How to adopt the lifestyle of a celebrity and live happily 

In every corner of the world, music concerts are attracting a disproportionate number of people, huge masses of fans who pulverise the available tickets in a matter of minutes, leaving all other fans high and dry. This singular phenomenon can be partly explained by music, by the new entertainment genres that have developed during the pandemic, and partly by the modern evolution of people’s individual tastes, which has pushed them – with a surprisingly impetuous force – towards the search for and experimentation with new passions. But the main reason that drives people to attend these events en masse, without fear of spending hours and hours standing in the sun waiting for the band to start playing, is a very strong desire for freedom, an insatiable urge to savour once again all the pleasures and opportunities offered by mundane existence, which they no longer wish to give up. 


The shockwave of fun 

This craving for fun is infecting everyone, driving even the most timid to throw their hearts over the hurdle and indulge in even the most unthinkable, extreme amusements, capable of generating strong, unforgettable emotions. In a historical conjuncture of this kind, the most intelligent people could exploit these collective feelings to make significant improvements to their own existence, employing this sort of emotional shockwave – produced almost automatically by Covid-19 and all its most nefarious consequences – to shake up their lives, to achieve their personal goals, or even simply to obtain those results they had been unable to approach. Indeed, this explosion of fun has a considerable force, capable of involving a large number of people, and the clever ones can certainly use it to their advantage, skilfully and quietly, without being conspicuous. 


A state of mind 

Who among us has not dreamed, at least once, of living like a real celebrity that we see everyday on our favourite Netflix shows? Evenings of pure fun, disco parties, aperitifs, dinners in lavish restaurants and shopping sprees, even in the most luxurious shops in town. In the collective imagination, the celebrity drives around in expensive cars, is perpetually surrounded by a crowd of admirers, wears an expensive Rolex on his wrist, and every time he enters a club or a shop, people go into raptures, rushing up to the VIP on duty to try to talk to him, or to ask for an autograph. These scenes have fired the imagination of millions of people in every corner of the world, who not only long for close contact with their idol, but have always wanted to imitate their idol’s lifestyle, having fun daydreaming and imagining themselves creatively in the shoes of their favourite celebrity. Many think that such a lifestyle is the prerogative of superstars, and is therefore totally precluded to those who do not belong to certain privileged circles. In reality, wealth and notoriety, as well as glitz, vanity and sheer ostentation, are mental conditions attainable by anyone, at any time. 


If your dream is to live like a celebrity, you just have to start doing it for real. Get out of the house and head with your friends to an exclusive club – even better if it is a place usually frequented by VIPs – and start behaving like a real star, without fear of spending large amounts of money in a single evening. Celebrities don’t worry about the amount of money they spend every day, so to be like them you don’t have to worry about it either. Give yourself an evening without any limits and analyse your feelings, your emotions, taking careful notes of them and picking up these notes at a later date to study them with a cool head. If these feelings come close to your ideal state, it means that you have finally realised your dream.

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Setting limits for yourself is never a good idea, especially when you are chasing your dream. To get closer to your goal, you simply have to start living the way you want, without any fear. Your ultimate goal is right there, within reach.

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