Sam Faiers Net Worth

Sam Faiers Net Worth

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Sam Faiers is an English television personality, best known for being part of the reality show called The Only Way is Essex. Along with her popular appearance in this show, she has also appeared in many other similar shows including the Celebrity Big Brother. She is also a model currently associated with Elite Model Management and has used her brand to create businesses as well.

Early Life

Her full name is Samantha Elizabeth Faiers and she was born on 31 December, 1990, in Brentwood, Essex. Her parent’s name are Suzanne Wells and Lee Faiers. However, at a young age, her parents separated leaving Sam along with her older sister Billie being raised without the parents together. Her mother would later marry a guy named David Chatwood.


Before she made her name as a reality television star, she made appearances in a number of roles with the documentary “Great Christmas TV Ads” in 2010 being one of her earliest roles. This would lead her into appearances for “Shooting Stars”, “Daybreak”, and “Loose Women”.

Till today, Faiers has starred in more than 11 seasons for “The Only Way is Essex” starting in 2010. During her initial start in the show, she was closely seen with Joey Essex, with whom she had a relationship for more than 2 years though it was a pretty rocky one. She was also noted for being involved with Mark Wright as well. This is the reality show that would elevate her name and solidify it among fans. Eventually, in 2014, she made the decision that she was ready to take a break as she wanted to have a stronger personal life as well as work on recovering from Crohn’s disease, which was first diagnosed while on Celebrity Big Brother. In this show, she made it till the end but would wound up getting fifth place.

Sam Faiers Net Worth

As of 2018 Sam Faiers net worth is $2 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Being involved with “The Only Way is Essex” is only one of her many income streams. However, the base of her income has derived following the success in the show and the recognition she was able to garner after it.

She is currently in a relationship with Paul Knightley, who has also been her business partner. Aside from The Mummy Diaries, Paul has had a lot of success as a businessman and property developer. The couple today own a £4.2 million property as well as go on luxury holidays every now and then. The two are joint-directors of their company called All Bits London, which is a clothing company that has a wide range of products including bags, accessories, bikinis and more.

Sam has been able to earn a lot of money because of the personal brand that she has built. It was reported that she made £750,000 after signing a book deal detailing her life. She is also a big lover of fitness and sells training courses as well. She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram where she is seen promoting many products that she is associated with as well.

Personal Life

Faiers has Crohn’s disease which was first spotted when she was in The Celebrity Big Brother. However, she has been dealing with it successfully since then. Sam looks to have settled down with Paul now. They had their first baby, a boy named Paul Tony Knightley in late 2015. They then had a second child, a baby girl named Rosie Knightley.

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