John Fredricksen Net Worth

John Fredricksen Net Worth career
John Fredricksen Net Worth career

John is one of the few men who has made the world know by the extraordinary life they have lived, amassing wealth from every direction and directing it into their family empire. Having lived in London, it is incredible how he has gone against all the odds and managed to handle pressure from all over the world and even at his age and this time he is still grinding it successfully.

His family has been a significant influence in everything that he has built, and this explains the fact they are all involved in the business actively. Over the years Fredricksen has amassed a vast fortunate of over $6b, but there is more to his story than what many know. Everyone who has heard interacted or dealt with John Fredriksen can attest that he is a reliable person, but one does not like being punned especially when it comes to his businesses and his two precious daughters that he adores more than the business hat he happens to run successfully.


John Fredriksen was born in May 10nth 1944 in Oslo and grew up in Etterstad which covers most of the eastern side of Oslo on a map. He was the son of a welder Gunna Fredriksen and Herdia Johanne, whose dedication to hard work, pushed him into accepting a chance working for a local shipping broker.  He later decided to forgo the night school that he was attending and opted to be a full-time staff at that business.

This was the start of his shipping life, which eventually led to him being tagged a very wealthy person in this world. At the age of 27, he broke away from the company he was working for and then began his own company, which later became the one deal that shifted oil during the war. It is such tricky moves that made his efforts recognized among nations.

John is one of the richest men known in the world who has a net worth of around 6.6 billion USD attached to his name. When combined with his daughters and wife, they are estimated to be at approximately 115 billion USD worth.

He is one of the few men noted to be very highly invested in so many things which genuinely explains his wealth. His reputation is based on his indulgence in oil tanker and shipping business, offshore driller sea drill, fish farming, and a dry bulk company called Golden Ocean Group and deep see supply Vessel Company which took root during the Iran-Iraq war times of the 1980s.

Business Ventures

The man who heads the family that has already been tagged the 9th most prosperous family in Britain after he abandoned his Norwegian citizenship where he was already the richest there. He has had to undergo several losses including a 1 million freighter purchase loss that he made among others that have not been written for security purposes. He later came and discovered he could get more if he invested in the wartime instability that was going on at that time.

He ended up facing months in jail after he was accused of involvement in insurance fraud in the 1980s. But this was after he had already made more than $40 million in the Yom Kippur War and moving oil from Iran to Syria in the warships that he had already acquired for himself.

Like many other risk-takers, instead of quitting the business when one of his ships spilled almost 50,000 tons of oil, he instead bought better ships that handle spills better than the ones he had. This simple step made him take over the Frontline Company. This is after he bought the partners shares and became the sole owner. This was the first significant step he took on his way to becoming richer than very any people of his time.

John never limited himself to several investments. This pushed him to buy shares at TUI, which later grew to make up around 15 percent of the company. It, however, came at a very opportune time because he has just made millions of losses at Frontline and he needed something to boost it back to its original state.


He also invested a right amount of money in Seadrill where they would pump oil from the ocean floor with 18 rigs at $7 billion and 4 new vessels at $4 billion. This was his first step to ensure that natural gas, gasoline, propane and other types of fuels make it to the market in good time, in plenty amounts and also in the right state.

It is this business that pushed up all the other companies because he could now fuel ore of his ships without having to invest in more purchases. He also made a significant mark in the commercial market because he could also not be duped by clever business en especially since he has been in the industry for quite some time.

Norwegian art collection

He is an avid collector of classic Norwegian art that he managed to pass on to his wonderful two daughters. This is vividly shown when they opted to honor the memory of the life of their mother by purchasing impressive art collections from all over the world. This was in remembrance after the death of their mother in 2006. They opted for this because their mother was a dedicated collector of Norwegian art too.

It was spruced too by the art blood that flowed in them from their uncle who happened to be a great artist during their time they were then able to know and understand what art was legit and which ones where fake ones. It is hard for you to find ardent art collectors, especially when it comes to the Norwegian type.

Norwegian Club Vålerenga I.F

John was also passionate about football. This later led him to own the Norwegian club Vålerenga I.F. which he significantly invested and financed for all the games they played, equipment’s, financial demands and more so encouragement. It is said it is one of his most prized investment because he could be able to change the game industry and also give people a chance to make something out of their skills in the field.

