Jerry Springer Net Worth

Jerry Springer Net Worth


Gerald Norman Springer, who is better known as Jerry Springer, is an American television presenter, politician, and actor. He is best known for being the host of the show called Jerry Springer which originally started in 1991. The show has helped to establish Jerry Springer as a household name when it comes to watching a tabloid talk show.

Early Life

Springer was born on February 13, 1944  in London Underground, United Kingdom. This was during the time of the second World War. He would eventually grow up in a place called Chandos Road which is located in East Finchley. Springer comes from humble beginnings with his parents being Jewish refugees who had escaped Germany because of the war.

About 5 years after his birth, Springer and his family emigrated to the United States of America where they would settle down in New York. From a young age, Springer liked politics with John F. Kennedy being one of his role models. He would later go on to earn a B.A. degree from Tulane University where his focus was on political science.

Springer had an eye set on a political career and with this in mind, he went on to earn a J.D. degree by 1968.


Jerry Springer After finishing his studies, Springer started working in a law firm that he started on a partnership along with two of his colleagues. This law firm would be named as Grinker, Sudman, & Springer. This was actually a very successful law firm that provided many legal services for around 12 years. In 1970, Springer decided to go up against Donald D. Clancy for Congress but would fail to secure the winning votes. For the entire decade, Springer had dedicated a lot of his time towards politics.

His career has shifted to journalism. However, politics is still one of the main topic that he tends to cover about. One of his earliest roles in this new field was as a commentator for “The Springer Memorandum”.

His big breakthrough would come in 1991 when the show Jerry Springer first aired on television. People instantly took a liking to the composition of the show. The show grew leaps and bounds year after year with the show moving towards a global direction.

At times the show has been criticized for some of its stances on delicate topics. But, overall the show has become an engaging catch for many viewers especially in the United States. In the recent years, he has also started the Jerry Springer Podcast which has caught popularity internationally. He has also appeared in a number of movies in cameo appearances and is well known for some of his spin off shows that somehow come to relate to the Jerry Springer Show.

Jerry Springer Net Worth in Detail

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jerry Springer net worth is $45 million.

As a news anchor, Springer was named TVs best anchor for five years in a row by readers of “Cincinnati Magazine.” At one point in time, his show was even beating The Oprah Winfrey Show in terms of ratings. This shows the high demand that his show had which instantly attracted big pocketed companies as sponsors in the show time. In 1998, Barbara Walters named Springer one of the world’s “10 Most Fascinating People,” as “The Jerry Springer Show” was reaching millions of viewers.

Jerry Springer Net Worth 2015 $28 million
Jerry Springer Net Worth 2016 $36 million
Jerry Springer Net Worth 2017 $40 million
Jerry Springer Net Worth 2018 $45 million

Personal Life

In 1973, Springer married Micki Velton. Together, they had one daughter named Katie Springer. Sadly, their marriage would come to an end in 1994. Though Springer is known for sending his messages to millions of people, he himself tends to be very private when discussing into his personal matters. He is the type of personality who likes to keep his personal life fully personal.

But one thing we do know about him is that he is a big New York Yankees fan and probably has some interest in dancing as well which was seen when he performed on “Dancing With the Stars” in 2006.

The Jerry Springer Show is set to last until September 2018. Springer has not overruled probable candidacies in the upcoming race to become the governor of Ohio that same year.

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