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Actress Hannah Simone
Actress Hannah Simone

Hannah Simone is a Canadian actress and former model. She is best known as Cece in the American TV series New Girl that aired for 7 seasons from 2011 to 2018.

Simone speaking on her experiences in the 'New Girl' series
Simone speaking on her experiences in the ‘New Girl’ series

As of 2020 Hannah Simone’s net worth is estimated around $3 million. Her husband who is a musician, actor, and photographer, has an estimated net worth of about $1 million. Sure you wouldn’t want to miss the juicy details of this beautiful actress. Read on to learn all about her.

Early Life And Education

Hannah Simone was born on 3 August 1980 in London, United Kingdom. Her father is Indian and her mother is half Greek and half German-Italian, though born in England. Hannah has a brother, Zack Simone. They were raised in Calgary, Canada in her early childhood, but later moved very often. Thus, Simone spent her childhood in three continents and attended different schools. She has lived in Cyprus, where she worked as a model at the age of 13. Three years later, she was living in New Delhi, India. In every school she attended, Simone did theatre and went on auditions for plays.


At 17, she moved back to Canada. She attended University of British Columbia in Vancouver and has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science. In 2005, Simone graduated from Ryerson University and got a degree in Radio and Television Production. While she lived in Cyprus, Simone got interested in politics because of the situation there. Actually, she lived on the Greek side of the island and couldn’t go on the Turkish side where her grandfather had a house.

Upon graduation, Hannah Simone’s first job was related to her first degree in international relations and political science. She was hired to do a research for a book on children’s and women’s rights by the former Canadian foreign affairs minister, Lloyd Axworthy. Afterwards, she got a job as Human rights and refugees officer in London.

Simone speaking on her acting career
Simone speaking on her acting career


Simone started her career as a show host and later, she worked at the Canadian MuchMore Channel as an announcer of music videos and live performances. She was also a news presenter for “Much News Weekly”, as well as TV host of the show, “The new music”, a weekly news magazine.

In 2008 Simone moved to Los Angeles, California. Her first experience in USA was hosting Reality TV series “WCG Ultimate Gamer” before she became a cast in the New Girl series in 2011. During the seasons of the show, Simone appeared in two music videos. In 2014 she played the main character for the song “Angel in blue jeans”, by the American rock band Train. Two years later she was part of the video for The Rocket Summer project of the multi-instrumentalist, Bruce Avary.

Simone has experience in commercials too. In 2013 she was part of the Gillete’s campaign “What women want” together with Genesis Rodriguez and Kate Upton. Although Hannah Simone has more appearance in TV series in her career so far, she has featured in a number of movies also. She played alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action comedy movie Killing Gunther from 2017. The same year she was a cast of the movie Band Aid, which was produced by all female crew.

Earlier this year, Simone voiced over the Pinky character in Mira, royal detective, an animation TV series. She also did the voice over of the character, Simone, the snake in the animated Loaf series which had its premiere this month.

New Girl

This was Hannah Simone’s first major experience in TV shows. The series was created by Elizabeth Meriwether, and were a combination of drama and comedy. It aired for seven seasons, the last episode on May 2018. The main character of the show was Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel. She and Simone are not only best friends in the series, but in real life as well. When Simone was pregnant with her child, Deschanel was giving her some motherhood tips, especially because she gave birth to her second child months before Simone’s first.

Hannah Simone as CeCe in 'New Girl'
Hannah Simone as CeCe in ‘New Girl’

New Girl had a lot of nominations among which were five Primetime Emmy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards nominations. In 2012 Hannah Simone won the Teen Choice award for a female TV Breakout star. She appeared in all of the 146 episodes of the New Girl show.

The cast members of New Girl have remained friends since after the show. Simone appeares as guest star in the upcoming animated comedy TV series Hoops, where Jake Johnson, her New Girl co-star, has the leading role. When the show was over, Simone pointed out that she would miss the people she worked with, because after seven years of filming it, they became very important in her real life.

She was very grateful to the creator of the series, Meriwether who gave her a chance as an Indian actress and also, a chance to represent the brown women. Although she has Indian heritage, Simone didn’t know much about the culture before filming the series, so she learned together with the audience and with the help of her English mother who loves India.


Personal Life

Simone dated Jesse Giddings for 4 years before they got married in 2016 in an intimate secret wedding ceremony. However, the news of the married couple broke when the public learned about Simone’s pregnancy a year later. Their son was born in August 2017. They also never confirmed the relationship status, so it’s obvious that the couple wants to keep their personal lives private. Still, Giddings often posts photos of his wife on his Instagram page. She poses for selfies and snapshots to her husband who loves taking photos.

Hannah Simone is passionate about human rights hence, her first job was with the United Nations. In her private time, Simone loves to cook, hoping one day she will publish her first cookbook. As said in an interview, she is obsessed with karaoke, but she doesn’t sing. She just loves to watch amateur singers.

Simone is a good friend with her co-star Zooey Deschanel, who collaborated with the American designer, Tommy Hilfiger, for a collection in 2014. One of the dresses was inspired by Simone. It’s the “Sailor” dress in a watercolor print, which she wore when the campaign started.

When Hannah Simone moved to Los Angeles from Toronto and before becoming famous in USA, she was chased by the paparazzi who thought she was Kim Kardashian after leaving a restaurant. She was confused and didn’t know who Kim was, but a friend later explained to her that she was actually mistaken for one of the Kardashians.

Simone with her hubby, Jesse Giddings
Simone with her hubby, Jesse Giddings

Husband Jesse Giddings

Jesse Giddings is a musician, TV host, producer, artist, and photo-journalist. Giddings has three Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Entertainment News Program in his career. He was born in British Columbia in Canada. After graduating, he moved to California for a while, but moved back in his hometown later to start a career. In Toronto Giddings got a job at MuchMusic, a Canadian channel that airs program directed to teenagers and young adults in 2009. He co-hosted many events among which was MuchMusic Video Awards with Selena Gomez and LMFAO.

Giddings also worked as correspondent on E!News. He is a photographer and his latest assignment was in Europe for International Medical Corps following the Syrian refugee crisis. He also travelled to Kenya, King of Bhutan, India, as well as south of Europe on a motorcycle looking for great food and small villages.

Giddings worked with the producer Gavin Brown on his solo album, but it hasn’t been released yet. He supports the WE Charity movement which is an international development charity. The organization organizes the WE Day events across Canada and they were hosted by Giddings, at least 15 of them in three years.

Hannah Simone Appearance

Simone is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. She has dark brown hair and same color eyes. Simone practices Pilates, loves Bar Method and spin workouts, and these help her to stay fit.

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