Courteney Cox: Net Worth, Age, Height, Kids

Courtney Cox, Actress
Courtney Cox, Actress

Courteney Cox is an american actress which fans would recognize from the classic American sitcom, Friends. She was the face that brought one of its most memorable characters, Monica Geller, to life. The actress, producer, and director was propelled to fame by her performance in the show which ultimately built her reputation, her successes, and her lifestyle.

At present, Courteney Cox’s net worth is roughly $120 million. This amount puts her at par with names like Charlize Theron and Luke Bryan. Her net worth is mostly attributed to her work in the entertainment industry doing sitcoms, Hollywood films, and TV dramas.

In this post, we look closer at Couretney Cox’s road to success as an actress, taking note of her background, projects, career, relationships, stats, net worth – pretty much every juicy detail you need to know about her life.


Courteney was born in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, on June 15, 1964. One can thus say that at age 55, she is at the prime of her career. The actress was the youngest of four children of Courteney and Richard Lewis Cox. Her parents split up when she was roughly 10 years old.

Courteney lived with her mother who remarried a man named Hunter Copeland. She has two older sisters and one older brother, named Virginia, Dottie, and Richard Jr. respectively.

Her Career Journey

Before her acting career, Courteney Cox studied Architecture at Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C., which she later set aside to pursue her true passion: modelling. She was signed up by the Ford modelling agency in New York, and this logically brought her closer to film and television. While modelling, she took classes in acting.

Courtney Cox In Set
Courteney Cox In Set

Courteney’s filmography debut came in 1984 in the movie, Down Twisted in which she played a short role as Tarah, a waitress. She seized one opportunity another and eventually started getting more challenging roles in different genres.

Movies & TV Shows

Courteney Cox is most popular for her roles as Gale Weathers in the 1996 slasher film, Scream and as Monica in the sitcom series, Friends. These two most notable roles are at opposite ends of the spectrum thus, showcasing her versatility and acting skills. Her role in Scream distanced her from the good girl stereotype that was usually associated with her owing apparently to her role in Friends. And this invariably paved way to more complex roles for her.

Courteney On Friends & Relationship With Her Co-stars

Courteney Cox has, benefited a lot from her role in Friends and made valuable memories, connections, and relationships from it. Despite the fact it is close to two decades since the show ended, Courteney Cox has maintained a tight-knit friendship with her fellow co-stars. They still respect, love and support one another’s endeavours.

Courteney made an appearance at Jennifer Aniston’s 2018 Netflix Movie premiere where they talked about their friendship and growth over the years in a red carpet interview with People TV. In 2019, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, and Jennifer Aniston posed for a picture on Instagram which shows the bunch still manages to meet and catch up every once in a while.

Courteney Cox and her co-stars from Friends still earn from re-runs of the show in the form of royalties. Almost all the cast members are still best known for their roles in the show. The royalties and the constant interest of the general public in the show keep their names relevant up to the present – although according to Courteney, she has a poor recollection of the show.

Courtney Cox and her Friends Co-stars
Courteney Cox and her Friends Co-stars

What Is Courteney Cox’s Net Worth And The Sources Of Her Wealth?

According to various sources, as of 2020, Courteney Cox has a net worth amounting to $120 million, making her second richest among the Friends cast – after Jennifer Aniston. Courteney supposedly made over $6 million while starring in the show as well as bagged numerous brand deals and future projects back then. In fact, in 2013, she was listed 15th on Forbes Highest-Paid TV Actresses list.

With her early beginnings in smaller and humbler roles in TV series and movies, Courteney built up her career using the awards and nominations she got from shows like Friends and this has paid off handsomely. Her wealth is displayed in her beach-side residence in Malibu, decked with its own swimming pool and tennis court, staying true to her interest in swimming and tennis since childhood. Her residence boasts an envied view of the sea within the comfort and privacy of the house’s gates and is priced at an estimated amount of $33 million.

Apart from acting, Courteney is also a producer and director. Part of her wealth was built jointly with her ex-husband, David Arquette. Both set up a production company called Coquette Productions before they separated and they run it till present. She has directed shows like her sitcom, Cougar Town, the drama TalhotBlond,  Just Before I Go, etc


In her pre martial life, Courteney Cox was in relationship with a number of guys like Ian Copeland, actor Micheal Keaton, and Adam Duritz. She settled down with David Arquette in 1999. However, their marriage hit the rocke and they separated in 2010. The finalization of their divorce was in 2013.

In the same year her divorce was finalised, Courteney started dating Johnny McDaid, a band member of Snow Patrol. The couple was engaged in 2014, but they later called off the engagement despite deciding to still remain as a couple. They came up with this decision upon realisation that they did not need a formal ceremony to prove their love for each other.

Family And Kids

Courteney Cox has one child named Coco Arquette, born in 2004 to her ex-husband, David Arquette. At a time, Courteney opened up about her struggles in conceiving her only child. She talked about her condition which makes bearing children difficult and this she discovered far back during the Friends runs. She said she tried invitro fertilization, heparin shots, and anything available to make pregnancy possible. Thankfully, she eventually succeeded in conceiving Coco.

Courteney With Her Daughter, Coco

Despite her separation from her ex-husband, David, and her revelation of suffering postnatal depression six months after Coco was born, she remains to be good friends and business partners with David for the sake of their daughter, and her child is still heavily featured in her social media.

Future Projects

Despite setbacks in the actress’s schedule, Courteney Cox is expected to reunite with her past Friends co-star, Lisa Kudrow, in a new television series. This is not the reunion that fans around the world have been demanding since the show’s culmination back in 2004. They are set to star in a program called Celebrity Escape Room, expected to launch sometime in May, 2020.

Apart from this and the much-anticipated reunion, the actress has been laying low with no sign of upcoming movies within the next two years.

Awards And Recognitions

Throughout her career, Courteney Cox has received a total of 34 nominations including the ones that came from the Golden Globes, American Comedy Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, and Daytime Emmy Awards.

She is also well-decorated with nine wins including her triumphs from the 1995 People’s Choice Awards and the 2010 Women’s Image Network Awards. This puts her at prestige and validates her reputation as one of the highest-paid female actresses in Holywood.

Courtney Cox In Friends
Courteney Cox In Friends

Body Stats

Courteney Cox, at age 55, maintains a great figure with measurements estimated to be 35-24-34 IN (89-61-86 CM)

Height5 FT 5 IN (165 CM)
Weight57 KG (126 POUNDS)
Hair colourBlack
Eyes colourBlue

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