Lady Gaga has become an icon of American pop. She is a key figure in contemporary music. Music has always been present in her life. Ever since the age of four she began to learned to play the piano and at the age of thirteen, she composed her first song. She had the potential to become one of the great divas of pop music and she indeed tapped into it. 

Lady Gaga’s personal life

Lady Gaga studied music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Clearly, her musical talent made her stand out, causing her classmates to try to demoralize her because she overshadowed them. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known more by her stage name Lady Gaga, clearly had a bright future ahead of her in the music industry. 

Her personal life has always been a roller coaster of experiences. Coming from a good family of Italian and French-Canadian ancestry, she grew up in Upper East Side Manhattan, one of New York’s best neighborhoods. However, failing to achieve success and hanging out with the wrong crows, Lady Gaga went through some bad experiences in her youth and young adulthood. She has struggled with addictions, as well as in legal against her former producer and ex-boyfriend Rob Furasi. She has also made headlines for certain opinions in the last few years.

This personal life has run parallel to her rough beginnings in her professional career. Although she was talented, she mainly sang in New York clubs. In 2006 she was endlessly trying to get the attention of record labels, but had little success, so her personal life drifted into parties and drugs. However, as a songwriter, she wrote songs for Pussycat Dolls, New Kids on the Block, Fergie, Akon, and other pop diva like Britney Spears.

The moment when Lady Gaga begins to be a star

Everything changed when she met Rob Furasi, a music producer, who also gave her the stage name Lady Gaga. Starting out a songwriter, she started her solo career in 2008. She changes her look thoroughly, dyes her hair blonde, switches to rock music, and her single Just Dance is a hit in Canada and Australia. 

That year her life changed. Her first albums were released such as The Fame in 2008 and the Fame Monster in 2009. She earned her first album in 2009; deemed a Rising Star by Billboard magazine, a new pop star was on the rise. Lady Gaga consolidated her name in the industry in 2010 with her single Telephone followed shortly after by her music video Bad Romance, which exceeded 4 million digital copies sold and more than 200 million views on YouTube. 

Born This Way, her second studio album, sold over one million copies in just one week of its release in the United States, and eight million CDs sold worldwide. ARTPOP, her next album, did not reach the success of the first one, but it was also a success for the American singer. Lady Gaga continued experimenting and trying different musical styles as her career progressed. She kept composing songs that have currently become icons of pop music, such as Just Dance, Bad Romance, Paparazzi, Judas, Born This Way, Applause, etc.

One of her most mythical songs is Poker Face, undoubtedly one of the songs that led her to success. The song was so successful that it consolidated her title the heir as queen of pop and began to be heard everywhere. It didn’t matter where you were, you could always listen to this song. In addition, it was very well received in the world of casinos since the song deals mainly with themes of poker. Many years later, it is still heard and it doesn’t matter to which place or casino you go. The song has even reached online casinos in Saudi Arabia, where players listen to the song while playing roulette or other games. Security, player safety, access, bonuses and payment methods are essential features when choosing a gambling venue to enjoy. 

Lady Gaga has already more than proven her talents as singer and songwriter. Her successes prove it, and she is considered a renowned a well-established pop queen. Now, she faces new challenges such as exploring her facet as an actress. She has already been acclaimed in the movie A Star is Born, starring alongside renowned actor Bradley Cooper. She keeps on experimenting and giving her fans always something new to talk about.