and career-related events, it will be difficult to catch up with their peers. So, there is a point in hiring a private tutor. Either it is a tutor on a certain subject or the whole school curriculum, he/she is expected to help a celeb kid to cover the educational requirements and challenges, no matter the time and place. This way the famous child may study in the middle of another world tour or royal family event. 

Still, one should bear in mind that tutor’s services, especially of a full-time one, may cost a fortune. Additionally, children lose the point of socialization and childhood in general, skipping the common school time. So, it is left to parents and sometimes also kids to decide the best educational scheme to excel in career, private issues, and social issues, and stay well at the same time.

Homeschooling as an Exclusive Way Out

Home-bound education is the preferable choice for many star kids. Learn about homeschooling pros and cons for celebrities and you will understand their decision:


  • Flexitime education and work schedule;
  • No limits on place and time for studying;
  • Personalized approach;
  • Direct communication with teachers and educators;
  • Extensive sources for theoretical and practical education.

People often claim that homeschooling with online lessons and study sessions is the top convenient option for little celebrities. They can easily combine their public activities and get well-educated with no harm to any of the points. 

On the contrary, famous children lose the freespirit of childhood. No special interaction with other students, no extra-curriculum activities, no fun moments with friends. Just a well-scheduled education and famous life activities.

All in all, a lack of good education shouldn’t be the price of being famous and building up a stunning career at an early age. Every child has a right to study in a convenient condition and at an appropriate quality. So, if either parents or famous kids decide to sacrifice the fun time at school or social interaction with peers, it’s their choice. But they still are not allowed to give up education at all. They must receive at least a basic one to manage their life properly later on. Celebrity children have plenty of options, like private schools, tutors, homeschooling, or a combination of any of the options. Due to this, famous kids and their parents are obliged to select the most appropriate variant for the kid to get educated in the best possible way. 


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