Ashton Kutcher Net Worth, Wife, Movies, Investments

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth Mila Kunis Investments
Ashton Kutcher Net Worth Mila Kunis Investments

Born in Iowa, Christopher Ashton Kutcher began his carrier in modelling initially but he rose to being a celebrity later in the 1990s form the retro sitcom where he played Michael Kelso on ‘That ‘70s Show.   He later proceeded by creating Punk’d a hit reality show on MTV and moved on to films headline like No strings attached and Jobs, The Butterfly Effect and Dude Where’s My Car. Later in 2011, he went back to sitcoms with “Two and Half Men” and again in 2016; he was starring in “The Ranch” a Netflix series.

However, Ashton Kutcher career in acting only of the things he’s known for. Under his name, there are over 30 movies as well as TV shows. However, he also ventured in to the technology world where he became an investor. So, how much is he worth? Ashton Kutcher has a massive $200 million of which he earned through his acting carrier and his venture capital endeavors. To find out more interesting facts about Ashton Kutcher net worth as well as his personal life, continue reading the article.

Early Life

Born in Cedar Rapids, lowa on 7th Feb 1978, he in fact has a fraternal twin brother, Michael, who was born some few minutes earlier. Kutcher’s brother though was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at an early age.  He also has an older sister Tausha Kutcher who was born in 2975. His parents were working class citizens where his mother Dianne (Czech) worked at Procter & Gamble, while his father Larry (Czech) worked in a General Mills factory (where Ashton also worked for a period).

During his teenage years, Kutcher was hit by two blows, first the parents divorced then later his twin brother had to have a heart transplants after being ravaged by a virus.  Fortunately his brother survived the life saving procedure and has been in good health ever since. Kutcher told the People Magazine later “If I could give him my heart so that he could live, I would have,”

After the parents’ divorce, Kutcher and his siblings stayed behind with their mother. But later, his mother got married again and they had move to Homestead (small farm-community). In his new hometown, Kutcher still pursued acting by appearing in school events.  However, during the end of his high school, a rebellious side of his emerged. He was once arrested for school breaking in during the senior year for stealing money.  He was charged with burglary and was sentenced to 3 years’ probation and community sentence which was a wake up call for Kutcher to become more straight,

After graduating in 1996, he enrolled at University of Iowa, where he took a discipline in Biochemical Engineering.  He didn’t finish his degree at the time as he got picked up by a modeling company while working at a local restaurant. He then joined a school fraternity and proceeded with his parting life for a period before becoming serious with his studies.

Apart from focusing on his studies, Kutcher also engaged in various side hustles to pay the school fee. Some of them include sweeping at General Mills factory where his father worked.

Life in Modeling

Before a talent scout approached him, he didn’t have an idea about the modeling world of men. But that changed after jointing and scooping a win of the Iowa Fresh Faces modeling contest (1997). This gave him a ticket to New York City and opportunity to sign with an agency.

Among his famous model gigs were designs from Calvin Klein as well as the catalog of Abercrombie and Fitch. At the time of shooting Abercrombie & Fitch, he met actress January Jones, his girlfriend in the future.  

TV Shows

That ’70s Show

In 1998 spring, it was Kutcher’s breakthrough after landing on ‘That ’70s Show’, a very popular retro sitcom. In the show, Kutcher won over his fans for having good looks and simple natured personality. In the show, he created a strong bond with fellow actors like Wilmer Valderrama, Laura Prepon, Danny Masterson and Mila Kunis. They are often seen hanging out in Los Angeles.

Producer (Punk’d, ‘Beauty and the Greek’)

Later in 2003, Kutcher became the executive producer and co-creator of the hit reality show on MTV network Punk’d. This reality show preyed on stars such as Tyra Banks, Hilary Duff and Justin Timberlake. This wasn’t his only product role.  Two years later he was the producer of ‘Beauty and the Geek’ another reality show where contestants pair and compete for a $250,000 prize. The show went on for 5 seasons but there were more than 20 international versions that were spun off.


He joined ‘Ranch’ in Netflix Sitcom and took a role as a failed footballer who went back to his rural family farm in Colorado. Later in 2018, ‘the Ranch’ was under renewal for upcoming season four.

Two and a Half Men

Kutcher took over the role as a star in the CBS ‘Two and Half Men’ after Charlie Sheen the star got fired. His one year contract according to rumors was worth $20 million. When the show first episode was launched, an estimated 28 million people tuned in.  



Kutcher successfully got the acting role that he was anticipating the most. The role was to play the iconic Steve Jobs, the legendary co-founder of Apple in the biopic Jobs movie in 2013.  Josh Gad was also featured as Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder with Dermot Mulroney, Mathew Modine, James Wood and Lesley Ann Warren.

