Unusual Celebrity Life Routines That You Didn’t Hear About Before

There is a huge fascination that people have towards celebrities and the lives that they live. People want to know what is going on in their lives, but not only that but also how they go about their days. It will come as a surprise to many people just how normal they spend their time, but also it will be enjoyable to find out how different some celebrities live than others. Here are how many celebrities often spend their days.

Waking Up

Most celebrities begin their days early, and that won’t always be the same time for everyone. Early for some can be later for others. Many celebrities begin their days around the hours of 5 to 7 a.m. usually waking up around the same time in order to keep up their routines. Some celebrities will change their waking times and be on a more flexible schedule, depending on their responsibilities and predetermined schedules. These usually involve things like movie and television schedules for shooting, touring, press times, or other commitments that require you to get an early start. Some celebrities, like Michael B. Jordan, are open and honest about hitting the snooze button after their first wake, whereas many others deny getting that extra amount of sleep and ignoring their alarm clocks. Many people will have multiple alarms, something that is universally common, as people love to snooze and get an extra few minutes, or in some cases, a few hours of extended sleeping. 

Morning Routines And Grooming

The first thing that the vast majority of celebrities do when they fully wake up is to begin their days with a shower. This helps take them out of their drowsy or tired state and allows them to have a fresh start. The shower typically is followed by or includes any other hygiene routines like brushing, shaving, or moisturizing. Following the shower, many celebrities have breakfast with coffee as well as any supplements and vitamins they need. Many active celebrities, will incorporate a workout in their morning routines, followed by yet another shower just to clean up. Terry Crews will skip the morning shower routine until after his workout, as he knows he will need to clean up afterward. Exercise routines vary from celebrity to celebrity and are a whole other topic of discussion if you are looking into fitness routines and schedules. One interesting routine that is unique to Terry that few other celebrities likely follow is his shaving routine, as he shaves this head regularly. He does in fact grow hair, so in order to keep it clean, he must shave daily.


With the majority of celebrities starting their days early, once the wake up, shower, and breakfast routines are all completed, work is usually what commences. This often translates to being on set for actors, meetings, creating for different online stars like YouTubers, as well as other requirements and responsibilities. Many celebrities don’t follow the same schedules regular people do, and even those that have jobs will see their schedules change fairly regularly. There is some consistency when you consider that TV and movie actors have certain call times, especially when shooting in a studio with more structured hours. However, that can also change, depending on if they have to shoot at certain locations, or if they are needed for certain scenes and days. For celebrities that focus on their own content creation, like youtube stars and streamers, like Markiplier or Valkyrae, they will work with their teams to communicate their needs and then work on their own content for the vast majority of the day. This can include things like recording content for videos to share online at a later period, or streaming to a live audience of viewers. Although the schedules from person to person will vary, it is a good bet that most celebrities follow the same daily routine they have structured for themselves.

Midday Meals

Everyone has to eat, and no matter who you are, you will crave a midday meal. For many actors, their schedules don’t follow the same time frame that office workers and corporate employees do. So unlike people that work in an office and take their lunch breaks at around 12 o’clock, many actors have stated they take lunch at a bit of a later time, roughly around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. This helps celebrities stay fueled and energized to take on the second half of their days. 

Second Half Of The Day

For many celebrities and actors, their body health and look are crucial to the roles they play. Whether that is for aesthetic purposes, or they must stay in shape to perform in action scenes and stunts that require them to be athletic. This translates to many people requiring multiple workouts in the day. This often occurs late in the afternoon, roughly around 3 o’clock, where they have refueled and have the energy to get in that extra workout. Of course, not everyone is working out multiple times in the day, and often, after lunch, they simply proceed to complete the second half of their working day.

Bed Time

As the day winds down, it is important that you get into bed early enough to allow you the time to fall asleep and get enough restful hours. Many celebrities sleep fairly late, around 11 or 12 midnight, despite their early starts to the day. However, some celebrities like Terry Crews are following a sleep schedule that has them in bed much earlier, getting ready around 9 in the evening and being in bed by 9:30. This is important to note since he follows such a routine that prioritizes his health, and getting enough sleep is crucial to your physical and mental health.


Of course, not everyone follows the same routines, and the day-to-day schedules will vary depending on the person. Youtube celebrities tend to follow significantly different schedules than your typical Hollywood celebrities, as they often are in control of their plans and can stream or work throughout the night and even until early mornings. 

Your favorite celebrities may not live as differently as you do. Of course, they probably do in some small way, but that is more associated with different people living unique lives. However, it is always great to know ways in which you share common ground, from your favorite celebrities and the daily routines they have.


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