Cory Booker Net worth, career, biography, president 2020

corey booker net worth 2020 president beliefs
corey booker net worth 2020 president beliefs


Cory Booker is an American politician born on 27th April 1969. From New Jersey, he has been in service as a junior United States Senator since 2013. Also, he is a Democratic Party member. In New Jersey, he is the first black person to secure the senatorial seat.  Previously, he was the Newark 36th Mayor from 2006 – 2013. Before attaining the mayor seat he worked at Newark Municipal council for the Central ward. This was from 1998 – 2002. On 1st Feb 2019, he gave a declaration on his intentions to run for the nominations as the Democratic Party presidential candidate for the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Washington D.C. is the birthplace of Booker, and he grew up while living in Harrington Park, New Jersey. After high school, he enrolled at Stanford University. In 1991, he graduated and received a BA. A year later, he did masters degree. Before enrolling at Yale Law School, he went abroad for studies via Rhodes scholarship at Oxford University. In 1998, he secured victory of Newark Municipal Council seat. This was after rallying for issues on development in the urban city by staging hunger strike that lasted 10days. In order to draw more attention, he lived in the tent briefly for sometimes.

In 2002, he pursued the mayor seat but lost the election to Sharpe James, the incumbent mayor. In 2006, he ran again for the same seat, but this time, he emerged victorious, against Ronald Rice, the Deputy Mayor. During his first term in office, he ensured the development of affordable housing doubled and also cut down the deficit of the city budget to $73 million from $180 million. In the 2010 elections, he secured reelection back to the Mayor seat. In 2013, he was up against Steve Lonegan in the special senatorial election and emerged victoriously.  In 2014 elections he has reelected back office by defeating Jeff Bell.

While a Senator, Booker voting record measurement ranked him as most liberal at the third place. For being considered socially liberal, he supports affirmative actions, women rights, single-payer healthcare and marriage of the same sex.

During Bookers five years term in office, he voted and co-sponsored 2013, Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Bipartisan Budget Act (2013), National Defense Authorization Act, Respect for marriage act (2014) and successful pass of First Step Act (2018).

In 2017, he testified against Jeff Sessions, Attorney general Nominee, at his confirmation hearing. He, therefore, became the first senator sitting testifying against another. After the FBI raid on Michael Cohen offices, the personal Attorney of President Donald Trump, Booker with Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis, and Chris Coons introduced a law which limits President Trump Executive Powers of office.

Early Life

Born in Washington D.C. on 27th April 1969, he was raised in Harrington Park, New Jersey. This is 32km away from Newark, New Jersey, to the north. He got the political life inspiration from his parents Cary Alfred Booker and Carolyn Rose who were the first IBM executives who were black. Booker was raised from a religious background. Together with his family, they attended African Methodist Episcopal Church which was a small and based in New Jersey.


Booker was enrolled in Northern Valley Regional High School, which is at Old Tappan. During his time in High school, he was a varsity football player. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in Stanford University, where he graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In the following year, he joined the master’s program, in which he pursued masters of Arts in sociology. While studying at Stanford University, he was a football player and also a teammate to Ed McCaffrey and Brad Muster. Additionally, he made it to the All-Pacific-10 team. And he was also elected into being the senior class President.

Moreover, Booker was also running “Bridge Peer Counseling Center”,  Crisis Hotline ran by students and helping the youth in East Palo Alto, California through Stanford Students. After graduating from Stanford, Booker received Rhodes scholarship, which took him abroad for studies at Oxford University. In 1994, he received an honorary degree in U.S. history as a Queen’s College member. In 1997, he earned the Juris Doctor from Yale School of Law. While at Yale, he was operating legal clinics which were free for the New Haven residents with low income in Connecticut. While in Yale, he was the Chai Society (now Shabtai) founding member. Additionally, he was an active member of “National Black Law Students Association”


At the Newark Municipal Council

During the final year of his studies in the Yale Law School, Booker stayed in the city for a while figuring out what his next move was going to be. And after graduating from Yale, went on and work as the staff attorney in New York for Urban Justice Center. Also, he served as the Newark Youth Project, program coordinator.

Later in 1998, he emerged victorious during the election for Newark Municipal Council seat. He was up against George Branch, the incumbent who had served for four terms. In order to raise the alarm about the violence and drug dealings which were done openly; he hard to draw everyone attention by going for a hunger strike which lasted for 10 days. During this time, he briefly stayed in a tent another part of it in a motor home just near the parts of the city with drug dealings. Apart from that, he proposed an initiative to the council that would have an impact on young people, housing, law & order and also the city hall efficiency and transparency during its running. Most of his proposals were voted out by the opposing fellow council members.