This is a club that was formed back in 1944 by pastor Hans Moller Gasmann. It then underwent the number of issues over the years, which changes in the leaders that it eventually lost a serious investor. That is when John came in as an investor and a great potential buyer of a premier league club.


John was married to Dr. Inger Katharina Astrup Fredriksen who died in 2006 after a long tie battle with cancer. She died at the age of 56, leaving behind two beautiful blonde twins Cecilie and Kathrine Astrup Fredriksen who are next in power to all the wealth that their father has been able to sum. He never felt the need to remarry but instead concentrate all his efforts in the business he was running and raising his two beautiful girls.

Dr. Inger Astrup Fredriksen

His wife came from the famous family of the Astrup’s in Norway, where her father was a professor of psychiatry, and her grand uncle was the painter Nikolai Astrup. This is mainly what brought up the sweet love of art to the family.

Both ladies have been highly involved in the businesses that their father run and have not just sat behind and enjoyed the life. They are both graduates and have been highly involved in the running of many of the lines of work.

They have even been labeled the greatest heiress’ of this time. They are both in the Board of Governor’s teams of most if not all of the business with both of them not yet married. They have gotten so involved in the running of what their father has made. Despite them. Both still being very single even to their 33 years of age

Kathrine Astrup Fredriksen

She happens to be one of the directors on board of the Seadrill, Deep Sea Supply, and Frontline apart from being a significant adviser when it comes to the family business from all levels. She studied Wang Handelsgynas in Oslo then proceeded to European Business School in London, where she learned all the theoretical skills she would need in the management of the Fredriksen property and businesses effectively.

She has however been listed to be the sole heir of the shipping business that her father presently owns and runs. She has also shown great interest in art by also being part of the council of the Serpentine Gallery and also works with David Koma a fashion icon in so many of the things that she has had to be involved in. She is a sure jack of all trades.

Cecilie Astrup Fredriksen

Cecilie did her BA in business management and made to be currently working in their London based Frontline Corporate Service. She also serves as a director on many boards including NADL and Archer Limited, which happens to be some of the most active companies among all that his father owners.

It has even been pointed out that she will one day be taking control position when his father resigns from his position. It would be after quite a while because John always jokes he will die in office.  She also happens to be the director of the Aktiv Kapital collection company.


A rich man will always have great pride in what they own especially their machines He holds several very luxurious vehicles like Lamborghini, Ford Thunderbird, and Super Coupe which happen to be some of the most expensive cars that most of the rich people have today. It, however, does not end here because he moves around in his Gulfstream 550 private jet.

These, are not the only cars that this great tycoon owned, but according to Forbes, they are the most expensive ones that in most times you would find him running around in if he was not using the jet that he privately owned. Being one of the wealthiest en security had to be a significant issue that he must have taken to significant consideration before purchasing any car. Some though were just for luxury because well he could own them.


He has homes in Marbella, Oslo, Cyprus, and Chelsea. They are all noted because they all face the sea. This must have been a great fascination that he had when deciding on the houses that he owned. He also chose the strategically because they were kind enough considering his children grew up in all of those houses and he also takes tie staying at any all of them all year round.

This is mainly because he takes total control over all the companies which are spread all over the states. The one in Chelsea graded to be worth $200 million which was noted when he once declined to sell this specific house for that fee that he had been given. The other houses that have bene attached to his name have not really been price tagged making it hard for them to be known.

John Fredricksen Net Worth

 John Fredriksen is one of the most influential people who have made it in the economical and the financial sector in this world. He is also a unique person because unlike most people who end up getting married or having very any wives he chose to stay without marrying against after his one and only wife dies after years of battling with cancer. This even made him donate an impressive amount to the Norwegian Cancer units. He ensured that his two daughters were involved in the family business so that it does not get derailed by people who have no attachment to the family name. He has however been very stubborn in his dealing but for a business and it is one of the most essential qualities to have. His net worth of around 6.6 billion USD and rising level can only be significantly attributed to the impressive dedication that he happens to have given the business that he is significantly named after right now.


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