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Chad Johnson Net Worth


Chad Johnson is a well-known former American football wide receiver. He had a very successful career in the NFL playing most of his career for the Cincinatti Bengals. Later in his career, he would also play for New England Patriots and Miami Dolphin but those were short stints as he had some problems in his personal life. The six-time NFL Pro Bowler has made his name for some of his bold actions both on and off the pitch with fans seeming to love him.

As of 2020, Chad Johnson’s Net Worth is $40m USD.   This has grown over the years from bonuses and multi-million dollar contracts as Chad has progressed and outperformed in his career.  Find out about his life and career here.

Early Life

Johnson was born on January 9, 1978 in Miami, Florida. He studied at Miami Beach Senior High School graduating in the year 1997. Whilst entering his college days, he got involved among different colleges that were eager to recruit him. Firstly, he studied at Langston University but the very next year transferred to Santa Monica College getting the opportunity to play football. However, in 2000, he again transferred, this time to Oregon State University where he had the most success in terms of college football.


2001 was a big year for Johnson’s life as in that year’s NFL draft. He was picked by the Cincinnati Bengals. The initial years were more of a learning curve for Johnson with his true potential starting to be seen in 2003 when he set a Bengals franchise record by recording 1,355 receiving yards. This was a time when Johnson was showing his true worth by making the Pro Bowl five straight times from 2003 to 2007, making him one of the standout performers of the league.

Looking at the value he was providing to the team, Johnson signed a new contract with The Bengals that would reign until 2011. He is known for being a charm for the fans which has helped him to amass a very large following as well.

However, with the rise of his popularity, he was also starting to face some criticism regarding his performance.  He once even got attacked by the media by being perceived to be selfish and cancerous for the team. That time, he also had a poor season with injury hampering him garnering any momentum.

He bid goodbye to The Cincinatti Bengals in 2011 with New England Patriots signing him for a three year contract that was valued at a massive $6.35 million deal. However, thing didn’t go as planned for Johnson at the Patriots and he soon left on June 7, 2012 after a disappointing spell with them.

Johnson then joined Miami Dolphins that same year but his career would take a turn for the worse as allegations of domestic violence would mean that he was let go from the team. Though he later played for the Montreal Alouttes, his career would not be in the same level as it was when he was playing with The Bengals.

Chad Johnson Net Worth

As of 2018, Chad Johnson net worth is $40 million. Johnson has made the majority of his money when he was at his peak with The Bengals where along with his salary, he received millions paid in bonuses. One of the best years for him in terms of earning money was in 2008 where he got paid a total of $8 million where $5 million was in bonuses alone.

He has more than 1 million followers on Instagram today where he is very active sharing moments of his life and keeping his fans updated. His net worth could have been a lot higher if he had made better financial decisions. Along with the fact that he had problems in his personal life, it added up to decreasing his net worth significantly. In a court filing, he once confessed in 2012 that he was losing $45,000 every month on expenses relating to child support, mortgage payments, and other payments as well.

Personal Life

Johnson has a total of eight children. Other than football, he is also interested in racing horse and has been involved in several programs relating to it. In terms of soccer, he has made it very clear that he is a big Real Madrid supporter. In terms of politics, he endorsed Bernie Sanders for the President of the United States in 2016. He has even had his own game called Mad Chad and was a contestant on the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars.

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