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Cometan net worth astronism
Cometan net worth astronism

Cometan is considered as a founder of a new religion “Astronism”, which is a Cosmo-centric religion solely based on the personal writings and ideations of Cometan himself. He wrote a book titled “Omnidoxy” which is known to be the founding disquisition of Astronism. Cometan based this new philosophical and religious movement largely on the revelations he has started to experience by the age of 13. Here are some interesting details about Cometan you need to know.

Net worth

As an introspective individual, Cometan devoted his life from a very young age for the growth and propagation of Astronism, as he believed that mankind is still mystified with the unsolved astronomical mysteries which need to be explored as it is the existential decree of humans. He propounded the idea of space exploration on the religious grounds considering Cosmo’s as a spiritual entity. His estimated net worth as of today with all his credited works is around $800,000.

Biography Wiki

Cometan was born on Ist July 1998 in Preston city, Lancashire, United Kingdom. His birth name is Brandon Reece Taylor which he later changed to mononym, ‘Cometan’ due to his obsession with comets and cosmical events. His father Sean Taylor is a vending machine owner, and his mother Louise Counsell owns a hair salon. He has three male siblings, and four female siblings younger to him. On his 15th birthday, he founded the idea of Astronism when he experienced a series of revelations. He was a 20-year-old when he became a member of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. The Spacefaring World Franchise and fictional character “Jesse Millette” in the original Jesse Millette Series, is also his brainchild which comprised of book series based on the adventures of Jesse Millette, a British young man and his partners, who follows new philosophy to lead their lives. Cometan is famous as surographer, who is born with astonishingly innate writing abilities.


He went to St Mary’s and St Benedict’s Roman Catholic Primary School in 2009. He then attended the Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School in 2014. After completing school, he enrolled in the Cardinal Newman College and rolled out in 2016. He has recently been graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2019.

Cometan is currently studying for his Masters’ Degree in religion and philosophy, after which he will move on to become part of UCLan’s P.h.D. programme. For his master’s dissertation, Cometan is focusing on the historiography of religion, specifically looking at delineating a history of astronomical religion starting in the Stone Age. Then, for his P.h.D., Cometan is planning to explore the commercialisation and business and marketing sides of religion which will combine both his bachelors and his masters degrees together.

Personal Life

Cometan has seven siblings from the remarriages of his parents. He is currently dating Liana Tiratsuya. She is a graduate of an Armenian University and is a known advocate of genocide. They first met each other in 2018 at the Zvarnots International Airport and fell in love at first sight. Her mononym is Cosma, and she is one of the initial followers of Astronism along with the Cometan family.

In his leisure time, he likes reading, watching movies, hiking and stargazing. He is playing piano since he was eleven. His favorite holiday destination in The Bahamas. His favorite color is gold. He is massively inspired by the teachings of his favorite philosophers Confucius and Buddha. His favorite singer is Elvis Presley. His favorite author is Mildred Benson. He is quite a foodie and likes Italian and Armenian cuisine.

Public Presence

Cometan recently had his first appearance on television on a BBC One show called The Big Questions which is a religious and political debate show. This marked the first time that Cometan was seen on television, but this will likely lead to many more television appearances in the future.

In addition, Cometan is sharing his faith to the public starting with hosting his first public lecture about Astronism on Sunday 3rd May 2020 in his hometown and the lecture will be called “Astronism & The Future of Religion”.  Cometan also recently created and launched a new website called which is an online encyclopaedia for Astronism that many people can look at to learn about the Astronist philosophy and religion.


 Astronism was found by Cometan in 2013. He was reported to be very introvert and bothered as a kid. His life turned upside down when parents split up, that difficult phase encouraged him to be a writer. He started to study figures like Socrates, Plato, Confucius and Buddha, and other contemporary religious figures.

After his parent’s separation, Cometan was raised by his grandparents in a religious environment. His grandmother Irene Taylor was fervent Roman Catholic, she had a significant influence on him in his childhood. Cometan used to visit different churches along with his grandmother and his cousin Thomas. Under the influence of his grandmother’s religious teachings, he developed inquisitiveness to study the discrete elements of religion and philosophy.

At the age of 13, going through existential crises, Cometan began to experience episodes of ideational revelations about his own existence, faith, beliefs, religion, philosophy, and future of universe and mankind and sustained till his late teenage years, when he eventually indulged into philosophy and theology. By the time those episodes began to get intensified and led him to the foundational beliefs of Astronism.

Astronism is a combination of religion and philosophy, often designated as organized philosophy by Cometan. Astronism can be thought of as the advance and modern form of ancient practices of astrolatry and astromancy practiced primitively in the stone ages. He believes that Astronism is a sabotaged religion strengthened by him has drawn its lineage from other Dharmic (Indian) and Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), and now it can coincide with these religions.

Beliefs of Astronism

Followers of Astronism are known as astronist’s, who believe in the collection of ideas called “Seven Tenets of Association’’. Here are some core beliefs within Astronism.

1. Sentientism

According to the teachings of Astronism, there are different life forms on other planets divided into sentient and non-sentient nature far beyond the human intellect, one of which is mankind existing within the cosmos. This belief is known as sentientism.

2. Astrosis

It is the belief in Astronism which says that one can achieve Cosmosis through exploring the cosmos extensively as a spiritual act to reveal the hidden secrets and anonymities.

3. Transensionism

The fundamental belief that humans have an existential obligation and are destined to explore outer space and its ambiguities. Cosmo’s are the only source to understand the purpose of existence by the attaining Astrosis. Transcension can only be attained by exploring outer space.

4. Cosmosis

It states the idea of Reunion with nature after death which occurs through biodegradation and cremation after death.

5. Limitationism

A belief which states that cosmos and everything that exists within the cosmos is basically restricted by nature.

6. Intracosmism

Abelief says thatall the answers about the reason behind human existence are lying inside the physical cosmos waiting to be unveiled. This claim can be somehow considered as atheistic in nature, however, Cometan still does not refer to it as atheism.

7. The Omniverse

The belief that cosmos along with another countless amount of cosmos from the omniverse which we have known as the universe. This cosmos has enclosed existence and cannot be ignored or escaped.


Cometan started his writing career as a fiction writer but after having series of revelation he became prodigy about religion and philosophy and was able to write on those subjects expansively like a genius without any official training and experience. He began to codify the plethora of ideas flooded upon him into philosophical texts at the age of 17 which are the founding text of Astronism which he later named “Omnidoxy”.

He completed Omnidoxy by the age of 21, and it is known to be the lengthiest religious book with extensive writings consists of 1.250,000 words in total. The text is divided into twelve disquisitions further divided into hundreds of discourses. Cometen also established The Institute of The Philosophy of Millettism, which has the possession and copyright of all philosophical works by Cometan including omnidoxy. Cometan is known as the youngest philosopher in history to come up with a fusion of religion and philosophy.

Age and Physical Appearance

Age 21 years old (as in 2019)
Height 5’10” ft 178cm 1.78m
Weight 64 kg 141lbs
Nationality British
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Body Statistics 41-30-34
Biceps 12 inches


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