Ladd Drummond Net Worth

Ladd Drummond Net Worth


Ladd Drummond is an American Rancher from Pawhuska, Okla. He has become a celebrity of sorts as he is the husband of Ree Drmmond, who has made her name starring in the television series The Pioneer Woman. Ladd can be seen making appearances on the show and has developed a fan following of his own as the “Marlboro Man”.

Early Life

He completed his studies from Arizona State University. His family has been shaped by family patriarch Fred Drummond in the late 1800s after he emigrated from Scotland. They have owned land there as a family run cattle that has spun more than 4 generations now.


Along with his brother, Tim Drumond, Ladd co-owns the Drummond Land & Cattle Co. The company is owned by a total of 4 people. They are listed among one of the top ranching families in the United States. Ladd has grown up doing labor work in the farm and doesn’t  have any plans of changing that at all as he really enjoys it. According to a segment on the show based on the ranch, they currently raise a total of 2500 head of cattle and horses.

He has also become a celebrity because of the popularity that he wife Ree Drummond has had with her blog that has also turned into a television series, called The Pioneer Woman. She had actually started her blog at first in order to keep in touch with her family about her life on the ranch. Keeping the blog public, people started to get interested in some of her journeys and daily life there.

Today, the show has made her an international celebrity as the series has been very successful internationally as well and her fan base seems to be growing even more. Ladd along with Ree have decided to diversify some of their funds by investing into a baker and general store called “The Mercantile” in Oklahoma. They are also opening a small 8 room Inn near it soon.

Ladd Drummond Net Worth

Ladd DrummondIt is estimated that Ladd and his family are worth in excess of $200 million. Ladd and his family is the 23rd largest land owner in the United States measuring to a number of 433,000 acres. Their land alone makes up half the size of Rhode Island which is why the Drummonds are estimated to be worth in excess of $250 million. Through such assets, they make $3 million from the land. Documents have also shown that their company has been paid $24 million in the last 10 years by the Government along in the form of rent for animal protection.

Her wife has also done great for herself because of the success of The Pioneer Woman. Ree has a personal net worth of $50 million. Because of the popularity of the show, it has not only helped in increasing their personal net worth but also in helping their area in Pawhuska as it has invited more businesses to be formed. According to Thrillist, nearly a dozen new business have opened over the past year or so, and the town’s sales-tax revenue has risen 33% across all businesses.

Personal Life

Ladd married Ree in 1995. Ree used to work in the corporate line but after she met Ladd, the two moved on to his ranch. They also have four children namely Alex, Paige, Bryce and Todd. They have home-schooled their children, which is documented in the television series. The family is said to love fantasy football whilst Ladd himself is a big fan of movies with Ree explaining that he has probably watched every movie that’s ever been made.


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