Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth

Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth


Paul John Teutul is the founder of Orange County Choppers which is best known for manufacturing custom motorcycles. Teutul has made a name for himself in the public eye as he is one of the main characters in the reality television series called American Chopper. He later had a show called Orange County Choppers.

Early Life

Teutul was born on May 1, 1949, in Yonkers, New York. He grew up in Pearl River which is also located in New York. Very little information is know about his early life as Teutul has not done any interview where he has mentioned about his upbringing and childhood. However, as per some sources it has been mentioned that he was a member of the United States Merchant Marines and sailed during the Vietnam War that was occurring in his time.


He started a company called Orange County Ironworks. He got his start with this company which worked as a fabrication shop. Today this shop is owned and operated on a day to day basis by his son named Daniel.

Teutul got inspired to start a different business in 1999. This was the year he decided to start a new venture naming it as Orange County Choppers along with his son Paul Jr. helping him get started. He was inspired to build custom bikes when they started getting featured in films. This led to them being more abundant in the streets as well. There was a market growing for custom motorbikes and Teutul who was passionate about such items got into this business.

He then  became a part of a show called American Chopper in 2003 which helped him gain fame as well as provide a lot of exposure to his business. This series is centered around Paul as well as his son Paul Jr. which sees them build custom motorcycles whilst at the same time managing all the things needed while operating a business.

Paul Sr. operates Orange County Choppers, and Junior leads his staff at Paul Jr. Designs. At one point in the series, they got separated because of their different views in the business that even led to a lawsuit.  American Chopper is now set to return in 2018. Paul Jr. says that he doesn’t want to work with his father but to regain a personal relationship with him in the coming years.

Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth

Paul teutul srTeutul Sr. once filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy which means that his net worth is currently negative. In the past before his finances started to stumble, his net worth was viewed to be around $2 million. However, today he finds himself millions in debt because of some failed business opportunities.

In a document he filed, it was shown that his monthly earnings total $16,000 whilst his expenses total more than $20,000 every month. He has now started to list all of his assets, with him maybe even having to sell of some of his assets. He listed that his 20-acre property with a mobile home is valued at $201,548 and his extensive car, boat and trailer collection is valued at $208,550. His gun collection rings in at $1,575.

He is also battling 8 lawsuits as a result of bad business. One of the major lawsuits includes allegedly sabotaging a TV project and costing his business partner millions of dollars. His car collection is over 30 with some models he owns being Oldsmobile 442s, a Corvette Z06, five other Corvette models, a Cadillac CTSV, to name a few.

Personal Life

He currently resides with his girlfriend Joan Bulger-Kay and love riding motorcycles whenever they get the chance. Teutul loves working out and even though he is getting nearer to his 70’s, he is still in great shape. He also loves getting tattoos and tends to mark important events or situations in his life with tattoos. However, he can sometimes also get tattoos for the smallest of things.

A significant part of Teutul’s image is his numerous tattoos. He has been known to acquire tattoos from time to time in order to express a feeling or to make a point.


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