Steve Schirripa: His Family, Net Worth, Books, Career

Steve Schirripa is a well-known celebrity in America. He got his break with his role as Bobby Baccalieri on HBO’s critically acclaimed series, The Sopranos. Steve Schirripa has an impressive number of stints as an actor, voice artist, producer, and comedian on his resume.

How Much is Steve Schirripa’s Net Worth?

Steve Schirripa’s net worth is currently between $7 million and $10 million. He makes his money primarily from his long-spanning career as a TV Actor. His income also accrues from his investments and businesses.

Steve Schirripa, Actor
Steve Schirripa, Actor

In this write-up, we’ll basically give you a brief insight into Steve Schirripa’s career journey, his books, body characteristics, family, etc. Sit back and have a good read through as we unfold those bits of information about Steve Schirripa that may have previously been unknown to you.

Career Beginnings

Schirripa made his on-screen debut as an extra in one of Martin Scorsese’s movies, Casino, in 1995. Later, while working as an entertainment director at the Las Vegas’ Riviera Hotel and Casino, he was selected to appear in the main cast of The Sopranos in 2000.

Steve Schirripa on his movies

According to Schirripa, his career started as a hobby in the 90s when he had minor roles in various productions. But as fate would have it, in 1999, he unexpectedly landed a major role in the hit series, The Sopranos. He made his first appearance in Season 2 of the series which came on air in January 2000. Although he initially auditioned for the role of an FBI agent in the series, he was eventually assigned the role of Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri (a soldier and later the top henchman for Corrado Soprano).

Schirripa speaking on The Sopranos and acting
Schirripa speaking on The Sopranos and acting

Currently, Schirripa stars in the hit television series – Karma’s A B*tch, where he introduces the audience to revenge seekers in each episode. The show’s mantra is, “What goes around comes around” since Karma is real and can affect anyone in unique ways. He is also the co-creator and executive producer of the hit show.

Steve Schirripa on The Sopranos

Schirripa who got into as a hobby, played the role of Bobby Baccalieri from 2000-2007 on the show The Sopranos. At the start he was wearing a fat suit as he was supposed to be larger than Tony Soprano, but later on his on weight was enough. His first appearance was in 2000 where Bobby sends a message to his uncle from Tony. He also married Tony’s sister Janice played by Aida Turturro in the show (find out Net Worth of Aida Turturro). His last appearance was in 2007 where there was a hit placed on the Sopranos.

Schirripa was in fact killed in the show alongside other key characters. He had no negative feelings about this and was quite mature about it where he was quoted as saying “If it’s time for your character to go, it’s time for your character to go”.

Schirripa and his co-star Michael Imperioli in fact joined forces to make a podcast called talking sopranos where they talk episode by episode and talk through behind the scenes. They also invite other cast members from the show including the production crew.

You can see more updates from their twitter account: @talkingsopranos

Steve Schirripa’s Books

Schirripa is an accomplished writer too with several cheeky books to his credit, including the following:

Big Daddy’s Rules

Big Daddy's Rules - Steve Schirripa

Schirripa’s Big Daddy‘s Rules deals with his insights on the traditional and modern rules of parenting. He shares several examples from his personal life and experiences with his children, with what he refers to as an “Over-the-top” parenting style. Moreover, he shares tips on how modern parents can better teach their kids the value of money and hard work in his manner.

Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family

Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family

Schirripa has also made his mark when it comes to children’s storybooks. One of such is Nicky Deuce a story woven around a 12-year-old boy, “Nicholas Borelli” on a visit to Brooklyn, NewYork, after his summer camp gets canceled for vacations. He experiences new flavors and the Italian culture at his grandparent’s house like never before – as he makes lifetime memories.

Nicky Deuce: Home for the Holidays

Nicky Deuce: Home for the Holidays

Nicky Deuce: Home for the Holidays follows up to Deuce’s adventures in the previous installment, with even more exciting happenings.

The Goomba Diet: Living Large and Loving It

The Goomba Diet: Living Large and Loving It - Steve Schirripa

Although it sounds like a home cooking manual, The Goomba Diet is a unique lifestyle guide by Schirripa encircling his years of experiences and crucial moments in life. It deals with the simple rules to follow if you want to win at life. It basically covers the smallest things in life, such as ordering a good meal, being a good parent, and how to behave at weddings and funerals among other occasions.

The Goomba’s Book of Love

The Goomba’s Book of Love Steve Schirripa

In this book, Schirripa shares dating tips like a love guru, while banking on his own life stories from his colorful journey that led him to Hollywood. Here, he explains the many facets of love, such as brotherly love, the tough love a man shares with his family and, of course, the romantic life.

A Goomba’s Guide to Life

A Goomba’s Guide to Life

Taking the Goomba series further, Schirripa goes on to share even more of the essential life tips and hacks – secrets that can potentially enable a person to attain inner satisfaction. From music to movies, sports, and even general etiquette. The book covers Schirripa’s things-to-do and the ones to avoid.

Schirripa on job offers

Fun Facts about Schirripa

  • Did you know that Schirripa acted in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 epic crime masterpiece – Casino? He played a man in the bar, and this role went unnoticed primarily because it was a cameo role, and Schirripa was not made a part of the credits in the movie.
  • Schirripa has made multiple appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He is a big-time Yankees and Knicks fan and spends his free time reading true-crime fiction.
  • Schirripa’s Nicky Deuce series got adapted for two TV movies that premiered on Nickelodeon.
  • Schirripa owns a famous sauce business known as, “Uncle Steve’s” offering three signature sauces: Arrabiata, Marinara, and Tomato Basil, based on a secret family recipe that has traveled down generations.

Schirripa’s Personal Life: Family, Marriage, Wife And Kids

The Sopranos actor, Schirripa, is a happily married man. He got married to Laura Lemos and has been with her for more than three decades. The pair met at an event and eventually began dating.

Steve Schirripa with his wife, Laura
Steve Schirripa with his wife, Laura

Later, they got married on April 22nd, 1989, in a beautiful ceremony. The couple has two daughters, Bria Lemos, and Ciara Lemos.

Steve Schirripa’s Age, Height, Weight, and Religion

Born1st August, 1958
Age62 years
ReligionChristianity (A Catholic, though he also identifies as Jewish)
Height185 cm / 6 feet 1 Inch
Weight290 lbs
Eye colourBrown
Hair colourBlack

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