Who will be the next James Bond? It’s a debate that has moviegoers making predictions and arguing their case. The name of the next 007 is a closely guarded secret by directors who are giving nothing away. A lack of clues has encouraged followers to second guess everything they thought they knew about the movie franchise. Which man will be named the next James Bond? Will it even be a man? Could we see a Mrs Bond? There have been whispers in the industry that a shock is on the way with a first-ever female Bond or a black 007.

Those questions will be answered this year, and you can be sure those working behind the scenes will continue to build the hype before announcing their final decision. A recent poll conducted in the United States suggests Americans are open to the idea of naming a black Bond. Some are throwing their support behind an openly gay Bond. Could the famous womanising 007 be about to reveal a secret he has been guarding as closely as his identity all these years? It certainly wouldn’t be a huge surprise, and many lovers of film now believe it would be more of a shock if the next Bond were another white, straight male. What do you think?

Major betting apps like Betus have waded into the debate, having their say on who the next British spy will be and publishing their book. This allows fans of the silver screen to not only make their predictions but also place bets and target a profit. The race to be the next Bond is exciting enough, but giving bettors the chance to place a bet on their pick has helped ramp up the tension even further. Have your say today and place a bet on the next Bond market at your chosen online sportsbook using your home computer or smartphone app.

Who are the bookies backing, how can you make your bets on the market and which bookies are giving new players a free bet on the next James Bond? This article covers all angles. By the end of the page, you’ll know the leading names in the frame, any underdogs with big odds and an outside chance, the steps to creating an online betting account and the tricks of the trade to get a free bet at a legal and licensed bookie today.

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Rege Jean-Page is the favourite

The oddsmakers have chosen, and they believe the next James Bond to be announced this year, taking over the role from Daniel Craig, will be none other than Rege Jean-Page. The Londoner born in 1988 has already appeared in some blockbusters, including Roots as Chicken George and Simon Basset in the critically acclaimed Netflix period drama Bridgerton.

Second favourite at the time of publishing is a giant of the movie business, one Tom Hardy. The Englishman has appeared in Batman, Warrior, and many high-grossing movies. He would be a popular choice with followers of the Bond franchise and looks to be the biggest and best-known name in the running at present. Could it be Tom Hardy playing 007? Bookies aren’t in a rush to write him off, that’s for sure.

Create an account

To place a bet on the next Bond, you must first ensure that online gambling is legal in your region. You can now choose a bookie and set up an account if you are free to bet. It’s important to do your research and choose a sportsbook that is licensed and regulated by the proper gambling authorities. Most have details of their gambling license at the bottom of their homepage.

Click the register page at the top of the bookie you wish to join, then fill in the registration form, providing all the information required, including your name, date of birth and address. Your account will become live, and you are then free to place bets on your favourite markets.

Any online sportsbook worth joining will offer new players a welcome bonus free bet. Simply sign up for an account, make your first deposit and place a bet. You will then receive a free bet that is equal in value to your first wager on sports.

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