Pusha T Net Worth

Pusha T Net Worth


Terrence LeVarr Thornton, who is better known by his stage name Pusha-T, is an American rapper. He started out by establishing Re-Up Records and later got associated with GOOD Music. Later, he went on to be the President of this company being appointed by Kanye West.

Early Life

Thornton was born on May 13, 1977, in The Bronx borough of New York. Along with his brother, they started a duo called Clipse. Thornton got associated with Pharell Williams through which they eventually signed with Elektra Records in 1997. They went on to release their major work their titled as Exclusive Audio Footage. Over time, they got a lot of experience in the field and decided to start their own record label called Re-Up Records in 2004. They went on to release an album called Hell Haith No Fury which was a big success commercially. The duo has been together for quite a long time and was their beginning starting out in hip-hop.


2010 was a big year for Thornton as he signed with GOOD Music that year which took his career to a new level. He got the opportunity to appear in Kanye West’s hit “Runaway”. He got acquainted with a lot of great rappers because of this signing to the new record label and would start doing a lot of collaborations and work in the background.

He released a mixtape the next year called Fear of God that included the hit single called “My God”. This would be a start of some great music being produced with an Extended Play called Fear of God II: Let Us Pray being released soon after it. It went on to debut at number 66 on the Billboard 200 selling more than 8000 copies in its very first week.

Along with Kanye West, Pusha-T started working on his debut studio album. Its title would be My Name Is My Name  which featured a series of hits including a song called “Pain” featuring rapper Future. This was a very big hit for the rapper who reached a new level after its release as it went on to debut at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 200 charts.

Soon after its huge success, he started working on his second album called King Push in 2015. That same year, he was also appointed as the President of GOOD Music by Kanye West which shows the great relationship they had developed. However, later the title of the album was changed to Daytona with some controversy being acquired as West had bought the cover art for a huge price of $85,000.

Pusha T Net Worth

As of 2018, it is estimated that Pusha T has an estimated net worth of $17 million. The success of his debut album My Name is My Name is one of the beginnings phases when he started earning a very large income.

With its success, he was able to cement his name as one of the great rappers of the time and has been able to perform in different tours and live performances over the years both for his own tours as well as collaborating with other rappers.

He also has a clothing line called Play Cloths along with his brother Malice that he started in 2008.

Personal Life

Pusha-T has found himself in many controversies over the years. One of the feuds that he was involved in included the rapper Lil Wayne. Such a feud between two big named rappers with a lot of supporters behind their backs has caused a lot of tension from both sides. They have each done diss tracks on each other. In Lil Wayne’s diss track called “Goulish”, he directly mentions the rapper threatening him in some of his raps. It seems their relationship hasn’t gotten any better since then.

Another rapper that Pusha-T does not have good relations with is Drake. In his 2012 song called “Exodus 23:1”, he had some harsh words for Drake. Drake later added some of his own words in his 2013 album called “Nothing Was the Same”. These haven’t been direct insults on each other but they indirectly are targeted towards each other.

Most recently in 2018, they have been at it again as in one of Pusha-T’s song called Infrared of his Daytona album, he accuses Drake of using a ghostwriter. Drake has also responded to it by releasing a freestyle called “Duppy” insulting both Pusha-T and Kanye West. Drake even said in his song that he boost sales of Pusha T’s album just by dissing him.

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