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kamala harris net worth career beliefs 2020 presidential campaign

Kamala Harris Net worth, career, biography, 2020 president

AboutBorn on 20th Oct 1964, Kamala Harris is an attorney and American politician. She is a Democratic Party member who has been in service as California Attorney General from...
corey booker net worth 2020 president beliefs

Cory Booker Net worth, career, biography, president 2020

AboutCory Booker is an American politician born on 27th April 1969. From New Jersey, he has been in service as a junior United States Senator since 2013. Also, he is...
Bernie Sanders net worth, democrats, career, beliefs

Bernie Sanders Net Worth, Career, Biography, 2020

IntroductionWho is Bernie Sanders? He is an American political figure who was born in 8th September 1941. He has been serving as US junior senator since 2007 from Vermont. Moreover, among...
John Fredricksen Net Worth career

John Fredricksen Net Worth

ohn is one of the few men who has made the world know by the extraordinary life they have lived, amassing wealth from every direction and directing it into their family empire.
Kelly Tilghman Married Instagram

Kelly Tilghman Biography, Net Worth, Instagram

Kelly Tilghman is an American citizen and athlete. For 22 years, her parents have been the operators of the golf course. She was brought up to play golf in this environment. She...