Newark Mayor Elections

Election in 2002

Booker gave a declaration about his intentions to run for Newark mayor seat in 2002. This was opposed to running for election for his reelection as the council chairman. He went against Sharpe James the four-term incumbent. Seeing Booker as a threat, James realized this would not be an easy win. He responded to Booker, by mudslinging him in one of his events of campaigning. Knowing how much people detest the Republicans, he applied this as his campaign strategy of bringing down Booker. This was through calling him a Republican Party member who collected money from Taliban and KKK. He was accused of intending to take over the Newark through his collaboration with the Jews. This made the supporters of James question about Booker background, which was entirely suburban, and with some of them throwing names at him like carpetbagger, who could never realize the working of the city. During the elections, Booker was defeated by James by 7% of the total votes. Due to the nature of the election, it was registered in the nominations of Oscar Documentary.

At the time of the campaign for the election, he founded Newark Now, an organization which is non-profit.

Election in 2006

After losing the seat to James in 2002, it did not deter Booker from pursuing the election in 2006. He made an announcement on 11th Feb 2006 that he would be running again for the mayor seat. Even though the Sharpe James, the incumbent Mayor was also filling his papers for reelection, he later canceled the bid, by announcing the need of him to focus on his other Job as the Senator of the State. The obtained this work through the 1999 elections.

Instead, his deputy Ronald Rice ran for the seat. During the campaign period, Booker spent many times more than Rice. With an estimate of 25:1 ratio in favor of Booker, and because of this, he was often attacked by Rice. During the campaign period, Booker raised over $6 million, he also launched back on Rice by terming him as James “political crony”. After the voting, Booker secured the mayor seat victory by gaining 72%   of the total votes. Through his “Booker Team”, he gained most supporters, giving him leadership which is very firm.

 Election in 2010

During the next elections in 2010, he gave an announcement on 11th Feb 2010 about running for reelection as the Mayor. Knowing how reelections can be tough for members in the city council, during his announcements he remarked the need of a unitary government. This time, Booker was running against Clifford J. Minor, the Essex County prosecutor and also a former judge. This included other two candidates who were minor. On May 2010, Booker emerged victorious on his reelection by scooping the seat with 59% of the total votes cast.


Booker tenure in office and personal popularity drew more attention from the media to Newark. As he was enjoying good ratings by the residents in the city, the legacy he would behind was still under mixed reviews. Many millions were invested in developing downtown, but at the same time, there were high rates of murder and unemployment sweeping the street of his jurisdiction. This was prevalent mostly around the city neighborhoods. Despite various legal challenges that were launched during his tenure, the governing of Newark Public Schools is still under the state control for almost 20 years. In 2011 and 2012, $32 million dollars was received by Newark as an emergency aid, which needed an agreement between the state and Newark. This obligated the city into requesting for administrative positions at the city hall approval by the State.

U.S Senate Elections

Elections, 2013

On 20th Dec 2012, he declared his intentions of exploring the senate seat, by then, it was under the rule of Frank Lautenberg during the 2014 elections. This also ended the rumors that he was aiming at the Governor seat which was then occupied by Chris Christie, during the gubernatorial elections in 2013. Booker filed papers on 11th Jan 2013, which would enable him to form a committee of his campaign. This was done without him announcing whether he was going to run for a seat. About a month later, the incumbent 89-year-old Lautenberg announced stepping down from the race.

A few months later, Lautenberg died on June due to Viral Pneumonia, about 5 days later, Booker made his announcement on running for the senatorial seat during the 2013 special elections. He made public his candidacy both in Willingboro and Newark.

On Democratic nominations of the primary, he won with an estimate of 59% of the total votes on 13th Aug 2013.  During the senatorial elections on 16th Oct 2013, he was up against Steve Lonegan, the Republican Party primary whom he defeated by getting 54.9 % of the total votes cast.   After 2004 Barack Obama win, Booker forms one of the first Blacks to be elected into the senatorial seat of U.S. at the night before attaining his victory, Booker paid a visit to his father graveside to offer prayers through Vigil candles.

He resigned his duties as the Newark mayor on Oct 30th, 2013 and then sworn in as the U.S. junior senator on 31st Oct 2013. He forms the first Black person to win an election into the New Jersey seat.

