Gary Williams net worth, Golf Channel and wife

Gary Williams is an American sportscaster, reporter, and journalist famous as being Golf Channel’s main host of Morning Drive. Williams has been described the face and voice of Golf Channel until the show was brought to an end in December 2020. 

Gary Williams net worth is estimated at $1.4 million. His earnings are based on his annual salary from his career and T.V. appearances and shows. 

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Early Life

Williams was born in 1967 to Buck Williams and Anne Williams. Buck Williams served as a lieutenant in the U.S. coast in late 1950 in Hawaii where he served his country and played golf for fun. Buck Williams played college baseball at the University of Florida.  Though he left the game to become an executive yet he still maintained his love for golf. He introduced his son Gary Williams to golf at the age of 4 and by the time the young family moved to New Jersey, Buck included Gary in his friend’s tours. Williams played at Ridgewood CC and Pebble Beach with his dad’s friends. Also, Williams’ mum has a hand in his choice of career as golf reporter and analyst. Anne Williams is literature-minded and introduced him to literature and books, she mandated Williams to read a minimum of a book per week. In Williams’ words, he stated that the best thing that happened to him was growing up in a house full of romantics. However, Williams lost his father in 2014.

Gary Williams graduated from Guilford College in Greensboro with a degree in political science. While in college he served as an intern for the incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden who was then a senator.  

Career and golf channel

Upon graduation, Williams left Washington and became an assistant pro at the Governors Club in Chapel Hill, N.C. however, not long after starting out, he found that the professional golf was not for him; he picked a job at the paper industry, an industry where his father has built a career. As side hustle, Williams provided free radio show in Charlotte for the game he loves most–golf. Because of his effectiveness, he received an offer from the radio station to be drafted as a salary staff. He hosted drive-time sports show for the station. Williams spent nine years with the radio station before he joined Sirius/XM’s Mad Dog radio. During this period, he led the hosting of PGA TOUR Network. Williams can be credited to a lot of On-Air appearances and shows such as hosting of ESPN play-by-play and appearance on Carolina Panthers television network. 

It was at SiriusXM radio station that he got his breakthrough and hired by Golf Channel to start and co-host the Morning Drive Show in 2011. Williams loves T.V. and golf which is why he revels in career as golf journalist. At his position on Golf Channel he co-hosted the Morning Drive with Robert Damron and Lauren Thompson. During this period, Williams was a frequent host of Golf Channel Academy where he had the opportunity to interview most successful golf figures and sports personality on the network’s one-on-one instruction show. 

Gary Williams’ career golf broadcasting compares with Bud Collins career in tennis who was neither a former player nor instructor but brings expert analysis and broadcasting of the games they love. Only Garry Williams has achieved this in golf after Jim Nantz and Henry Longhurst. However, after nine of amazing shows, William’s relationship with the Golf Channel ended in December 2020. The network announced earlier in 2020 of making changes to the network which including relocating from Orlando offices into NBC Sports studios. In farewell statement, Williams stated “I have been a fan of since Mr. Palmer lit the lamp in 1995. I was, am, and will always be exceedingly grateful to have been a part of the team, those, pointed north, do what you do with pride. I’ll wear my GC letterman jacket proudly.” The network has replaced the Morning Drive program with a new live daily show, “Golf Today” which has Shane Bacon, Damon Hack, Anna Whiteley and Jimmy Roberts as co-hosts. We have heard nothing about William’s next position since his career ended at Golf Channel. 

Gary Williams’ wife

Gary Williams married Julie, who he announced to his father during a golf course six months after he met her. Williams and his family lives in Winter Park and he is a member of the advisory board for Ian Poulter charity for Neumors Children’s Hospital. 

Gary Williams’ net worth 

Gary Williams net worth is estimated at $1.4 million. His earnings are based on his annual salary from his career and T.V. appearances and shows.

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