Nuri Seferi Net Worth

Nuri Seferi Net Worth

Nuri Seferi is a professional boxer who hails from Burgdorf, Switzerland. As of 2018, Nuri Seferi net worth is estimated to be around $300,000.

Early Life

Seferi was born on 23 December 1976  in Gostivar, SFR Yugoslavia. His family is from Albanian heritage. His grandfather had been a wrestler which influenced Seferi when he was a young kid towards the sport. Though he has Albanian roots, his family had to move to Burgdorf from Gostivar. This was a transition that Seferi had to face at a young age as the language and the culture in general was vastly different there.

This is also one of the reasons that he chose boxing over the traditional education that was needed. At that moment in his life, it looked to be the best decision that he could make as his options were very limited. Therefore, as a 15 year old, he started to train under a trainer named Sandor Konya at a local gym in his hometown. Seferi mentions that along with his trainer, Andy Hug, a Swiss martial artist and kickboxer was his biggest role model who gave him the much needed direction to pursue boxing as a career in a very young age.


He had a very impressive amateur career remaining undefeated in his 10 games with 9 of those coming through knockouts. He thus went on to become the Swiss heavyweight champion in the year 1998. He retired in the amateur arena undefeated. This was the foundation that he set in order to become a professional boxer.

His professional career would start on 31 March 1999 where he faced Miroslav Dzurenda, the Slovakian, in Switzerland. Seferi was only 22 years old during his debut where he made an early impression upon watchers by giving the fans a knockout in the very first round. However, unlike his amateur career, Seferi couldn’t remain undefeated for long, as he got his first experience of defeat through the hands of the Ukrainian Kostyantyn Okhrey on June 26, 2001.

Still, Seferi had earned a name for himself as a finisher and his impressive knockouts definitely earned him respect early on in the industry. He remained for a short hiatus prior to 2012 before eventually returning for a fight against Giulian Ilie in Bern, Switzerland. This was a touch and go match which eventually ended with Seferi winning the competition through higher points. Some of the highlights of his career has been his fight against Steve Herelius which ended with a lot of controversy as his opponent got disqualified. His WBO European Cruiserweight title win in 2010 and defending his title successfully four times until losing to Krzysztof Głowacki on 31 January 2015 definitely are memories that he has made in his career.

Personal Life

He has a younger brother who is also a professional boxer in the cruiser weight division. During their early days, they used to train together and have grown up together to make a name for themselves in the boxing arena coming from almost nothing to start with.

His brother is also known as “The Real Deal” and made his debut in 2007 beating Anton Lascek. He currently holds a 23-1 record which is very impressive. His brother is now set to compete against Tyson Fury, who is returning after a period in which he has been over layed by drug problems. In December 2011, Nuri and his brother Sefer were named honorary citizens of their birthplace, Gostivar in Macedonia by the city’s mayor Rufi Osmani.

Nuri Seferi Net Worth: $300,000

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