Election, 2014

On the 2014 nominations from the senatorial primaries of the Republican Party, three candidates placed their bids for the position. They include Brian D. Goldenberg who announced on 9th January 2014, he is a resident of West Orange Township and a businessman in New Jersey. The seconds are Richard J., who announced on 27th January 2014, he is a businessman at the Freehold Township. And the third is Jeff Bell, who announced his bid on 4th February 2014, he is a consultant in conservative political issue. Bell won the nomination.

During the 2014 senatorial elections, Booker emerged the winner by securing 55.8% of the total casted votes as opposed to Bell’s 42.4%

2020 Presidential Campaigns

Cory Booker made public his announcement on 1st Feb 2019, about his bid for the Democratic primary nomination for U.S. Presidential candidate. He wants to be running as the Democratic candidate during the Presidential elections in 2020.

Before making his announcement public, there were speculations about him running for the presidential seat in 2020. At that time even Booker himself was uncertain about his next move. But after his announcement which paints a clear direction of his future, the rumors have been settled.

After announcing his stand, he was endorsed every member of the Democratic Party in the New Jersey house of representatives. Among those who publicly endorsed him are: Governor Phil Murphy, and Bob Menendez, U.S. Senator. Booker campaign kick-started with a rally held at Newark on 13th April 2019.

Positions in Politics

Booker has a liberal description when it comes to politics. This is attributed by the great liberal record of voting he has amassed during his career as a senator. In a Salon interview on July 2013, he stated that “there’s nothing in that realm of progressive politics where you won’t find me.” In another interview with “The Grio” on the same year in September, he was asked whether he considered himself progressive, he answered, “I am democrat and American”.

As per the humane society, he holds the most of the voting record of Pro-animal welfare in the senate. This is after many years of supporting animal welfare while a senator.

For prosperity in economy, Booker is on the frontline supporting reduction of the deficit in the long term basis. Also, he fights for climate change by supporting taxation through cap and trade. Last but not least, he supports education funding should be increased.

During his speeches, he has favored guarantee on federal jobs and baby bonds (savings for minors with low risks in saving that they can access once 18). During senate, he emphasizes on social injustice and racial issues. In the passing of First Step Act, he played a vital role that led to its success. The First Step Act is “a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill”

He also supports the end of War on Drugs, affirmative actions and Abortion rights. Booker joined hands with Bernie Sanders and other Co-sponsors who are 14 in the support of “a single-payer health care plan” through submitting as “Medicare for all Bill” on Sep 2017.

When it comes to matters of foreign policies, Booker is in support of reducing the Involvement of the United States in Afghanistan and also against the Syria interventions. After the April 2017 strike on Syria; he criticizes the military actions that lack approval from congress or a clear plan. On the conflicts between Israeli and Palestine, he is in support of a two-state solution to come up with a solution. When it comes to Iran, he feels the country is a direct threat to the security of U.S. and Israeli. And feels there should be options on the table to deal with this conflict.

But when he took a stand to support the nuclear deal framework of Iran, he messed up the long relationship he had with the Jews supporters and also voters.      In a trial to restore his supports base and reduce the impact, he organized an emergency summit that included the Jewish leaders, and supporters, but some of the longstanding supporters did not turn up.

Family life

Booker has routine exercises and a vegan since 1992. He was an Oxford University student in UK. He doesn’t drink alcohol with no known addictions apart from coffee. He started employing vegan diet in 2014, with expression of vegan philosophy and animal advocacy.

He attends service at Metropolitan Baptist Church based in Newark, New Jersey since 2016. Booker has never married and at one time in 2103, was listed in the Top 40 bachelor list of Town and Country. Even though, he has tried his best to maintains privacy on his private life.  At one time due top rumors of him being gay, he said it out clearly that he is straight, but he’s trying more dates with the hopes of finding a mate. Rosario Dawson on March 2019, gave a confirmation to TMZ about her and booker dating. In a 1992 Stanford daily, Booker admits as a teenager he detested gays. But sill he is a potential target for gay rumors even after addressing that in 2013.

Book lived from 1998 -2006 in Brick towers, a housing complex with challenges found in Newark’s Central Ward. He later moved in Nov 2016 after every other tenant had moved out. He then moved to a top unit of three-level rentals building on Hawthorne Avenue, Southward. This area was also known as “a drug- and gang-plagued neighborhood of boarded-up houses and empty lots”

After moving out, the bricks towers are no more. They were brought down and in 2010; a mixed-income development structure was raised there.  From 2013, Booker went on to live in his own townhouse based in Lincoln Park, Newark’s Central Ward section. The place also referred to as “coast” due to jazz, arts, and history of nightlife. Last but not least, he is fluent in Spanish.

