Janine Allis Net Worth

Janine Allis Net Worth


Janine Allis, is an Australian entrepreneur, who is the founder of the multi-million dollar brand Boost Juice and the Executive Director of Retail Zoo. She has gained fame as an investor in the hit reality television show called Shark Tank. Showing her journey, she has even written a book called The Accidental Entrepreneur-The Juicy Bits.

Early Life

She studied at a school named Knox Technical School until she was 11. She continued her studies until she was 16 years old but later left her studies. After she turned 17, she started to work as a media at advertising agency McCann-Erickson. She tried her luck in different types of jobs including working as a model as well as working as an assistant gym manager. She was gaining a lot of practical experiences in the real world.

Her work was not limited to one place either as she worked in a variety of roles in France, Portugal, and in the US as a camp councilor. She is a true explorer and doer who later got to work in David Bowie’s yacht as a stewardess. This was not it, she continued her hustle and the desire to have new experiences later working as a publicist for United International Pictures, a publisher, an author, and a touring agent for USA comedians. Reflecting on her phase of intense learning, she recalls it to have developed a strong foundation for her life both as an Entrepreneur and a mom.


She did not start Boost Juice when she was a teenager, she was a busy mom working for such a reputed company like United International Pictures. What she wanted to do was start a side business when she was off from her work.

Her husband, Jeff Allis was a program director for a company called Austereo at that time. They spent some time thinking about a probable business and noticed that there wasn’t a specific place where people could grab a healthy drink like a smoothie.

This was when Boost Juice was formed. She was still working at her job at first but eventually found herself working full time on Boost Juice going upwards of 80 hours of work every week mentioning that there was no such thing as Work-Life Balance for her.

Allis opened the first juice bar in Prahran’s Chapel Street, opening two more bars that same year. Within the first year of business, she started facing a lot of competition and created a strategy to franchise the business and expand it as much as possible within a short span of time to fight competitors. Allis mentions how this was a crucial moment for the business. By 2004, the business had grown immensely with more than 150 shops in Australia alone.

In the latter years, the focus of the company started to shift to overseas markets as well. The brand has now made it in more than 11 countries thanks to the work the company has done on building strategic partnerships. She says that from Day 1, her focus has been on excellent customer service. Boost Juice is also known for some of its marketing stunts which have garnered a lot of attention among Entrepreneurs in Australia.

Janine Allis Net Worth

As of 2018, Jannine Allis net worth is estimated to be more than $70 million. Bain Capital bought into the company through which Allis had the opportunity to liquidate the company giving her cash in the process. Allis and her husband today still own a large stake in the fortune which is still experiencing growth.

She has now become one of the investors in the popular reality show called “Shark Tank” which has helped her establish a personal brand among the public, directly helping her get her brand out there among people.

She now has four businesses including Boost Juice inside a holding company called Retail Zoo, that oversees these businesses. Since its inception, Retail Zoo has managed to generate revenues crossing $2 billion which is a very big milestone.

Personal Life

It is phenomenal that Allis has managed to take her businesses to such great heights even though she has multiple children that need to be given time. She has even documented her journey in the book called The accidental entrepreneur: the juicy bits.

In her journey, she mentions that she has faced a lot of challenges and has done a lot of mistakes in the process as well. She once even got scammed in a way by a accounting firm who charged her $100,000 for their services and left without any improvements in the business. To maintain a stress-free lifestyle, Allis loves doing yoga and does it for 5 days every week.


Full Name: Janine Allis

Nick Name: Janine

Profession: Businesswomen

Date of Birth: 1965

Age: 53 years

Born Place: Melbourne, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Husband: Jeff Allis

Children: Oliver Allis, Samuel Allis, Tahlia Allis and Riley Allis

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Net Worth: more than $70 million

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