Montana of 300 Net Worth

Montana of 300 Net Worth


Walter Anthony Bradford, who is better known as Montana of 300, is an American rapper and songwriter originally from Chicago, Illinois.

He is best known for his rap style, incorporating trap, R&B and drill beats. Montana of 300 got worldwide recognition from his hit albums like Fire in the Church, Don’t Doubt the God and Pray 4 the Devil.

Early Life

He was born on March 3, 1987, in Peoria, Illinois. Growing up, he witnessed both of his parents suffer from substance abuse and the effects that addiction upon drugs had on their lives. Therefore, Bradford made a promise to stay away from such drugs and that has helped him to give his full focus towards what he loves doing.

One of the ways he would ignore drugs is by focusing on music. He started rapping when he was only 15 years old and says that artists like Tupac, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z were his biggest inspirations growing up.


Montana of 300 is one of the rappers who rose to fame through the use of social media. Instagram is the most powerful tool for an artist like Montana of 300 whose personal branding plays a big part for success in the long term. He now has more than 350K followers on Instagram which is growing at a rapid pace. He keeps his fans updated about performances that he is set to make as well as give them a special sneak peak into what is going on in his life and what he is going to release next.

Montana of 300 released his first mixtape called Cursed with a Blessing in 2014. His career started off a bit late if we compare it with other rappers but the skills that he has accumulated meant that when he entered the scene of hip-hop, there was unprecedented quality in his songs.

He would later become more popular through songs like “Ice Cream Truck” and “Holy Ghost”. In 2015, he also did a collaborative mixtape with Talley of 300 called “Guns and Roses”.

He released Fire in the Church in May 2016 that includes a lot of freestyle with a mix of trap and R&B. The album made it to the Billboard 200 and sent Montana of 300 to the mainstream of hip-hop.

He went on to release his second album called Don’t Doubt the God on May 20, 2017. Most recently, he made a big announcement stating that he would be releasing his third studio album on May 20, 2018. The title of the song is going to be Pray 4 the Devil. It looks like Montana of 300 has found the right formula in terms of the type of music that he wants to make and the types of fans he wants to entice with it. This alignment has helped him grow leaps and bounds within a short span of three years.

Montana of 300 Net Worth in Detail:

His net worth has grown tremendously in the last 36 months. With the success of his albums, and the fact that he has established the Montana of 300 brand. It looks like the fruits are starting to reap for the rapper. He has been earning a lot of money, mostly through the live performances that he does all around the country. With popular demand, he has also started his own online store where he sells the latest Montana of 300 merchandise.

Montana of 300 Net Worth 2015 $300,000
Montana of 300 Net Worth 2016 $800,000
Montana of 300 Net Worth 2017 $1.3 million
Montana of 300 Net Worth 2018 $2 million


Overall Summary:

Full Name: Walter Antony Bradford

Stage Name: Montana of 300

Date of Birth: March 3, 1989

Age: 29 years

Born Place: Chicago, United States

Profession: Rapper, Songwriter

Height: 1.85 m

Net Worth: $2 million

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