Martin Kemp Net Worth

Martin Kemp Net Worth


Martin Kemp is an English actor and musician who is best known as being a part of the famous group called Spandau Ballet as a bassist. He has an interesting story of how he entered his current position with him eventually being a part of the soap opera portraying the role of Steve Owen in the opera EastEnders.

Early Life

Kemp was born on 10 October 1961 in Islington, north London. He grew up alongside his brother Gary with whom he attended a school called Rotherfield Junior School. He had a keen interest in Arts and Theater from a young age with him recalling joining a theatre called the Anna Scher Children’s Theatre drama club when he was only 7 years old. The show was crucial to his success as it was the link towards the contacts that would be integral in his career. He then studied at Dame Alice Owne’s Secondary School until he was 16 years old. After that, he would shortly take a apprenticeship at a print factory.


His move of a career towards a band happened all of a sudden. One of his brother’s friend named Steve Dagger had suggested Kemp to take up a position in the band’s team as a bass player. Kemp was instantly attracted to this offer. However, he didn’t known how to play it and had to learn it in a very small time frame. But, it seems that when you have passion, anything is possible as Kemp learned this new skills within 3 months and made his first performance with them  at a party. The band was known as the Gentry back then but soon it was given a better and more brandable name called Spandau Ballet.

The band started to see some success and realizing this, he quit his job to fully concentrate on this journey of his life. True, their album reached number one in the UK charts soon performing in a series of cities. Their success can be summed up with the fact that four of their albums reaching the UK album chart top ten.

Along with his career in the band, he continued to pursue his acting career as well. Some of his well-known works are in The Krays, where he played gangster twins along with his brother Gary. He went on to appear in the television series’ The Outer Limits and Highlander: The Series, where he found recurring roles. In the 1990’s, he continued his career with appearances in Waxwork II: Lost in Time and Embrace of the Vampire.

After a short hiatus, he returned to be a part of EastEnders, a BBC top soap opera where he played the role of a character named Steve Owen. This role became one of the highlights of his career in acting winning three consecutive TV Quick Awards for Best Soap Actor along with other prestigious awards for his performance for the show.

Martin Kemp Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Martin Kemp net worth is estimated to be $4 million. His career as an actor and the performances that he has done as a crucial member of Spandau Ballet have added to the wealth of Martin Kemp. In 2009, his band returned after 20 years for a world tour in the UK and Ireland, which was a very big success.

In 2012, he also became a participant of Celebrity Big Brother where he eventually finished in the third position. In recent years, he has started to become active as a director in several shows and films.

Personal Life

Kemp married Shirlie Holliman in 1988 and today have a daughter named Harley Moon and a son named Roman. His son looks to be his successor in many ways as he too is involved with the media as a social media correspondent for The X Factor UK. Martin had two brain tumors removed in 1995 that meant that his career was on hold for a few years.

He recently even confessed that he was born with 3 kidneys. He returned strongly and has been active since then. He is also a supporter of the charity named Encephalitis Society.


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