Naomi Simson Net Worth, Family, Age, Education

naomi simson net worth, shark tank
naomi simson net worth, shark tank

Naomi is a blogger, entrepreneur and Australian businessperson. She was born in Australia on February 22, 1964, and she is 55 years old. She grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Box Hill and then later moved to Camberwell.

 Naomi attended the University of Melbourne where she graduated in 1984 with a Commerce degree. She has been rank as one of the most influential and richest entrepreneurs in Australia. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5-10m

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She has managed to keep her family private as well and nothing is known about the parents, siblings or even relatives. Naomi was previously married to Peterson Simson.

 However, we know her current spouse to be Stuart King and she has 2 kids. To catch up with her and see her post then you can find her on Instagram @naomisimson. Who knows may be we might be able to learn about her family even more on Instagram. Additionally, Naomi is one of the famous people we recognize in our database.

She had influenced a lot of people and even impacted on the various businesses and the community positively. Simsons is a person most female and male entrepreneurs look up to. Though some may feel intimidated by her personality she is very welcoming and cheerful.   


She is the founder of RedBalloon, which is an online experience gift retailer. It is located in Australia and the firm operates under the parent company known as the Big Red Group. Simson began her career by working for various corporations.

The firms that she has worked under are KPMG, IBM, Ansett Australia and Apple computer Australia. This was before she decided to go on her own path and founded Reballon back in 2001.Something amazing about the company is that she began it out of the house. She had to invest her savings that was $25,000.

Investing her savings to the business proved to be fruitful and as the company grew and had a larger market share. From her house, she was able to build an empire that had 46 employees by 2011.

Naomi was the CEO of the firm until 2011 when she took a step back. She is no longer involved in the daily operations of the business. This gave her time to focus on other projects. This shows if you want to have the business growing you need to step a side and let it run on its own.

naomi simson net worth, shark tank
naomi simson net worth, shark tank

Later in 2016, she launched a stand-alone small business reward platform known as Radii. Also in 2017, she formed a Big Red Group. The group was formed with Dave Anderson who owns 50 percent of the shares. The Big Red Group became the parent company for RedBalloon.

The parent firm also operates other companies such as Redii, Adrenaline, and Marketics (Albert AI). The group serves experience anytime which is a good customer service. This has led to the increase of revenues which has amounted to $ 100 million annually.

In 2014 she was named as one of the Sharks in the reality Tv series. Nomi has been on the Tv series since 2015. She has also been the guest host on Network Ten’s Studio 10.

 Simson is one of the benefactors of the show who gave more than $750,000 to different entrepreneurs and organizations in society. This capital has helped individuals and companies to improve their business and even employ more people.

Naomi has different talents and one of them is blogging. She is a blogger at which is ranked as the second in the top 15 business blogs. The ranking was done in 2016 by Therefore it is true to say her blog has climbed up the ladder over the past few years. 

On the other hand, Simson is also an author of two books which we are sure you have seen in various book stores. The two books written by her include Live What You Love (2015) and Ready to Soar (2016). She is also one of the authors who collaborated in writing the famous book The Power of Than one. The book was written in 2008.

The books that have been written by her contain a lot of inspirations that helps one in building their business. These are books you should have on your shelves.

Away from the corporate world, Simson is a philanthropist and even joined the council of the voiceless. The council aims to advocate for animal protection.

She has a passion for animals and wants to advocate for their rights. That is not all she is also a governor for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and an advisor to Heads Over Heels.


Simsons has won various awards. She was awarded Westpac NSW Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005. There is also the National Telstra Business Woman’s Award for innovation in 2008 that she was given. In 2013 she was awarded Pearcey Entrepreneur of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Silver.            

Back in 2012 LinkedIn recognized Noami as one of the World’s Most Influential Though Leaders. The company allowed her to share her content and knowledge on the platform because of this recognition. In 2017 she has been ranked as one of the 10 business executives in Australia who hold a powerful profile on the LinkedIn platform.    

Simson is ranked as one of the top 30 tech influencers on Twitter by The Business Insider. This has shown how she is impacting various lives in the community and the world.

Net worth

According to our research, she has an estimated net worth of $ 5 to 10 million. She has earned a lot of cash from being an entrepreneur. Her net worth is estimated to grow in the next few years with her various investments.


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