Net Worth

Cory’s net worth ranges between $0.6 and $1.3 million. This was arrived at through his 2017 financial disclosure, were reported some of his personal assets. Among the sources of his wealth is the savings account in Bank of America which was in the disclosure, having $100, 000 – $250, 000. Other disclosures include $250, 000 – $500, 000 in Fidelity Money market acc. And a sum of, $150, 000 – $350, 000 in two individual retirements Fidelity accounts.

Booker disclosed the public employee retirement pension from New Jersey which is worth between the range $50, 000 –  $100, 000, including a checking acc at the Bank of America with about $50, 000 – $ 100, 000. Apart from his $174, 000 annual salaries as a senator, there is $325, 000 from his book royalties, “United: Thoughts on Finding Common Ground and Advancing the Common Good.”

Investment income and speaking fee

When booker was running for the senatorial seat, he was required to submit his financial disclosure to the federal government. From the report Booker released tax returns for up to 15 years. This included $1 million dollars in tax and about 4$ million in income during the 15 years.

The total income includes $1.3 million from the speaking fees, with a large sum of it coming from 2009 – 2012.  By this time, he was Newark Mayor. And another sum of it came from his previous law firm which was a payout of $690, 000.

In 2013, he was under scrutiny for failing to disclose the total stake which he owned on the Waywire, a site for sharing video. He co-founded the site with Erick Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google. As an estimate, his stake on that investment was worth $1 million – $5 million, and this was in 2013. But within the same year in September, he gave a declaration about his decision to leave the management board and donated to charity his shares. In 2013, the site got sold to Magnify for an amount that was not disclosed to the public.

Cory Booker Quotes On:


  • Keep federal funding for family planning clinics. (Mar 2017
  • Access safe, legal abortion without restrictions (Jan 2015
  • Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Nov 2013
  • No restrictions before viability; exceptions after viability. (Sep 2013
  • OpEd: In mainstream of NJ, supporting abortion rights. (Oct 2013
  • Fix Hobby Lobby: it’s not about religious freedom. (Jul 2014
  • Claimed to support post-viability exceptions, but voted no. (Apr 2017

Budget & Economy

  • Budget crisis: cut $60M in spending; cut municipal taxes. (Feb 2008
  • Replace spending with tax incentives to stimulate hiring. (Dec 2011
  • Endorsed Gov. Christie’s property tax agenda (Jun 2012
  • Paying your fair share isn’t class warfare, it’s patriotism. (Sep 2012
  • 2010 recession: sold city buildings and raised city taxes. (Aug 2016

Civil Rights

  • Parents experienced racist “redlining” at family home in NJ. (Jan 2019
  • Will fight for LGBTQ rights; everyone should feel safe. (Mar 2019
  • Supports commission investigating reparations for slavery. (Apr 2019
  • Wants new Voting Right Act; end gerrymandering. (May 2019
  • Next president must talk openly and honestly about race. (Jun 2019


  • Don’t condemn high tech business; regulate them. (Mar 2019
  • Enforce antitrust; president shouldn’t decide targets. (May 2019
  • Deal with corporate consolidation to let free market work. (Jun 2019


  • 2010: Layoff police officers to push for union concessions. (Aug 2016
  • Evolved from supporting Broken Windows theory to opposition (Apr 2017
  • Legalize marijuana; restore ex-con voting rights. (Mar 2019
  • More black men are in jails now than under slavery. (Jun 2019
  • Theory of “broken windows” doesn’t drive down crime. (Feb 2016
  • Anti-recidivism funds much scanter than prison funds. (Feb 2016
  • Opportunities for dropouts: avoid school-to-prison pipeline. (Aug 2016
  • Rich-and-guilty treated better than poor-and-innocent. (Mar 2019
  • Cut mandatory minimum sentences; end solitary for juveniles. (May 2019


  • Decriminalize marijuana; expunge past criminal records. (Mar 2019
  • Legalize marijuana nationally including recreational use. (May 2019
  • Opioid manufacturers should be held criminally liable. (Jun 2019)
  • Marijuana Justice Act: decriminalize pot & expunge records. (Jul 2019
  • Remove cocaine sentencing disparities. (Jul 2019
  • Don’t lock people up for drugs & poverty; lift them up. (Jul 2019


