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Crystle Lea Lightning also known as Crystle Lightning was born on February 5, 1981, in Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta in Canada. She is a film actress, musician, DJ, and hip-hop MC of Canadian and American descent. Lightning is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. Georgina Lightning is her mother’s name. She is a film director, actor, and screenwriter from the First Nations community. Cody Lightning, her brother, is also an actor. Crystle, a Hobbema/Enoch Cree performer, began performing at the age of four in Edmonton, Alberta, before moving to Hollywood, California, with her family at the age of nine. 

Net Worth

In the years 2020-2021, her net worth increased dramatically. So, at the age of 40, how much is Crystle Lightning worth? Crystle Lightning makes the most of her money as a successful actress and musician. Crystle Lightning’s net worth is believed to be around $18 million, based on her money, salary, income, and assets.


Crystle Lightning stands at a height of 5ft 2in (157.5 cm). “I’m 5 foot 2 and I had to drive a genuine Humvee and I had to sit on three phone books to drive the thing!” she said in an interview with ThePcPrinciple.


Crystle Lightning is living currently without a partner. Crystle Lightning is not dating anyone as of 2021. Crystle Lightning had at least one past relationship. She has never been married before. Crystle Lightning, like most celebrities, keeps her personal and romantic lives private.  

Career Journey

Crystle Lightning made her acting debut in 1994. She has appeared in a number of films. Her most well-known role is Lori Piestewa in Saving Jessica Lynch. In the 1995 film 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up, she portrayed the starring role of Jo. She has since appeared in a recurring role on the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives, as Chloe in American Pie Presents: Band Camp in 2005, BET’s The Game (2006), and in the film Older Than America (2008). In the film Older Than America, she co-starred alongside Bradley Cooper. Jen, the girlfriend of the game’s protagonist, Tommy, was also voiced by her in the 2006 video game Prey. She won Best Actress in a Drama Series at the 9th Canadian Screen Awards in 2021 for Trickster.

Lightning is also a DJ that specializes in electro house music. Lightning was inspired by DJ Lady Tribe’s mix at a small Los Angeles nightclub and sought a musical apprenticeship with Christi Mills. She later formed a performing group named Ladies of the House with her tutor. They are a regular performer in Los Angeles and across the United States.

LightningCloud won Power 106’s “Who’s Next: Battle for the Best” event in 2013. LightningCloud got a financial award as well as a performance with Kendrick Lamar as the winner. They also had the privilege of representing west coast hip hop in a freestyle fight in Austin, Texas, on March 15, 2013, versus Hot 97’s Brooklyn-based east coast representative, Radamiz. LightningCloud was given the opportunity to work in the studio with Timbaland after winning the MC fight. 

Crystle Lightning, a Canadian actress, is carving her own path in the chaotic world of Hollywood. Crystle is a force to be reckoned with on stage with her partner MC RedCloud and their group LightningCloud, on a television or film set, or in the DJ booth doing her magic. Crystle knew that she will be on the entertainment industry from a very young age. 

When she was four years old, she already had a modelling agent. Crystle began her career by appearing in fashion events, bridal shows, and advertisements. Her mother, who is also an actor and works in the industry, was informed by her acting coach that if she wanted to be successful, she needed to relocate to either New York or Los Angeles. At the time, they were in Canada. She relocated to Los Angeles with all three children. When they moved there, her mother immediately hired an agent for them. Crystle was cast in her debut film, Three Ninjas, four months after they relocated to Los Angeles. For her, simply being in front of the camera and going through the process was fantastic, and she said she had a terrific time. Georgina Lightning was very supportive in her children’s career. She was there for them everytime to give the right advice. 

In the film Three Ninjas Knuckle Up, she had her first paid professional role. At the moment, she was ten years old. It was incredible to see her name on a trailer and have her own dressing room when she was so little. There was no doubt in her mind once she finished the film that this was what she wanted to pursue. For Crystle, having the lead role in that film and the work that went into it was a lot of pleasure. Saving Jessica Lynch was, without a doubt, her most significant work. Because she depicted someone who was real and died while fighting in a war in the United States. She was the same age as the main character. They are both Native Americans, and the protagonist has three children. What’s remarkable about this project is that Crystle’s parts have always had a sex appeal to them, but this was the polar opposite. 

She made an appearance in the film American Pie Presents: Band Camp. The part was written for a Caucasian girl, and when Crystle stepped in for the audition, it had already been booked by someone else. However, they conducted a table read and she didn’t work out, so they called Crystle and she was cast in the role. It was a lot of joy for her to be a part of that endeavour. Many of the folks she worked with on that film are still her friends. Eugene Levy is the guy that appears in all of the American Pie movies and is very hilarious. Crystle had a few scenes with him, and they had to call cut multiple times because his facial expressions are so humorous that she couldn’t help but laugh. Most of her fan base comes from American Pie. She still get a lot of fan mail from Europe because they still play it over there. 

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