James Strawbridge Chef, Age, Family, Wife

James Strawbridge family age chef
James Strawbridge family age chef

James Strawbridge was born in 1984 and he is 35 years old. He is a man of many hats. James is known for being a celebrity chef, environmentalist, conservationist, author, and even entrepreneur. He did graduate from York University with a first-class honors degree in environmental history.

 From a young age, he has had passion for the planet which has seen him engaging in various projects. One of the things he did was to conduct environmental projects with the locals. He even featured in a series known as Not Easy Being Green. Plus the series also featured father Dick Strawbridge which shows the passion that the family has for the planet.


His parents are Dick Strawbridge and Brigit Strawbridge. They got married in 1982 and had two kids James and the sister Charlotte Strawbridge. However, the parents separated in 2010 and Dick remarried Angel Strawbridge in 2015. At this point, the kids had grown up to be responsible and hard-working careers. 

Charlotte is a professional photographer based in the United Kingdom. She is also a singer and writer who has a way to play with words and make them have a whole different means. Reading one of her works will open your eyes to this magical art.

James Strawbridge family age chef
James Strawbridge family age chef

 James married Holly Strawbridge and have three children. The kids have been kept away from the public eyes. What we know is that he lives with the family in Cornwall.   James works very hard to provide for his family. He loves his family and always finds time to spend with then despite the busy schedule.    


James began his career on the screen when he first featured in the series Not Easy Being Green.  Having his dad on the same show paved way for him to enter the film industry. The film helped to showcase the passion and knowledge he had for the environment.  James is so passionate about the environment.

When he gets a chance to educate one he takes it without even thinking twice or looking back. He is inspiring many people across the world on the importance of taking care of the environment.

This saw him influencing the community to take care of the environment. He has helped various people across the United Kingdom through macro and micro-projects that focus on ecology and environmental conservation.

His passion for the environment continued to burn deep within him. In 2007 he worked on a movie which was a charity education program. The Film was known as WasteBusters. The main objective of the film was to encourage and educate the children about environmental issues and waste.

Apart from the movie he continued with the passion for nature off the screen. He has had various eco-projects on the Island of Fiji and always makes time to check the project and how its progressing. 

James and his father also took part in the film The Hungry Sailors. The show was broadcasted in ITV1 and hard a very interesting storyline. It talked about farmers, fishermen, and people along the Britain coastline.

This was taking place while the duo were going round the country cooking and trying different local food. The film also shows his passion for cooking and even he became a chef of the screen and those who have tasted his food lack words to explain the taste. This is his latest show that is you must watch.  The storyline will capture your thoughts and emotions as well.   

Business and other works

He is a talented person that you will find intriguing. Behind the cameras, he has a different life as well. He has written a book called Practical Self Sufficiency. The book acts as a guide to sustainable living. He has also written the novel with Dick his father as the co-writer. It touches on how one can live in the consumerism era comfortable and still be able to have almost or no waste.

On the other hand, he is an eco-consultant for a major tourist attraction in Cornwall. The site is known as Lost Gardens of Heligan. He has also co-written a book known as Made at Home which talks about the traditional skills, artisan crafts, and even food preservation. Now this is a book that we find very interesting and recommend you should read it.

 In 2013 he founded a Post Pasty Company with the help of his lovely wife Holly. He did cooking demonstrations, catering events and attended street events among other functions. He is an executive chef at Cornish Bar and Grill. The restaurant is located in Fowey Cornwall.

James together and his family member run a Newhouse Farm commune. This is a website that showcases the famous series Not Easy Being Green. Once at the site you will be able to learn the various eco-projects that the family has. These include projects such as solar panel, compost loo, permaculture plot, rump pumps, and wind turbines among other.  

The website also runs online courses that will educate you through their experiences and offer eco advice. It covers various aspects that affect your daily life. James is now busy with coming up with recipes for smoked food manual. It is his latest project that he is working on to make it available in amazon.


James has numerous interests in his life, here are some of these items:

  • When he wants to relax he loves to row his boat
  • He has collected various sharp tools that he used in the kitchen before
  • He also likes to film or crimping pasties when not cooking   
  • James prefers to cook outdoors.                      

Net worth

 To estimate James net worth is hard. There are various factors that will affect the income of an individual. However we are still researching about his net value.

Once we have completed an extensive research about his business and other avenues on income we will update it immediately. On the other hand, he is still considered one of the successful chefs in the country.    


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