Willem Dafoe Net Worth, Salary, Height, Movies

Willem Dafoe Net Worth Height Salary Movies
Willem Dafoe Net Worth Height Salary Movies

Willem Dafoe is a famous American actor while being a stage and voice actor at the same time. Willem Dafoe Net Worth is expected to be around $30 million. Given his impressive record in Willem Dafoe Movies and his professional acting career, Willem Dafoe Salary has always been on a high. Prior to his acting career, Dafoe is known to have toured with a famous avant-grade theater group across entire Europe and the United States of America. Through the given touring experience, Willem Dafoe managed to earn a great repute for himself while earning impressive Willem Dafoe Salary at the same time. He also went on to become a famous founding member of the prestigious “The Wooster Group” –an experimental theater company based in New York City.

Willem Dafoe went further with making his foray in the professional acting career by serving a small role in the Heaven Gate during the 1980s. This made him earn quite a name for himself as he managed to receive lucrative Willem Dafoe Salary. After this, Dafoe bagged the role of being Sergeant Elias in the movie Platoon in 1986. For his impressive Willem Dafoe movies and subsequent roles, Dafoe also succeeded in earning himself a nomination for the Oscar. The roles Dafoe portrayed in some of the famous Willem Dafoe Movies including Mississippi Burning, The Last Temptation of Christ, Born on the Fourth of July, and others are considered as some of the strongest roles played by the actor. Some of the other notable Willem Dafoe Movies include The English Patient, Tom & Viv, Animal Factory, Speed 2, Spider-Man, and so more. All of these roles have made him earn a lucrative Willem Dafoe Net Worth.

Willem Defoe Oscars

Willem Defoe Oscar hopes are high in 2019 where he made an amazing portrayal of Vincent Van Gogh in the movie At Eternity’s Gate. He has a nomination for Best Actor for 2019 Oscars.

Willem Dafoe Age

Born on 22nd July, 1955, Willem Dafoe is 63 years of age.

Willem Dafoe Height

Willem Dafoe height is approximately 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches).

Willem Dafoe Weight

Willem Dafoe weighs around 78 kgs.

Willem Dafoe Early Life & Acting Career in Theater

Willem Dafoe was born on 22nd July, 1955 in Appleton, Wisconsin. He was one of the 8 children to his parents Dr. William Alfred Dafoe and Muriel Isabel. During high school, Dafoe received the nickname “Willem” –the Dutch version of his original name “William.” Dafoe went on to study drama at the prestigious University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. However, he left the course after a year as he went on to join the experimental theater company named “Theater X” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Later on, he moved to New York during 1976. After this, he received the apprenticeship under Richard Schechner –the Director at avant-grade theater group named “The Performance Group.” Within the duration of one year, Dafoe became a part of the given theater company. Until the 2000s, Dafoe continued working with the Wooster Group.

Willem Dafoe began his professional career in the field of acting during the time of 1979. Due to his impressive looks and Willem Dafoe height, he managed to bag a supporting role in the epic Western movie named “Heaven’s Gate” by Michael Cimino. The sole film release of Dafoe during 1986 was the movie named “Platoon” by Oliver Stone based on Vietnam War. The role of Dafoe in the given film not only made him earn a lucrative Willem Dafoe Salary, but also helped him garner huge respect in the acting industry. His second solo release during 1988 was the film named “The Last Temptation of Christ” by Martin Scorsese in which Dafoe portrayed the role of Jesus Christ. Even this film made him earn huge acclamations and impressive Willem Dafoe Salary throughout his acting career.

During his acting career in the 2000s, Dafoe received great respect for his role in the film “Shadow of the Vampire” –for which he bagged the Oscar nomination at the same time. All of his successful films and Oscar nominations made him earn huge Willem Dafoe Net Worth. Throughout his acting career, Dafoe is known to feature in two separate films that featured at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival during 2010. Quite lately, Dafoe received immense praise for his role in the 2018 movie “Aquaman.” In 2018 itself, Dafoe also acted in another movie named “At Eternity’s Gate” portraying the role of Vincent van Gogh. For this role, Dafoe managed to receive the Volpi Cup for the Best Actor along with the nomination for the Best Actor at Academy Awards.

Conversations with Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe on his professional acting career and personal life in an exclusive interview.

At Eternity’s Gate –Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe’s impressive role in the 2018 movie “At Eternity’s Gate.”

The Many Faces of Willem Dafoe

A documentary revealing the multiple faces of Willem Dafoe across his impressive roles.

Willem Dafoe Personal Life

After meeting the director “Elizabeth LeCompte” during his involvement in the Performance Group, Dafoe started out a professional as well as the romantic journey of his life. Dafoe was blessed with a son with Elizabeth in 1982. After this, Dafoe got married to an Italian actress, screenwriter, and director named “Giada Colagrande” on 25th March, 2005. Currently, Dafoe is known to hold both American as well as Italian citizenship. As such, Dafoe along with Giada divides his time between Los Angeles, Rome, and the New York City. Willem Dafoe is a vegetarian. He is completely against eating meat. Moreover, Dafoe also practices Ashtanga Yoga on a daily basis.

Willem Dafoe Net Worth

His successful acting career and impressive movie roles have made him earn an impressive Willem Dafoe Net Worth of around $30 million. His impressive net worth has also made him earn lucrative Willem Dafoe Salary throughout his acting career.


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