What Happens in Vegas, No Strings Attached

In 2008, Kutcher played a starring role in ‘What Happens in Vegas’ together with Cameron Diaz and Michelle Pfeiffer as the personnel for Drama effects. In the same year, he went on to produce ‘Miss Guided’ that only existed for a whole season then cancelled. Later Ashton resumed acting and appearing in 2010 romantic comedies ‘Killers’ as well as the 2011 ‘No String Attached’ movie.

Guess who, The Guardian, A lot Like Love

In 2005, he headed back to the comedy of romance genre and starred in the movie ‘Guess Who’ along with Bernie Mac, the comedian and Zoe Saldana. Also, in another film ‘A Lot like Love’ and later gave a try on an action film ‘The Guardian’ in 2006. In the same year, Kutcher tried a new and less taxing venture with the animation film ‘Open Season’.

The Butterfly Effect, Just Married, My Boss Daughter

Kutcher made appearance in two romance comedies which are ‘Just Married’ and ‘My Boss Daughter’. Both the romance comedies were released in 2003. Later in 2004 he started in the well remembered ‘The Butterfly Effect’ where he played a young man who would travel back in time to change his past. This film performed well by securing $60 million in Box office.


Demi Moore

Kutcher and Demi Moore got married on 24th Sep 2005 through a small weeding ceremony in their home at Beverly Hills. The daughters to Moore and former husband Bruce Willis were the bridesmaids and walked their mother down the aisle. During the dating period of Moor and Kutcher, he was very close to her children that they called him MOD (My Other Dad). He also managed to coin friendship with Bruce Willis, former husband of Moore. Later In 2011, the couples split, but it was not official until 2013 after reaching an agreement for divorce settlement.

Mila Kunis

After splitting with Demi Moore, Kutcher began dating Kunis in 2012, his former co-star in ‘That ‘70s Show’. Their engagement was made public in Feb 2014. Later in that year in March, there was report that the couples were expecting a newborn. And on 30th Sep 2014, baby girl Wyatt Isabelle was born.

The couple got officially married in 2015 at Oak Glen, in California. Again on 30th Nov 2016, a second baby and this time a son was born. He was named Dimitri Portwood Kutcher.

Foundations and Businesses

Apart from acting and being a producer, Kutcher had a range of interest in business ventures. He has investment in Dolce Enoteca e Ristorante, Geisha House Restaurant, and Ketchup Restaurant in Los Angeles  

In 2009 while married to Moore, they founded DNA, which was later renamed to Thorn. It’s a foundation that fights for human rights by targeting a stop on human trafficking, and children sexual exploitation. On 2017 Feb, Kutcher testified at the Foreign Relation Committee of US as the Thorn foundation chairman. He spoke out against children exploitation for sex around the Globe. He was seeking funds to build software through his organization with the sole purpose of fighting against human trafficking and Children molestation. Kutcher said “Technology can be used to enable slavery, but technology can also be used to disable slavery,”

In 2010, Kutcher founded A-Grade investments through a partnership with Guy Oseary and Ron Burkle (a technology investor).  The fund was announced to be worth of $100m in 2013 where there was funding from several well knowns including Mark Cuban.  Their investments are for early stage consumer focused startups and owns over 70 investments including investments in Spotify, Uber, Airbnb to name a few.  Through this, company, they made a $500,000 investment on Uber and their current worth is at $50 million.. And it was possible through transforming a $30 million into $250 million in a 6 years period.

Net Worth

Ashton Kutchter who is a former comedian, fashion model, producer, investor and actor has a net worth of $220 million as an estimate by 2019. The estimate of his physical holdings from Airbnb investment through a 6 contributors joint is approximated at $200 million by 2012.

Over the years, there has been a rise in Kutcher earnings. For instance, in 2013 and 2014, his annual income was at $24 and $26 million respectively. Additionally, his joint investment with Vicarious was about $40 million.   

In 1998 when he was a model he worked both as a print and runway model through an agency contract with Next Modeling. Kutcher also reportedly earned $750,000 per episode of Two and Half Men after a year contract as the star.   

His prowess in investments has made Ashton one of the world leading business minds. And as a result, a couple of business magazines such as Forbes wrote articles about him as a brilliant investor. Through the growth of his investment firm as it keep growing; Kutcher is destined to be worth more than his current net worth in the future.

How Does Kutcher spend his millions?

Unlike his peers in the world of entertainment, you will hardly find him spending his millions on luxury. However, he is an owner of a $10 million home in Carpentaria, California. What’s more, he is an owner of a $10 million home in Beverly Hills where they live as a family. Apart from the real estate investment, he has two luxury cars. They include Harley Davidson which is worth $15000 and a Ferrari of $200,000.

Having successfully achieved over $200 million as his net worth, Kutcher is philanthropic as he donates a significant size of his fortune to his foundation for human rights, Thorn. His foundation as mentioned earlier is meant to fight against human trafficking and children sexual exploitation.

Kutcher and Wife Net worth

When Ashton and Mila Kunis fortune is combined, it amounts to more than $270 million. However, their children will only inherit a fraction of their total fortune as they have pledged to donate majority of it to charity.



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