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Gina Kirschenheiter is an American television personality best known for appearing on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Gina was born on March 11, 1984 in Long Island, New York. Unfortunately, very little information is known about her private life, so we have no information that who her parents are. What we know is that, she graduated from Hofstra University where she majored in psychology.

Even though, she was interested in studying psychology, nothing really ever came of it as a career. In an interview with Newsday, she told “I went to college, since that’s what you do, and I liked psychology. But not enough to pull the trigger on it”. So, she became a flight attendant for North American airlines because she wanted to travel after college. She also worked as an executive assistant on the Upper East side.

Gina wanted to return to pursue master’s degree in health administration at the same University but, after she became pregnant with her first child, she decided to focus on her motherhood.

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Gina was previously married to Matthew Kirschenheiter. Together they have three children named Luca, Sienna and Nicholas. However, their relationship had been on a downward slope after Matthew’s tireless commute into the city for work. Gina split from her husband while filming for the 13th season of The Reality Housewives of Orange County.

In an statement to US Magazine, the couple said: “After careful consideration and deep thought, we have decided to end our legal marriage. With that said, we will never end our friendship and will forever remain family, We are dedicated to raising our children together in a happy, healthy loving environment. We will be navigating this difficult process with respect and grace for one another. We kindly ask for others to treat us with this same respect and grace at we move through this family adjustment.

With that divorce, Gina asked for sole physical custody and joint legal custody of their three children Nicholas, Sineena and Luca.

Although the pair started spending more amazing time together after relocating to Orange County, they still had some bad moments. She said: “It’s been really difficult. It’s not easy. It affected our relationship. And we’re trying to navigate through it, but I’m not going to say it’s been peaches and cream all the time.”

Gina Kirschenheiter Net Worth: $500,000

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