Which Famous Celebrities Play Casino Games?

Casino games have long been a favourite pastime for many people, and celebrities are no exception. From actors to musicians to athletes, there are many celebrities who enjoy playing casino games. Their games vary from blackjack, to poker all the way to roulette where our celebrities are driven more by the entertainment and thrill of the roll rather than the potential wins.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most notable celebrities who enjoy playing casino games. 

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Ben Affleck

One of the most famous celebrity casino players is none other than actor Ben Affleck. Affleck is known to be a skilled blackjack player and has been known to win big at the casino tables. He has even been banned from playing blackjack at a Las Vegas casino due to his card counting abilities.

Affleck has also been an active participant in various professional poker tournaments around the world.  In 2004, Affleck competed in the California State Poker Championship held at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. He paid up  the $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em main event and emerged victorious, taking home the first-place prize of $356,400. This was one of his first wins where he established himself and was no longer regarded as a rich-kid that was there just to flaunt his money.

Ben Afflect

George Clooney

Another celebrity who enjoys playing casino games is actor George Clooney. Clooney is a regular at many high-end casinos and has been known to play a variety of games, including blackjack, poker, and roulette. He even starred in the movie “Ocean’s Eleven,” which revolves around a group of casino robbers.

George Clooney has been known to enjoy playing blackjack hands but has been quoted by his friend Matt Damon as not being very lucky at winning many hands.  In one occasion, Clooney apparently lost 25 straight hands at blackjack which has to be a very unfortunate and unlikely set of bad luck.

In 2005, George Clooney also invested in a mixed used $3bn casino complex named The Las Ramblas Resort.  Unfortunately the project didn’t go ahead and the land was sold to another developer to reuse the land for another complex.

George Clooney

Michael Jordan

Another lover of blackjack is the famous basketball Michael Jordan.  He loves to pay high stakes casino hands.  At one outing at a Connecticut Casino, Jordan was seeing making bets of up to $45k per hand when he started to lose at lower hands.  He finally walked away with a cool $800k proving that his aggressiveness on the court can translate to the betting table as well.

Michael Jordan

Steve Aoki

For those unaware, Steve Aoki is a renowned DJ from the late 90s and early 2000s who launched his own record label called Dim Mak Records.  Aoki was most famously known for his sold-out energetic DJ performances where he’d electrify the audience with elaborate interactive performances which included stage dives and cake throwing of all things.  Off the dance floor, Aoki also is a big fan of casino games. Aoki has been spotted playing poker and blackjack at various casinos around the world and has even won a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Aoki calls himself a poker fanatic and has brushed shoulders with the greats such as Phil Ivey.  He loves the game so much that he even has hosted his own poker tournament at the Holy Ship which is a music cruise to the Bahamas

Steve Aoki

Don Johnson

A high roller, Don Johnson the businessman, famously was known to have earned over $15m over a 6 month streak across multiple blackjack tables.  He won so much in his $100,000 blackjack hands that Atlantic Casnios had to report a loss during that reporting season.

Don Johnson was especially shrewd by negotiating special rules for his hands which involved allowing for late surrender (i.e. allowing to keep half the bet amount after the dealer has checked for blackjack), and other favourable betting scenarios which helped him get better odds against the casino.  As a result of Johnson’s wild success, Casino’s have become more careful of these rules and adjusting their mechanisms to prevent similar losses

Pamela Anderson

But it’s not just male celebrities who enjoy playing casino games. Actress Pamela Anderson is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas and is known to enjoy playing a variety of games, including poker and slot machines.  In addition to celebrity games, Pamela Anderson has even joined the World Series of Poker – similar to Steve Aoki and Ben Affleck.

Pamela Anderson

Floyd Mayweather Jr

On top of the bets on traditional table games such as poker and blackjack, our story is not complete without giving a mention to sports bets for which Floyd Mayweather is one to his own.  At times Mayweather has been known to put bets of hundreds of thousands dollars at a blink of an eye on a regular basis ranging from NFL games to college basketball.  He famously put a bet on himself for $1m to beat LeBron James on a 1-1 basketball game – fortunately or unfortunately that game never happened.  He also had put a huge $10m bet in 2014 on the Denver Broncos to beat the Seattle SeaHawks in the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately the Broncos lost the game with a final score of 8 vs 43 which would be a devastating loss for anyone, but for Mayweather, he shrugged it off and continue to make sizeable bets in the years to come.

On top of his sports battery, Mayweather also likes to frequent the casinos.  On one occasion, he had one $100,000 on a poker slot machine where he scored a royal flush after starting out with $20k. In addition to slot machines, he can also be seen getting involved in Hold’em poker and blackjack.

Floyd Mayweather

Shanon Elizabeth

Best known for her role as Nadia in American Pie, Shanon Elizabeth is a skilled poker player who at point beat 91 other celebrities in a Celebrity Poker Showdown which netted her a cool $120,000 prize money.  She first started to learn poker at a young age where she get to learn stud and draw games and did not taking a liking to Hold’em at first.  However, when she was reintroduced to the game at a later stage and also partly encouraged by co-star Jennifer Tilly, Elizabeth began to enjoy and excel at the game to where she is now earning almost a quarter of a million dollars in winnings from various games.  Elizabeth has also joined World Series of Poker on occasions alongside other celebrities that have partaken in the most famous poker tournament there is.  Although her poker winnings are a small part of her total networth, she still loves the games and can be seen in various games that come up.

Shannon Elizabeth

In conclusion, many celebrities enjoy playing casino games, and it’s easy to see why. Casino games offer a thrilling and exciting way to potentially win big, and anyone can enjoy them with the right approach. 


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