Jennifer Lawrence Net worth, age, husband and house

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actress famous for her role as Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone. At the age of 22, she became the second-youngest winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress for Romance film Silver Linings Playbook (2012).

Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth is estimated at $160million. Her earnings are from her works on films and television show appearances. Jennifer Lawrence’s films have engrossed over $6billion worldwide to date, which places her among the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

This article will walk you through the background, net worth, height, husband of the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence, who has identified herself as a feminist.

Early Life

ennifer Lawrence was born Jennifer Shrader Lawrence. She was born on 15th August 1990 in Northeast of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Jennifer Lawrence’s parents are Gary, and Karen is a summer camp manager. Lawrence has two older brothers, Ben and Blaine, who were raised alongside Jennifer in Louisville. Blaine is the owner and director of Camp Hi – Ho. Being raised with two older brothers without particular preference gave her the ‘tomboy’ attitude and strength, making her tough off and on the screen. Such upbringing prepared her for the roles she was to take up in the movie roles in her acting career.

Lawrence attended Kammerer Middle School in Louisville. Though she was hyperactive to fit in with her peers, she participated in school sporting activities such as cheerleading, softball, field hockey, and basketball. She injured her tailbone while enjoying horseback riding. Her acting attempts started in church plays and musicals and playing clown for her dad as early as nine. While on a family vacation in New York, Lawrence was spotted by agents who arranged an audition for her. Though she emerged the best in the audition, her mum told her that the agents encouraged her because she didn’t do well at the audition. Karen’s ambition was to discourage her daughter from pursuing an acting ambition because she wanted her to go into modeling. However, her mother’s words didn’t deter Lawrence’s ambition as she signed on with the CESD talent agency and auditioned for roles in Los Angeles. 

This corresponded with their family moves to Los Angeles, which prompted Lawrence to declare herself as “self-educated” and dropped out of school at 14 to pursue her acting career. This means that Lawrence didn’t obtain any diploma or GED and served as an assistant nurse at her mother’s camp while fully pursuing her acting ambitions.

Acting Career

Lawrence’s first acting role was never aired or sold, which was in 2006. However, she played guest roles in several television shows between 2006 – 2007 in Monk, Medium, and The Bill Engvall Show. She played Lauren, the rebellious teenager of a family living in Louisville, Colorado. The role earned Lawrence her first film award as a Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Performer in a TV series in 2009. The New York daily News wrote about Lawrence’s interpretation of the role as “delivering the perpetual exasperation of teenage girls.” By 2008, she debuted in the film featuring Jason Freeland Garden party as Tiff. The same year, she featured in The Burning Plain and a music video before taking up the role of Agnes in The Poker House in 2009.

What was termed as Lawrence’s breakthrough came in 2010 for her portrayal of Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone. Ree Dolly is a poor teenager living in the Ozark Mountains, taking care of her mentally challenged mother and younger siblings while searching for her missing father. Lawrence’s interpretation of the role was magnificent. Peter Travers, an American film critic, wrote that ‘her performance is more than acting; it’s a gathering storm. Lawrence’s eyes are a roadmap to what’s tearing Ree apart.” She earned her first nomination for Academy Award for Best Actress becoming the second youngest person in the category at the time.

Lawrence: X-Men series and Hunger games trilogy.

In 2011, Lawrence featured in Matthew Vaughn’s superhero film X-Men: First Class as mutant Mystique whose ability is to shapelifting. To play this role, Lawrence lost weight and practiced yoga, and the film turned out to be her highest-ever grossing film as that time garnering $350 million. Lawrence accepted the role of Katnise Everdeen in The Hunger Games hesitantly because of the challenges associated with the part. She practices archery, rock and tree climbing, and hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Luckily, the film was a success as it grossed over $690 million worldwide, making her the highest-grossing action heroine of all time. Her magnificent portrayal of the role made The Hunger Game the top-grossing film featuring a female lead and installed Lawrence as a global star in 2012. Later the same year, she featured in Silver Linings Playbook as Tiffany Maxwell alongside another fast-rising American super actor Bradley Cooper. The film received good critical acclaim, and she won the Golden Globe and Academy Award for the Best Actress for her performance.

Jennifer Lawrence

The following year, she reprised her role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which remains her highest-grossing release at $850 million. Now, an established actress, she played  Serena Pemberton in Serena, again alongside Bradley Cooper in 2014 before reprising her role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Also, she reprised her role in The Hunger Game Series  Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2 (2015). Next, she worked with Russell in the film ‘Joy,’ having worked with him in American Hustle (2013). Joy was based on a true account of a single mom who luckily invents the Miracle Mop, thereby becoming a successful businesswoman. For her performance, she won a third Golden Globe Award. She was nominated for the fourth time for Academy Award for Best Actress and become the youngest person to have received four Oscar nominations. Since then, she reprised her role as Mystique in X-Men: Apocalypse, featured in Passengers 2016, Mother 2017, Red Sparrow 2017, and again as Mystique in the final and Seventh X-Men film series in 2019.

Jennifer Lawrence Partners and Husband       

Jennifer Lawrence is married to Cooke Maroney, an art gallery director. They started dating in 2018, and they got engaged in February 2019. The marriage took place in Rhode Island in October 2019. Before then, Lawrence had dated her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult from 2010 – 2014. After their split, she dated movie director Darren Aronofsky in 2016. In 2020, Lawrence paid a huge sum of $23 million for an apartment in New York City’s West Village. The apartment is 5,000 square foot. She also has another apartment in Tribeea NYC which she reportedly rents for $25 – $30, 000 per month.

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