Scott Wilson Net Worth

Scott Wilson Net Worth
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Scott Wilson was an American actor best known for his appearance on movies and TV series like In Cold Blood, The Walking Dead, Pearl Harbor and Junebug. Scott Wilson net worth before his death is estimated to be $3 million.

Scott was born on March 29, 1942 in Georgia, United States. He started his acting career appearing in movie ‘In the Heat of Night’ in 1967. The same year, he got the role of Richard Hickock in movie ‘In Cold Blood’. In 1980, he received a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor for his performance in ‘The Ninth Configuration’.

Wilson has starred in more than 50 movies. Some of his movies include Castle Keep, The Grissom Gang, The New Centurions, The Right Stuff, A Year of the Quiet Sun, The Aviator, Blue City, Malone, The Exorcist III, Tall Tale, Judge Dredd, G.I. Jane, The Debtors, Pearl Harbor, The Sensation of Sight, Big  Stan, For Sale by Owner, Radio Free Albemuth and many more.

Wilson is also known for playing veterinarian Hershel Greene on television series ‘The Walking Dead’ from 2011 to 2014. Some of the other television shows, he has appeared are The Jack Bull, The X-Files, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Justified, The Twilight Zone, Enlightened, Bosch, Damien, The OA, Robot Chicken and many others.

On October 6, 2018, Scott Wilson died due to complications from Leukemia.

Scott Wilson Net Worth: $3 million


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