Janine Allis Net Worth, Bio, Career

Janine Allis Net Worth Boost Juice Retail Zoo
Janine Allis Net Worth Boost Juice Retail Zoo

Janine Allis is an Australian Businesswoman and TV personality who was born on 25th November 1965 in Melbourne Victoria. Janine studied at Knox Technical School until she was 11 years old. However, when Allis was 16 years old she left her studies and opted to look for work.

The 53-year-old entrepreneur is estimated to be worth $70m. Janine Allis husband is Jeff Allis. They have four children named Riley, Samuel, Oliver and her daughter Tahlia Allis. She loves spending time with her family which you see on her Instagram post. You can visit her handle @janine_allis to see pictures and post of her and the family on a vacation spending time together. We can confess without  any doubt that they are a happy family.

However, there is no information about her parents or siblings. Janine has kept this part of her life private and away from the cameras.   She is the founder of Boost Juice and also a part-owner of Retail Zoo.

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Janine Allis started to work when she was the age of 17 as a media assistant. She worked at an advertising agency known as McCann-Erickson. Allis later joined the modeling and even become a gym manager.

However, Allis did not start her firm when she was a teenager. This is because she was busy being a mom and working for other firms.  Janine worked as a promotions executive in Portugal, nanny in France and even camp counselor in the USA. That was not all she later took up jobs as stewardess on David Bowie’s yacht, become a senior manager for the Singapore cinema chain.

Janine Allis Net Worth Boost Juice Retail Zoo
Janine Allis Net Worth Boost Juice Retail Zoo

Allis was looking to start her own business once she left her job and at the same time, Jeff was a thing of a business idea. At the time Jeff was working as a program director for a company known as Austereo.  In 1999, Allis and her husband came up with the idea of advancing the retailing business.

Later in 2000, the Juice Company was established in Adelaide South Australia. She was still working at her job when the firm was formed. However, as time went by she found herself spending more time on the business than her work. This is because of the passion she had and wanted to see the business growing.

Allis was working for 80 hours in a week when the company was initiated. Her efforts and determination did not go in vain. She opened the first juice bar in Prahran Chapel Street and the other two branches the same year of its establishment.

Competition was still something she was struggling to wave off when the firm was coming up. Nonetheless, in 2004 the business continued to grow despite the competition. She was able to open more than 150 shops in Australia.

She and the husband had to think about taking the company overseas after penetrating the local market. This saw the firm emerging as one of the best companies in the world afterwards.    The firm has even opened branches across 13 different countries and has over 600 stores worldwide.

The company is estimated to be selling over 2 million juices every month. This means the business is doing great and has an increased profit margin. Allis is a director of Michael Hill Jeweler and also a director in Retail Zoo. She has documented her journey in the famous book The accidental entrepreneur: the juicy bits. This shows how they struggled and managed to build the business from scratch.

She was featured as a shark in the famous reality Tv series Shark Tank. In 2019 Allis was in another reality Tv series known as Australian Survivor. She was in the series until the sixth season and got eliminated in day 44. Janine finished in sixth place.


In her career and profession, she has won various awards. In 2004 she was awarded Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year. Later in 2010, she was awarded the Franchise Council of Australia International Franchise Award.

The awards continued to roll in and in 2012 she won an Australian Export Heroes award. There was also the Style and Audi Women of Style Awards. This was a business award that she got in 2015.

In the same years, she got The Australia Awards for Excellence in Women’s Leadership. 2015 seemed to be her year and the next award she got was the Franchise Hall of Fame Inductee-MYOB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards.    


Allies is also an author and has written various books that are on the bookshelves. The books are

  • Boost Your Life: My Recipes for Success in Life and Work (2005)
  • The Secrets of My Success: The Story of Boost Juice, Juicy Bits and All (2013)
  • The Juicy Bits: The Secrets of My Success (2014)
  • The Accidental Entrepreneur The Juicy Bits (2016)

 Net worth

Allis’s net worth is estimated to be more than USD 70 million. She has four businesses that are under her name. This includes the famous Retail Zoo which has markets both locally and oversees. The Retail firm is estimated to roll in revenues that amount to over $2 billion.

There was a time when Barn Capital bought into the firm and Janine saw an opportunity and took it. She liquidated the company which gave her a lot of cash in the process. However, she and the husband still own a huge part of the shares in the same firm.

The company is still growing and it is approximated to make more revenues as time goes. This is an indication that her net worth is bound to increase over time.

Latterly she has also invested in the famous Tv show Shark tank. Allis being an investor in the show has worked to her advantage. This is because it has helped to build her brand and even market it to the world. This is a step that is likely to increase her sales in the firms and have a revenue increase. In the next few years, she will become a member of the billionaire’s club.     

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