Dawood Jaff Net Worth, North Bank, Daughter, Jaff Tribe

Dawood Jaff Net Worth, North Bank, Daughter, Jaff Tribe

Dawood Jaff, Founder of North Bank
Dawood Jaff, Founder of North Bank

Nawzad Dawood Fattah Al-Jaff is the chairman of North Bank Iraq and the leader of the Jaff tribe. He is the son of Dawood Beg Jaff, the most prominent name of the Jaff tribe known as “The Lion of Kurdistan”. He was the leader of the tribe and the largest property owner in Kurdistan as well as a Royal minister in Iran. His efforts were focused on peace, human rights, and independence of Kurdistan.

Dawood Jaff, Founder of North Bank
Dawood Jaff, Founder of North Bank

The Jaff tribe’s net worth is estimated around $265 million in assets due to property. The Jaff family is still the largest property owners with one hundred thousand hectares. Nawzad Dawood Jaff with his brothers started North Bank as a family business in 2004 which has grown to became the largest private bank in the country.

In 1982 the business tycoon married Lilia Laura, a person from Mexican decent whom he met in Los Angeles while he was studying for his Masters while she was studying for a design certificate. The union may seem uncommon but the Jaff tribe members have no marriage restriction with people outside the tribe if the family agrees. Dawood is a Muslim while she is of Catholic faith, however they have been together ever since and are even celebrating grandchildren.

Although there is limited information about all of Dawood’s children, his daughter Hanna is well known for her charity work and human rights activities. Earlier this year, Hanna got engaged to Henry Roper-Curzon, the Baron Teynham. Roper-Curzon is a strong supporter of the family and has huge respect for the Kurdish people and their traditions.

Dawood Jaff with his young daughter, Hanna
Dawood Jaff with his young daughter, Hanna


Dawood Jaff was born in Iraq into a big family where he has four siblings but had to help raise his siblings as he lost his mother at an early age. His father was the leader of the Jaff tribe and member of the Iraqi Parliament.

After the revolution in 1958, his father decided to move to Iran and took the family with him. His family stayed for five years in the city of Kirmanshah where he joined the Jaff clan. After his father’s illness, they had to move to Tehran, the capital city of Iran, so he could get better medical treatment. His father unfortunately died there in 1966.

Upon his father’s death, the eldest son, Sardar Jaff became the new leader. Sardar followed in his father’s footsteps to keep the tribe disciplined, competent and numerous. Sardar died in 2005.

Dawood Jaff with his children
Dawood Jaff with his children

North Bank

The Jaff family is the most powerful and richest family in Iraq. They are very influential in politics, real estate, the financial industry, oil, gas and mineral.

Nawzad Dawood Jaff is the youngest son of Dawood Beg Jaff and he founded the North Bank in Iraq in 2004 with the help of United States Coalition. It has 50 branches in Iraq and the region of Kurdistan. The headquarter of the bank is in the city Sulaimaniya and it has more than 2000 employees. It has a capacity for an international bank, especially since many regional countries have interests with North Bank within the markets of Iraq.

The bank financed the building of the Jaff Towers, a residential luxury tower on a 20,000 square meters area which was finished in 2013. Each tower has 34 floors and cost $50 million to be constructed.

Jaff Towers - Home | Facebook

The elites of the city live in those towers. They have swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, cafeteria, gardens, beauty salons, and boutiques. The apartments in the buildings have luxury interiors as well.

The Jaff Tribe

Jaff tribe is the biggest Kurdish tribe in the Middle East with 4 million people living in the borderlands of Iran and Iraq. They are Kurdish and 95% Sunni. The leaders of the tribe have profound influence on the society. Sixty percent of them live in Iran and 40% in Iraq.

Last century, they moved from nomadic life to urban areas and got educated however the tribe members have a strong bond and maintain their heritage. This includes many cultural events, festivals and also many sports events to maintain the close community. This all happens in Sulaimaniyah city which is the cultural center of the tribe. It is in the same name province in Iraq.

When it comes to heritage, the Sherwana castle is a monument of the Jaff tribe located in Iraq and it is the ancestral home of the Jaff family. It was built by the Kurdish king, Mohamed Pasha and the supreme chief of the tribe, who lived there. It served as the administrative and residential center for the Jaff tribe until 1930. In 2003 a museum was installed in the castle. It was later damaged by heavy rains in 2014 and by an earthquake in 2017. Almost 35% of the castle was damaged so a restoration process was necessary where the project was completed in 2018.

Local Guides Connect - Sherwana Castle in Kalar city at Kurdistan - Local  Guides Connect
Sherwana Castle

The Jaff tribe has many notable members, among which are poets, musicians, archeologists, politicians, and leaders. Their influence in the society as advisors, arbiters and modernizers result in the preservation of their cultural heritage.

Dawood's wife and daughter
Dawood’s wife and daughter

Dawood’s Daughter Hanna Jaff

Hannah was born on 4 November 1986 in San Diego, California, USA, but grew up in Tijuana. She is a descendant of the Jaff tribe from her father’s side and descendant of Bosdet family from her mother’s side. Hannah completed high school in San Diego and continued her education at National University in California where she received Bachelor degree of arts in psychology with minors in political science and criminal justice. She also has certificates from King’s college London, Sorbonne, Columbia University and ITESM from Monterrey in Mexico.

Hannah Jaff is a speaker, philanthropist, author, human rights activist, and a TV personality. She appeared in the Netflix’s TV series “Made in Mexico” in 2018. The series had one season with eight episodes.

Hannah Jaff is well known for her charity work. She founded the Jaff Foundation for education in 2013. It is a non-profit organization and often hosts charity events all over the world. It has more than 7000 volunteers in the major states in Mexico.

Hanna spends her time on supporting the community and often teaches English in the Iraqi refugee camps which is one of the main goals of the foundation – to teach English to immigrants and refugees. She is also an author of a self taught English book for Spanish speakers and has donated over 22,000 books worldwide.

Hannah is very proud of her heritage. In 2013, she organized the first Kurdish festival in Mexico which was also the largest one organized outside Kurdistan, visited by 80,000 people in 4 days.

In 2017, Hanna Jaff started the “We are one campaign”, a clothing line in support of the war victims in the Middle East. With every purchased item, a book was donated to an immigrant or refugee. It is also a world peace movement that uses clothes to raise the awareness of respect, tolerance, and unity.

During her career she has received many awards as recognition of her work, as Ambassador of Peace by United Nations, 100 most powerful women in Mexico in 2019 by Forbes, 10 most admired women in Mexico by Cosmopolitan and others. She has been a speaker for the United Nations, TEDx Talks as well as in 80 Universities all over the country. In 2014, she received an Honorary Doctorate Degree for her humanitarian work by the Claustro Doctoral in Mexico. She ran for the seat in the Mexican Congress in 2018.

Hanna Jaff has been engaged to Henry Roper-Curzon since the beginning of 2020 in Switzerland. He is a British businessman and aristocrat, heir to the title of Baron Teynham. The couple met on a blind date, introduced by a mutual friend. Their wedding was planned in England and Mexico this summer, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hanna Jaff will become the Baroness of Teynham upon their marriage.

Dawood's daughter/activist, Hanna Jaff with her fiancé, Henry
Dawood’s daughter/activist, Hanna Jaff with her fiancé, Henry

Henry is related to the Royal family by his father who is a cousin to Sarah, the Duchess of York. Their plan is to live in London and Hampshire. Hanna Jaff’s net worth is estimated around $50 million while her fiancé’s family net worth is estimated around $100 million.

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