Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Francis Strawbridge, who is popularly known as Dick Strawbridge, is a British Engineer, television presenter, and environmentalist. Colonel Dick has made his name in the public eye as a television presenter appearing in many shows over the years including It’s Not Easy Being Green and Planet Mechanics.

Early Life

Strawbridge was born on 3 September 1959 in Burma. He studied at Ballyclare High School from 1971 to 1976 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. He has six other siblings. He started being a member of the British Army in 1979 after he finished attending the Welbeck DSFC. The very next year, he joined the Royal Corps of Signals and would be promoted to Lieutenant in April 1981. He was a man of consistency and discipline which led him to be a Captain by October of 1985. 6 years later, he became a Major and by 1999 had been promoted to the prestigious title of Lieutenant Colonel.


2001 was the year that Strawbridge made the decision that he would leave the army. One of his earliest appearances on television was on the team of Brothers in Arms. He would later become a presenter in a show where he replaced fellow colleague Robert Llewellyn. His knowledge in the fields of engineering and environmental expert have led him to such positions.

But this would only be the start for him as he went on to appear in a handful of quality television shows. One of them was It’s Not Easy Being Green for BBC Two which was a massive hit upon curious audiences. It depicted them trying to live through renewable energy and using environmental resources as much as possible which is apparently no walk in the park. The shows that followed this include Crafty Tricks of War, Planet Mechanic, and Coast.

He has also appeared as a guests in the shows called Carpool and Celebrity Masterchef. In the latter, he even reached the final. Another series of shows he has been involved in are Beat the Ancestor, Children in Need, and Bargain Hunt. He was also a co-host of a series called Train spotting Live and presented in the Wild with Will Hardie. Most recently, he has also been involved in a big project called The Biggest Little Railway in the World. Strawbridge was the main presenter and lead engineer on the project.

Dick Strawbridge Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be £700,000. Though we do not know about the exact details of their finances, Dick along with his wife Angel had sold their two-bedroom flat in London for an estimated amount of £300,000.  Living in a place like London where spaces are very small, Strawbridge wanted a new start in his life. A

fter selling this house, they embarked into Pays de la Loire, France, where they bought a new home which has 47 rooms, five floors, a private forest and a moat. The total cost of this new home was £280,000, which looks like a big bargain considering the size of this home. However, one of the main reasons they were able to get such a huge property for such a minimal price is because this house has been empty for 40 years with no electricity, heating or water, and almost everything broken.

But for a couple like the Strawbridge’s it has turned into a great experience as Dick is known for literally doing and fixing everything possible himself. Their series called “Escape to the Chateau” documents their journey and the work they put in to create a dream home in France through all the things they had to fix. Fans seem to love the show as it shows how Dick pretty much does everything himself and still it looks to have been done by a professional contractor.

Personal Life

Dick Strawbridge was formerly married with Brigit Strawbridge. The couple also have two children together, namely; James and Charlotte. However, the couple sadly went their own ways in 2010 citing differences. In 2015, Strawbridge married Angel Adoree along with whom, he has two children, namely; Arthur and Dorothy.

For his contributions in educating the public about the importance of a greener environment for a better future tomorrow, he was an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Plymouth University in 2010. He was also awarded an MBE in 1993 for his great distinguished service in Northern Ireland.

Dick Strawbridge Wife

A biography of Angel Adoree, or sometimes known as Angel Strawbridge can also be found here