Who are the richest people on earth right now? 

The world is full of moneyed individuals who live extravagant lifestyles, but we aren’t always aware of exactly how much they’re worth. From internet stars and businessmen to singers and actors, there are some wealthy people on this glorious planet of ours. 

When it comes to the world’s richest people, it can change on a yearly basis depending on their net worth and financial performance over that specific period of time. At the moment, though, there are some rich people that are leading the way. While the closest most of us get to luxury is exploring a VIP online casino and occasionally treating ourselves to a fairly expensive item on a restaurant menu, these types of individuals own private jets, sports stadiums, huge global businesses and generally live out a life of extreme luxury. In fact, it’s almost a totally different environment that they live in. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the wealthiest individuals on earth right now. 

Elon Musk – $264 billion

Kicking things off with a name many people are aware of in 2022, Elon Musk is said to be worth $264 billion thanks to his successful foray into transportation. With a clear aim of revolutionising how we move around, Musk is probably best known for his electric car company, Tesla. The business magnate and investor is also famous after the rise of his rocket company, SpaceX, which is now valued at nearly $100 billion. Tesla has recorded notable success, too, becoming the most valuable automaker around and being prominently seen on highways and roads all over the world. 

Jeff Bezos – $150 billion

If you’ve utilised the excellent service Amazon provides, then you’ve helped fuel the success of Jeff Bezos. Worth around $150 billion at the time of writing, he is the founder and CEO of Amazon, a business he created in his garage back in 1994. Since then, the e-commerce giant has gone on to dominate the online marketplace and become an instantly recognisable global brand. An increasing amount of us are certainly shopping more online these days, with the likes of Amazon providing a hassle-free and convenient service. 

Gautam Adani – $149 billion

A respected and hugely successful figure in the energy, logistics, agriculture, and aerospace sectors, alongside a range of other businesses, Gautam Adani is the brains behind the Adani Group. Officially the richest man in Asia, Adani and his family are particularly prominent in India, where they are a dominant force in a number of highly lucrative areas. 

Bernard Arnault – $139 billion 

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Chairman and CEO of LVMH, the French holding multinational corporation and conglomerate which has become renowned for specialising in the very best luxury goods, Bernard Arnault is worth around $139 billion after establishing a business empire that features high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton. Officially Europe’s richest man, he has become one of the most influential businessmen on the planet in recent times, although not everyone necessarily knows who he is. 

Bill Gates – $113 billion

After topping the list in the past, Bill Gates is now behind the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos having founded the software giant, Microsoft, with his good friend Paul Allen. Now worth around $113 billion, Gates has parted ways with much of his stakes in the technology corporation, instead preferring to focus on other projects, such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest private charitable foundation. 

Other rich people on earth include Warren Buffet – $96.6 billion, Larry Page – $94.9 billion, Mukesh Ambani – $91.0 billion, Sergey Brin – $90.8 billion, and Larry Ellison – $90.3 billion. 


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