Macaulay Culkin Net Worth

Macaulay Culkin net worth
Macaulay Culkin net worth


Macaulay Culkin, born August 26 1980, started as an American child actor in the late 80s with his first famous role playing along side John Candy in the movie Uncle Buck.  Although he started with modest earnings for his first movies where he earned $40k, he quickly landing multi-million dollar movie roles.  As a result, all of these has resulted in Macaulay Culkin net worth growing into the millions.

Early Success

In 1989, Culkin landed the role of Miles Russell in Uncle Buck with John Candy which put him on the map.  John Candy played a good-natured bachelor looking after his nephew (played by Culkin) and niece.  Culkin landed his classic role of Home Alone in 1990 where he played the 8-year-old Kevin McCallister.  The larger family in the movie left the 8-year-at home as they went on a holiday trip.  After the success from Home Alone, Culkin also had a role in the comedy-drama My Girl where he played the best friend of a girl entering her teens.

After the Home Alone movies and Richie Rich movie, Culkin took a break from acting.


Culkin became close friends with Michael Jackson and appeared in Jackson’s Black of White music video.  In 1993, when Jackson had sexual abuse allegations, Culkin went under oath during Jackson’s trial and that there was no inappropriate behaviour from Jackson.

Culkin was caught for possession of marijuana and other substances.  He was given a misdemeanour drug offence and was released after being briefly jailed.  Other than that Culkin has had a normal adult life which hasn’t stopped the tabloids trying to search for stories.

Personal life

Culkin married Rachel Miner – an American actor who played several roles including from the movie Bully, and also had roles in TV series such as Supernatural, Californication and The Black Dahlia.  Culkin and Miner married in 1998 but the marriage ended tin 2002 where they still remain friends.  He engaged to Mila Kunis but that ended in 2010.

Recent work

In the mid-2000s, Culkin returned to acting where had guest appearances in the TV series Will & Grace, the movie Saved! (2004), and then had numerous voice-over roles in Seth Green’s Robot Chicken.  Culkin tends to be content with his success and is selective on the projects he takes on.  He even had a parody music band for a period.  In Dec 2018, Google came out with a clever Google Assistant ad with Macaulay Culkin who was replaying some classic scenes from the original Home Alone movie.

Macaulay Culkin Net worth

Macaulay Culkin net worth is estimated at $15m.  Unlike some child stars, Culkin has maintained his wealth throughout the years and has not squandered his millions.  One opportunity he did miss was where he turned down a role Big Bang Theory where the actors earn about $1m per episode.



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