KidBehindACamera Net Worth

KidBehindACamera Net Worth

Michael Green also known as “KidBehindACamera” is a popular YouTube star best known for his show “The Angry Grandpa Show”. As of 2018, KidBehindACamera net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Michael Green was born on June 2, 1987 in Colorado with three older siblings Kim Jennifer and Charles. He started his YouTube channel in 2007. He began to post “Angry Grandpa Videos” which is actually the videos of his father, Charles Green reacting to different circumstances. However, the channel was shut down for violating the YouTube’s Terms of Service.

He then got back in 2010 with the popular “The Angry Grandpa Show” which eventually led to his current channel. Since the launch of the channel, it has received more than 4 million subscribers and over 1 billion views.

One of the popular video titled “Angry Grandpa Destroys PS$” generated more than 34 million views. Unfortunately Michael’s dad Charles Green aka “Grandpa” died on December 20, 2017. Some of the popular videos done by the Grandpa are: “The Angry Grandpa Responds to YouTube”, “The Angry Grandpa- Word Association”, “The Angry Grandpa-Digs in the Trash” and “Angry Grandpa- Neti Pot Fail”.

Michael also has secondary channel “KidBehindACamera” which was launched in 2011. Since 2011, it has amassed more than 2.1 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. Some of the popular videos on his channel are “The Condom Challenge Fail!”, “The Caramel Onion Prank”, “Big Boy Upset Over WWE Royal Rumble 2014” and “Grandpa Smokes Catnip Prank”.

According to Social Blade, Michael’s channel “KidBehindACamera” has a B+ rank and earns at-least $3.9K-$63K per month. Doing math he earns, $47.2K-$755.9K per year. His primary channel “The Angry Grandpa Show” has over 4 million subscribers and earns $4K-$64.6K per month or $48.5K-$775.6K per year. Combining all those data, we are pretty clear that Michael is pretty much rich.

KidBehindACamera Net Worth: $2.5 million

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