Ramz Net Worth

Ramz Net Worth


Ramone Rochester, who is better known by his stage name as Ramz, has become an emerging rapper in with his hit single called “Barking” that he released at the start of the year. The video currently has more than 40 million views on YouTube which shows the viral of the video made with limited resources.

Early Life

Rochester was born on 18 February 1997 in Mitcham, South London. He studied at Harris Academy Merton during which he mentions that he had a some difficulties with his schooling. However, he managed to complete his studies there. He had an interest in music from a young age but didn’t decided to pursue it full-time at first. So, he went to the University of Portsmouth where he studied a subject called Sports Development.

However, in the very first year, he decided to drop out as he had something else in his mind for his career: music. If he had decided to stay at University, his life might have been heading towards a very different direction. He once mentioned in an interview that he was planning on coaching children about football at the football club Fulham.


One of the first songs that Ramz released was called “I’m on My Grind” back in February of 2017. The song received very little response but he continued to post more songs. After making the bold decision that he was leaving University, he found a job to start working in a supermarket chain called Sainsbury’s.

It would be in September of 2017 that he would release the song called “Barking” along with its candid and simple music video. Though there was a minimal investment made for the video, it turned out to be very good and soon started to explode in the UK singles charts eventually reaching number 2.

His song was now side by side with singers like Ed Sheeran and Eminem, which was a very big achievement for him. The hit song is actually based on real-life incidents with Ramz having travelled a few times to meet the girl. He later made a freestyle about this song with his friends and “Barking” would emerge.

Ramz Net Worth

His net worth is still under review. He has just started out his career, so we expect that his net worth is currently low. However, with one song, he has been able to grab such attention, we can only imagine what the future will bring as he is working full-time for his musical career.

He has already garnered more than 110,000 followers on Instagram which is growing at a very fast rate. With his personal brand reaching more and more people, he is starting to develop a name for himself not just in United Kingdom, but is starting to be recognized internationally. He is now set to release his debut EP very soon.

Personal Life

Though, we do not known much detail about his personal life, we do know that he has a great relationship with his mother. Her mother is known for being active in twitter though Ramz mentions that she doesn’t really know how to use it.

He is a big fan of Stormzy and constantly sends messages which was mentioned once whilst Ramz was taking an interview. Personally, Ramz loves sports and says that the only place he liked while visiting his girlfriend was Nandos.


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