Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth, Life

lorenna bobbitt net worth song
lorenna bobbitt net worth song

Lorena Bobbitt has been infamous among pop culture over the years. She was in fact born Lorena Gallo in Ecuador on 31 Oct 1970. Although there has been many jokes and ridicule, Bobbitt had been through a great deal across the years. After many years of troubles though, Bobbitt is now living more prosperously. As a result, Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth has grown the years.

Lorena Bobbitt rose to fame (or more accurately infamy) when in June 1992 Bobbitt’s husband (John) had raped her, as she had testified in her court hearing. Once her husband was asleep, Bobbitt cut off his penis whiel he was asleep. Bobbitt then with the penis in hand fled the house and while driving she threw the penis out the window. Bobbitt then called 911 to confess of the situation.

The penis was recovered and was reattached after a lengthy 9 hour surgery. Seeing this as an opportunity, John Bobbitt tried to make money (and pay for the medical bills) through appearing in various adult films. John Bobbitt went on to have a string of issues in his life ranging from being in court for assault, and theft.

Lorena went on to keep a low profile after the incident and started a charitable organization to help battered women in need. She moved on and has a long term relationship and has a daughter.

Lorena Bobbitt Height

Lorena Bobbitt height, is 5 feet 2 inches tall[

John & Lorena Bobbitt Reunion

John and Lorena went their separate ways after a divorce and Lorena went on to use her maiden name of Gallo. The two of them did appear together in 2009 on the show The Insider in May 2009. On the show, John did apologize to what he had done to Lorena and claimed he still was in love with her after all these years and after all the hurt he had caused.

Lorena Bobbitt Song

There has been numerous Lorena Bobbit Song that have been created including a mention in an Weird Al song

And here’s another Lorena Bobbitt song Ballad of John Wayne Bobbitt

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth is something that is not clear. John Bobbitt did not earn so much over the years as he went on to do odd work ranging from being a driver, bartender, a mover and many other jobs. His estimated net worth is around $250K. Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth is estimated to be $18m on the other hand.

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