Peter Stringfellow Net Worth

Peter Stringfellow Net Worth

Peter Stringfellow was an English businessman and nightclub owner. Before his death Peter Stringfellow net worth was $50 million according to Celebrity net worth.

Peter was born on October 17, 1940 in Sheffield, England to Elsie Bowers and James William Stringfellow as the eldest son amongst four children. He attended Pye Bank Church of England Primary School and then attended Burngreave Secondary school for one year.  Three years later, he passed Technical Diploma from Sheffield Central Technical College.

His first job came as an assistant tie salesman at Austin Reed for three weeks when he was only 13 years old. Prior to that, he also worked at the Wicker Cinema for some period. After that, he worked as a cinema projectionist, steel worker, serving as a member of the Merchant Navy and also as a traveling photographer. However, he wasn’t satisfied there after he was unable to find a stable job.

In 1962, Stringfellow began running dance nights at his local church and then opened his own club called “Black Cat Club“. Some of the popular stars like the Pursuers, Dave Berry and the Cruisers, Johnny Tempest, the Savages played in the club. However, their fortune rose massively after Beatles played a show in his club.

In 1963, he opened another club called the Blue Moon and then another one in Sheffield called “King Mojo Club” in 1964. Some of the famous bands played at the club including the Who, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart, Elton John, the Pretty Things, Jimi Hendrix and many more.

Following his massive success in nightclub business, he expanded more clubs after relocating to London in 70s and then began launching in United States in places like New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Following his popularity, he was listed in the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

Following bankruptcy in early 90s, Peter shifted the focus of all his club to strip clubs. In 1996, a table-side dancing club named “Cabaret of Angeles” was opened by him. In 2006, he opened his second adult entertainment club called “Angels“.

Regarding his personal life, Peter married Norma Williams in 1960. Together they had a daughter named Karen. He then married Coral Wright in 1967 after his divorce with Norma. Together they have one son named Scott. They also got divorced in 1984. After that, he had a 12 year long relationship with Frizzby Fox and then with model Helen Benoist.

At the age of 68, he married 27 year old model Bella Wright. In 2013, she gave a birth to a daughter named Rosabella. On June 7, 2018 at the age of 77, Peter Stringfellow died from cancer.

Peter Stringfellow Net Worth: $50 million

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