  • Free community college; loan forgiveness; apprenticeships (Mar 2019
  • Support public education including some charter schools. (Mar 2019
  • Investment in education helps the whole society. (Apr 2019
  • Government should not profit from student debt. (Apr 2019

Energy & Oils

  • 50% clean and carbon free electricity by 2030. (Mar 2016
  • Leadership in dealing with climate change, including nuclear. (Mar 2019
  • Mixed score on “350 Action’s 2020 Climate Test”. (Mar 2019
  • Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement, plus domestic legislation. (Apr 2019
  • Carbon tax should go to alleviating inequality. (Apr 2019


  • Vegetarian since 1992; vegan since 2014. (Feb 2016
  • Rated 100% on all animal welfare ratings. (Dec 2016
  • Support next-generation advanced nuclear reactors. (Apr 2019
  • Passaic River poisoned because it was cheaper for business. (Feb 2016

Families & Children

  • Government funded savings account at birth. (Apr 2019
  • Opposes family separation policy at southern border. (Feb 2019
  • Paid family leave is a necessity. (Jul 2016
  • Society struggles without paid family leave. (Feb 2016
  • Job-protected time off for bereavement and illness. (Feb 2016

Foreign Policies

  • Fund the life-saving work done by diplomats. (Mar 2017
  • Re-examine relationship with Saudi Arabia. (Feb 2019
  • Support our allies, not our enemies. (May 2019
  • Not working with allies on Iran makes us weaker. (Jun 2019

Free Trade

  • Promote exports, but restrict multilateral trade deals. (Apr 2017
  • Deal with China despite their cheating. (Apr 2017
  • No fast-track trade authority for Trans-Pacific Partnership. (Feb 2019

Government Reforms

  • Declined lavish perks as Newark City Councilor. (Feb 2016
  • Even billionaires need transparency in confirmation hearings. (Jan 2017
  • 10-day process to fire Russia probe special prosecutor. (Apr 2018

Gun Control

  • As with civil rights, we can build coalitions for gun laws. (Jun 2019
  • We require licenses to drive; so require licenses for guns. (Jun 2019
  • Gun control works; refuse to believe it’s not doable. (May 2019

Health care

  • Allow importing prescription drugs to lower Rx prices. (Feb 2019
  • Medicare for all; start with commonsense reforms. (Mar 2019
  • Support Medicare for All but do what’s possible now. (May 2019

Home land security

  • No irresponsible spending on weapons military doesn’t want. (Apr 2017
  • Transgender troops should be allowed to serve. (Feb 2019
  • Supports military spending on Foreign Affairs Committee. (Mar 2019


  • Support DREAMers, reform immigration to reflect our values. (Mar 2019
  • Intervene in refugees’ home countries; reform asylum process. (Apr 2019
  • Make major investments in the Northern Triangle. (Jun 2019


  • Fair wage jumpstarts consumer spending and creates jobs. (Apr 2017
  • Supports $15 minimum wage and guaranteed jobs. (Feb 2019
  • Pilot program to fund jobs paying at least $15/hour. (May 2019

Principles & Values

  • We succeed by showing the best of who we are. (May 2019
  • I’ve taken on bullies & won, by seeing common purpose. (Jun 2019
  • Trump is acting as an authoritarian against the Constitution. (Jul 2019

Social security

  • Once supported raising retirement age; now opposes it. (Apr 2017
  • COLA adjustments needed for retirement plans. (Apr 2017
  • Raise the cap on Social Security taxes to fund system. (Mar 2019

Tax reforms

  • Promised no taxes; but meant “no on one city tax increase”. (Apr 2017
  • Helped people claim earned-income tax credit. (Apr 2019
  • Expand Earned Income Tax Credit. (May 2019


  • Fix crumbling rail & road with National Infrastructure Bank. (Jul 2014
  • We can’t afford to ignore aging infrastructure anymore. (Mar 2015
  • Prison construction draws resources from other priorities. (Feb 2016

War & Peace

  • End intervention in Yemen & Iran, but not Israel. (Mar 2019
  • Would rejoin Iran nuclear deal & work with allies. (Jun 2019
  • Get back into nuclear deal with Iran; negotiate if possible. (Jun 2019

Welfare & Poverty

  • Post-WWII policy of redlining forced racially-biased housing. (Feb 2016
  • Newark got disproportionate share of dumps & jails. (Feb 2016
  • HOME Act: $134 billion a year via EITC for people in poverty – Jan 2019



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