Holly Sonders Net Worth, Age, Husband, and Vegas Dave

Holly Sonders
Holly Sonders

 Holly Sonders is an American former golf player, sports reporter, journalist and sportscaster. Sonders is known as the sports industry anchoring diva, being the main host of United States Golf Association (USGA).

Holly Sonders’ net worth is estimated at $7 million. Her annual salary is estimated to be over $2 million. Also, she earns from other show appearances, her social media handles, and accounts. 

Hey, would you like to know about the beautiful sportscaster that has been pulling the strings on different golf channels across America? In this article, I present to you Holly Sonders’ net worth, age, husband, and relationship with Vegas Dave.   

Early Life 

Holly Sonders was born in Marysville, Ohio, USA on March 3, 1987. Sonders parents are Dan Niederkor and Sandy Niederkohr and she has a brother whose identity she kept out of the public. Her father is an optometrist while her mother is a former golf champion whose career proved helpful in making Sonders go into golf and later turned a journalist. Sonders grew up in Marysville. She attended Marysville High School and Maryville Excessive College. She moved on to enrol at Michigan State University where she obtained a B.A. degree in Journalism in 2009. Sonders actively took part in collegiate sports as a golfer, baseball player and basketball player. Sonders failed to pursue professional sports after undergoing knee surgery at 20. To this end, she followed her passion in another dimension by becoming a sports journalist. However, Sonders won some medals and honour at her young age. She won American Junior Golf Association in 2001, then UCT National Championship in 2006. While at the Michigan State University, Sonders led the school team to win the Big Ten Championship. 

Remarkably, Sonders is a typical example of beauty with brain. With her excellent academic record, she pursued her journalism career right from her graduation. Her transition from playing to journalism shows her motivation for success inspired by her mother. With little experience, she started out as an apprentice at WBNS-10TV, and then moved on to the Big Ten Network as a reporting member. Her role at Big Ten Network added to her field experience, which she had gained earlier at KATV as area reporter reporting homicides and tornados. 

Sonders and NBC Golf Channel

Sonders career progressed in 2011 when she got accepted at NBC’s Golf Channel. It was a blessing in disguise as Sonders got the opportunity to report and present the game she was in love with and could not pursue to a professional level. Sonders became the host of different NBC’s Golf Channel programs such as “Playing Lessons with the Pros”, “School of Golf” and “Morning Drive”. During this period, she got access to interviewing and meeting many golf celebrities and Sonders also met and fell in love with her first husband Erik Kuselias who was her co-host. Through this, she gained more experience from as journalist and by 2013, she featured on the cover of Golf Digest Magazine. Golf.com has named her thrice as one of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf in.

Soon, Sonders’ success at Golf Channel elevated her as one of best sportscasters, and she was invited to join FOX news in 2014 which made her leave her coveted position at NBC’s Golf Channel. 

Following her appointment, in 2015, Sonders was selected to cover Men’s US Open after Fox News the broadcasting rights for USGA’s golf championship. Sonders also covered the Women’s US Open in 2015. However, she was criticised for the question she posed to the Men’s Open Champion Jordan Spieth which she explained she used to lighten their mood. During this period, Sonders made a cameo appearance as herself “Holly” in one episode of New Girl (2015). Sonders service promoted her to assume the position of studio host for US Open in 2016. Also, she became a side-line NPL reporter at Fox News. 

At that point, Sonders became top rated sportscaster, and she grew her social media influence with her stunning pictures and fitness updates. She excelled in her position and Fox News extended her contract in 2018. Since that time, Sonders has appeared in several Fox News daily shows as co-host such as “Undisputed” and “Herd”. 

Holly Sonders stands at 5 feet 8 inches and has an athletic built which maintains jealously. To keep her body, she goes through series of rigorous workouts by working with fitness trainer Karen Palacios-Jansen. In May, 2020, Sonders launched “TeamUp Fitness” her fitness app to assist young women that will like to keep fit and maintain their gorgeous shape. Despite Sonders’ awesomeness before the camera, in 2018 during FS1 U.S. Open she had an unforgettable tongue slip as live host pronouncing “sectional qualifying” as “sexual qualifying”. Only God knows what was going on in the mind Holly Sonders but thanks to her co-hosts who pretended not to hear her while she laughed it off with great composure. 

 Holly Sonders’ husbands and Vegas Dave 

Sonders met her first husband Erik Kuselias at NBC’s Golf Channel who co-hosted the “Morning Drive”. They started dating in 2011 but made it public in 2012, and subsequently got married the same year. Kuselias infamous flirting history spoiled the relationship as Sonders discovered Kuselias was married with three kids when he engaged her and got married. Sonders filed for divorce in 2016, bringing an end to the marriage. 

In January 2019, following Sonders congratulatory video to Kliff Kingsbury on his appointment as the head coach of NFL Arizona Cardinals subtly announced that the pair had been dating. They met long when Sonders was a side-line reporter with Big 12 Games. However, the relationship did not last up to a year. Sonders began dating Dave Oanceas known as Vegas Dave in December 2019. Following the COVID-19 pandemic breakout they were both quarantined in Mexico and spent much of 2020 together and with images shared on their social media handles revealing that they were engaged. However, Vegas returned and moved back to his parents, his reasons being that he wanted to concentrate on his work and remain the best in what he does. Vegas statement reveals the pair might have separated because of differences in ideology and style of life. 

  Holly Sonders’ Net worth 

Holly Sonders’ net worth is estimated at $7 million. Her annual salary is estimated to be over $2 million. Also, she earns from other show appearances, her social media handles, and accounts.            

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