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Sunny Malouf


Sunny Malouf is a young singer and dancer who has rose to fame after the release of her viral hit called “Lightning in a Bottle”  in 2015 which also featured the artist Silento. She keeps in touch with her fans through her Youtube channel which mostly consists of her covers and her series called The Sunny Project.

Early Life

Sunny Malouf was born on March 2, 2004, in Dallas, Texas. It has been known that Malouf was a natural performer from a young age and graced the mike whenever she had the chance. Her success at such a young age shows that her family has been very supportive of this journey that she has started at such a young age when kids her age are still busy in things that are not aligned to their future careers.


Sunny Malouf gained fame at the young age of 12 for her unique sound and exceptional dance skills in “Lightning in a Bottle” . It is safe to say that the single has done wonders for her life as the attention it grabbed attracted a lot of offers for her. Previously, She was managed by Kevin Jonas of The Jonas Group and  also working with the award winning music producer named Damon Sharpe who has been associated with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande.

To have the guidance of personalities with such vast experience who have worked at the stars of the highest level has definitely given Malouf a great advantage to take her career forward. In 2015, her first major performance was announced at the DigiTour where she performed among thousands of people. This has given her the exposure needed in order to gain confidence on stage and she has continued the growth till today.

Currently, she is signed with TMT Music Group, which is a branch of the Mayweather Promotions Entertainment label. Through her association with the group, Malouf has had the opportunity to get mentorship from Mayweather in the entertainment business which she has shown immense appreciation for.

Sunny Malouf Net Worth

As of 2018, Sunny Malouf net worth is estimated to be $200,00. But she has already been active in the business even though she is still a young teenager. She is set to be a part of the Team 10 Tour in 2018 with schedules jam packed from May 22nd to June 24th performing in 21 different locations. Though she is a non Team 10 member, her performances are eagerly being awaited by thousands of fans.

She even has her own collection of merchandise that includes apparels and accessories including merchandise and phone cases branded with her name Sunny. She has more than 550,000 followers on Instagram and this figure is growing at a very fast rate.

Personal Life

Her parents are Richard and Liliann Malouf who have helped her to move forward and grow a successful career in music. They have supported her in this journey immensely, especially as she had to travel a lot from her hometown of Dallas to Los Angeles. Malouf says that her big goal in life to leave a positive mark on the world and be a positive influencer in the lives of other kids.


Full Name: Sunny Malouf

Nick Name: Sunny

Date of Birth: March 2, 2004

Born Place: Dallas, Texas, United States

Age: 14 years

Parents: Richard Malouf, Lillian Malouf

Siblings: Richie Malouf (Brother)

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Sunny Malouf Net Worth: $200,000

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