Charlotte Strawbridge Wedding, Age, Daughter, Paintings

Charlotte Strawbridge Wedding, Age, Daughter
Charlotte Strawbridge Wedding, Age, Daughter


Charlotte Strawbridge daughter of Dick Strawbridge and Brigit Strawbridge is a professional portrait photographer based in the United Kingdom. An artist, photographer, and singer, Charlotte Strawbridge has proven her talent in multi-disciplines of art and conservancy. Charlotte Elizabeth Strawbridge was born in 1986 as the youngest daughter of Dick Strawbridge and Brigit A. Weiner. Her both parents are famous and have reputable personalities. Her father is a Lieutenant Colonel and also a television personality. Her mother is a naturalist, bee advocate, and also wildlife conservation enthusiast. Charlotte also has an elder brother, James Strawbridge. The popularity of her parents’ show Escape to the Chateau has directed the media attention to Charlotte also. Charlotte is now a professional photographer and painter based in the United Kingdom. 

Charlotte Strawbridge Age

Charlotte’s parents divorced in 2010 but she still keeps a close bond with both of them. Both of her parents remarried after the divorce and she has two half-siblings. Her father married Angel Adoree in 2015 and they have two children, Dorothy Strawbridge and Arthur Strawbridge. Charlotte’s own brother James is a celebrity chef. James is settled in Cornwall with his wife Holly and children. 

Charlotte had her higher education at Newcastle University in Folk and Traditional music. She became popular after her appearance in her parents’ show Escape to the Chateau.

Charlotte Strawbridge Age is in her 30s. She is the daughter of Dick Strawbridge and Brigit Strawbridge –both of whom are world-famous environmentalists. Charlotte Strawbridge also has a brother named Charles Strawbridge.

Charlotte Strawbridge Height

Charlotte Strawbridge is a beautiful woman with a decent stature and height. Charlotte Strawbridge wedding is a highly discussed topic amongst her fans.

Charlotte Strawbridge Daughter

As mentioned above, Charlotte Strawbridge daughter to Dick Strawbridge and Brigit Strawbridge, has gained her popularity has a leading singer and a writer at the same time. Moreover, she also runs her portrait photography business online –based in the United Kingdom.

Charlotte Strawbridge Paintings

Charlotte Strawbridge has a great passion for art. She is a contemporary painter concentrating mainly on genres like light, nature, and wildlife. Although she loves to explore different forms of paintings, her expertise lies in oil paintings. She blends the colors in the palette magically to her canvas. The paintings express her perspective on nature and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the spectators. This diversified approach made her distinct from other painters of her age. 

Charlotte has her official website to sell her paintings independently without depending on the art galleries. She also sells the photographs taken by her and custom-made gift cards etcetera. Being a lover of art, Charlotte also encourages the rising stars in painting and other art forms. She shares the works of less popular but talented artists through her social media accounts. This helps these small artists to get more exposure and an audience in the realm of art. Her retweets have indeed helped the UK’s art community to find new talents.

Charlotte Strawbridge Career as a singer

Apart from shining as a painter, Charlotte Strawbridge is also a musician. She has a wide discography and a lot of fans. Music is another medium of expression for Charlotte. The lyrics of her songs show her thoughts and perspectives on different subjects. Charlotte is active in the music industry since 2009. Her debut album was Breathed a Song which contained 12 songs. She worked on subjects like love and life in the early stages of her career. Later she included more diverse and complex issues in her lyrics. Her songs like Sinnerman have received much love from her fans around the world. Charlotte was only 25 at the time of her debut.

After Breathed a Song, she mostly worked on single tracks rather than albums. Her husband is also very encouraging and supportive in her musical journey. Whether it is writing lyrics or recording, Andy is always beside Charlotte. Faded Times, Keeping my Last Love, All Our Mothers were Darlings are some of her recently released singles. She is exploring themes like self doubt and self-love in her new songs. Charlotte has expanded her horizon over the years and not hesitant to try out new things in both paintings and music. Some of her other songs are Shadow Rebellion, 12 singles like Deep and Meaningless, Relax and Drown, Mumbling Sounds, Blue While, Blind, Ice Skating etcetera.

As a photographer 

Charlotte loves cameras and the world she gets to see through the lens. She studied photography on her own. It is more like a hobby and passion for her rather than a career option. She has explored different variants of photography like portrait photography, landscape photography etcetera. In the meantime, she also worked for high-end brands. She loves working on fashion projects and photography usually tries to bring out feminity. Charlotte has been doing photography projects for five years as of now. Her travels have played a great role in expanding her landscape photography. It also works as an example in her conservancy talks and debates. Although Charlotte considers photography only as a side business, she has the potential and passion of a full-time professional photographer. Charlotte sells the printed version of her photos through her official website.

Charlotte Strawbridge as a writer

Charlotte has traveled to the kingdom of words too. She is a writer and also a mental health advocate. She writes mostly through her website about subjects like planning, spirituality, and mental health. Like in all other fields, she has a brave approach in writing too. She writes about her insecurities and issues in her personal life. She sets an example to the readers to pursue a healthy and peaceful mindset.

The Strawbridge last name has gained her so much popularity and at the same time responsibilities too. She follows her parents in participating in activities of conservancy and environmental protection. But she has her way of expression in every field she touches.

Charlotte Strawbridge Photos

Dick Strawbridge on His Life

Watch as Dick Strawbridge speaks about his life –mentioning Charlotte Strawbridge and other family members.

Charlotte + Rich Wedding

Watch the grand wedding organized at the Chateau de la Motte Husson –owned by Dick Strawbridge.

Charlotte Strawbridge Family

Charlotte Strawbridge married Andy Nest in a private ceremony away from the eyes of the media. They were engaged since 2015. The couple is happily together and tries to spend time with each other despite their busy life. The fans expected them to get married in the Chateau De La Motte house but they preferred a simple and private marriage function. Charlotte and Andy have two sons and a daughter named Indy, Pippin, and Arrietty. Both of them are music lovers and also like to travel around the world. Most of their travel is related to work so they don’t usually tag the children along on long journeys. Charlotte and Andy love to explore the diversity in cultures around the world. As a painter, it also elevates and polishes her worldview

Charlotte Strawbridge Net Worth

Charlotte’s net worth is not mentioned anywhere. But considering her multi-sources of income, as of 2020 her net worth is around $300k.

Charlotte Strawbridge Wedding

Charlotte Strawbridge wedding is a highly interesting topic that has caught the attention of all those who know Dick Strawbridge & Brigit Strawbridge.


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