Mary Elizabeth Winstead Net Worth, Emmy, Singer, Actress

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Emmy Net Worth Career Singer Actress
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Emmy Net Worth Career Singer Actress

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 Mary Elizabeth Winstead is highly reputable or her Daytime Emmy Award-winning ability. She was born on 28th November 1984 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina but raised in Sandy Utah after the age of 5 years when her family was forced to move. Mary is highly known for her singing and acting. She is an American by birth.

She has this brunette type of hair with lovely brown eyes complementing her entire look. At the dashing height of 1.73m with a Sagittarian Horoscope like most of the other people. She weighs 57 kg according to the latest news that we have. This was however one of the big reason that led her to not achieve her career dream that she really loved.

She enjoys the right amount of time sent in cooking and singing as a hobby. She even confesses enjoying cooking for herself and her boyfriend instead of ordering for takeout. Many nicknames have recognized Mary, but the one that happens to stay was Mew from her initials. It kinds of resonated with her simple but accepting personality.

Mary went through Peruvian Park Elementary, where she was able to take advanced classes that helped her in making her acting prowess better. She involved herself in several dance programs like the Joffrey Ballet summer program at the age of 12 and sang in several children choir when she was growing up. She, however, ended up being homeschooled to ensure that she gets the education that she needs.

As much as she was right in ballet which she hoped, she would be in a position to continue with it as a career, her height proved to be a disadvantaging factor. As a dancer, she was expected to maintain a certain BMI, which would be hard for her. Therefore she resolved to instead focus on acting, which proved to be a better decision. She then managed to graduate in 2004, is a professional actor.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Emmy Net Worth Career Singer Actress
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Emmy Net Worth Career Singer Actress


She is married to Riley Stearns in 2010 who happens to be an American Filmmaker. They met when she was 18 and on an ocean cruise. It is however noted that she could have already separated from him in 2013. He then started dating a fellow actor called Ewan McGregor. She however went through quite some bashing from the public and Ewan’s own family because she did not know that he was already married with two daughters.

Ewan, however, happens to be already having two daughters: Esther and Clara, who happen not to be in favor of Mary’s union with their father. This is primarily because she first started having an affair with him while he was still married to their mother. It just shows how much of a confused fellah Mary at times seems to be.

 Mary was born to James Ronald Winstead and Betty Lou Knight where she was the youngest in a family of 6 children. She has three sisters and an older brother. She has retained the family name because since her divorce with Riley she has not yet been married through there are rumors that she soon will be with Ewan.

Net worth

 According to the amount of work that she naturally does, Mary is believed to be at a net worth of between $6-8 million. It has, however, not been clarified because there have been issues regarding the actual amount of salary she keeps getting for all the films she has done and is still doing. This has gone a long way in explaining why she lives in a big luxurious house.

Mary has been winning award one after the other one. It has become quite hard to keep up with the number of nomination that she has been getting over the years. Ever since the 2000 Young Artist Award, she has been getting appointments last every year in more than one category and in various awards too.

In 2006, she was fortunate to win awards, the Hollywood Film Festival, Broadcast Fil Critics Association Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and IGM Movie Award all in the same year. Ever since then, it has been soother for her since she had already created a household name for herself.


 She began her journey of fame back in the years when she played the role of Jessica Bennett on an NBC opera show in 1999. Her first act was, however ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ at the age of 12. This was the start of all the fame that she was getting. Since then Mary has been known to start marvelously on horror movies through she has also acted in several comedy shows. This has then earned her the name Scream Queen.

She has appeared in several films that gave her leading roles that gave her direct breakthrough in her career. Such films included Sky High of 2005, Passions of 2000, Wolf Lake in 2002, Monster Island in 2004, Final Destination in 2006 and also Death Proof in 2007. These are but a few of the films that have given her considerable roles. With others, she features in some short role which allowed her to work alongside other things.

Mary began her singing career in 2013 when she was asked to sing a music duo called Got a Girl with Dan the Automator, which she did marvelous that even her directors were shocked. Since then she has been juggling between her acting and a few roles where she is expected to sing too.

 Alongside all the stage performances despite not producing her single hits for a while, she has been able to be apart for several Capella’s that have does covers for songs and also some group productions. Her album ‘I Love You but I Must Drive off This Cliff Now’ was however made public in 2014, and miraculously it was appreciated by the general public in a better way than she had anticipated it. This then gave her a more significant push to try out music and everything that comes with it.


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